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More Décor strives to provide a simple, safe, convenient and enjoyable decorating & remodeling experience to each of our customers.

Did you start your project, but found that you would like a professional, second opinion?  More Decor will be happy to offer you our design services by helping you execute and finish your project with excellence.

Please take minute to answer the questions listed below, so we can better serve you.

  1. 1. What area(s) are you decorating?

  2. 2.What are your room dimensions in these area(s)?

  3. 3.What do you plan to use the area(s) / room(s) for?

  4. 4.The current colors and finishes on the walls, ceiling(s),and the floor(s)?

  5. 5.List your current lighting including lamps?

  6. 6.The complete descriptions or photos of any fabrics and other types of materials that you are planning to use.

  7. 7.The complete color scheme you would like to use.

  8. 8.Describe your furniture selections and the arrangement of the furniture.

  9. 9.When is your Desired Start Date? 

  10. 10.When is your Desired Completion Date?

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Is this a:    1.  Residential  or      2.  Commercial  project?      

What is your desired start date of the project?

What is the budget amount?

Do you   1. Own or   2. Rent?

If you rent, what is your monthly rent?

If you own, what is the dollar value of your home?

What is the dollar value of the homes in your neighborhood?

Will the residence be occupied during the project?

What is the square footage of the involved areas?

1.Home 2.Room(s) or 3. Space

If this is a commercial project, what is the square footage?

Number of employees using the space?

Will business be:    1. Closed or   2. Open for service during remodel?

Which rooms/areas are you looking to decorate/remodel?

  1. 1.All   2. Attic/Basement Conversion   3. Bedroom(s)   4. Bathroom(s) 

  2. 5.Kitchen  6. Family Room  7. Living Room  8. Game Room 

  3. 9.Landscape/Patio/Deck   10. Other

What design specialties or services will best fit your needs?

1. Apt/Condo    2. Home Office   3. Kitchen & Bath   4. Healthcare   5. Office

6. Barrier Free   7. Facilities Mgmnt   8. Hospitality/Restaurant

  1. 9.Model Homes 10. Store Planning   11. Renovation  12. Restoration    

13. Historic Preservation   14. Gov’t/ Institutional  15.  International 

16. Space Planning  17. Remodel  18. Set Design   19. Shopping Services

20. Selecting Interior Finishes  21. Other(Please Describe):

What design style best represents your taste?

1. Art Deco   2. Country   3. Modern   4. Contemporary   5. High Tech

6. Shabby Chic   7. Traditional   8. Transitional   9. English/French

10. Eclectic  11. Period Design  12. Antiques  13. Southwest  14. Lodge/Rustic

15. Other / Please Describe:

What is the desired effect that you are looking for?

What color scheme are you wanting to use?

Describe the project here:

What materials and or items do you anticipate purchasing?

Any additional comments?

1. Completed the CUSTOMER INFO FORM

2. Answer the questionnaire(S) provided below via email

3. Schedule a consultation

4. Initial Consultation: 

5. Agreement

6. Evaluation and initial presentation

7. Final Presentation

8. Implementation

Please email us at  with any available sketches or photos of your area(s) / room(s) in which you would like our design services.

In order to better serve you, your info is needed.

Please take a few minutes to complete the CUSTOMER INFO FORM

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