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4 Ways You Can Customize Your Drapery

Looking through inspiration pictures is a great way to see what you like, what you don’t like, and to shop for new home décor. But, have you ever really liked the drapes in a picture and tried to find them and they don’t exist? They are most likely custom draperies.

When it comes to the windows in your room, they never seem fully complete until they have curtains or drapes dressing them up. Whether you like classic and simple or you like a little more drama, drapes are easily customizable to fit your style and décor.

Finding the perfect drapery to match your home style and aesthetic is not as easy as it sounds. You want a specific look and feel to your drapes, and that’s why it’s always the best option to create and order custom draperies. If you need help creating your beautiful custom drapes, More Décor is here to help!

4 ways to customize your drapery:


The thing that makes a curtain or drape stand out is the curtain rod itself. There are so many different styles of drapery hardware. The hardware comes in many colors, textures, finishes, etc. that you can choose from when creating your custom draperies. If your style is more farmhouse chic, you can go for something like a wooden accent rod or maybe a distressed white rod. If your style is industrial modern, you can choose to go with a matte black metal rod. The rod makes all the difference when creating your dream custom draperies! Take the 8me to really determine what you want. Follow us on Pinterest for inspira8on if you’re not sure what you are looking for!


Picking out the fabric for your custom draperies is one of the most exci8ng parts of this whole process. There are thousands of fabric options to choose from. What you choose should depend on the colors within a given room, the different textures, and the style of décor. The fabric of your custom draperies is what people see first, so you want to take your 8me choosing your perfect fabric. Do you want a light color? Do you want a sheer or thick fabric? Do you want a textured fabric or a smooth fabric? These are all things you get to choose. Have fun with it!


Fuller curtain panels add a rich and luxurious look to your home. Fuller panels can help personalized your space by adding warmth and softness. These panels really help frame a window and make it look bigger than it actually is. If you have a smaller window and you don’t want to minimize the view, we can customize the size of the drapery to fit your individual needs. If you want to allow more natural light to come through, custom drapery sheers are a great option. When choosing the fullness of your panels, you’ll want to choose a width of two to three times the fullness of the width of your window. For example, if your window is 60 inches wide, you’ll want to get panels that are 120 to 180 inches in width. Panel fullness makes a huge difference when it comes to the look and feel of the window. Full panels make the space feel warm and cozy without blocking natural light from shining in.


Color is something that is customizable in the decor in your home, but if you choose the wrong color in the slightest bit, it can change the overall ambiance of your room. Depending on your style and your décor theme, you want to choose a color for your custom draperies that contrasts against everything else, while also adding to the overall vibe of the room. If your dining room is decorated in all white with touches of gray and black, you’ll want to choose a curtain or drape that matches that theme. You could go for a thicker fabric that is white with a touch of gray, and opt for a matte black industrial rod. Or you could opt for a monochromatic color scheme using various hues of the same color.

Drapery and curtains can really add a lot of character to a room. While creating custom drapes can be on the more expensive side, the benefits of them are 100% worth the investment. Do you need help designing your drapes or curtains? More Décor is happy to provide you with our creative and unique interior design approach to find the perfect custom drapery for you.

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