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Blog Details Upholstery Installation | 8 Times to Upgrade your Upholstery 08-Jun Upholstery Installation in Tulsa Since the middle ages, upholstery installation has been of great importance and became a part of the home and office after the 18th century. Before we catch the topic’s essence, we need to understand what Upholstery installation includes. It […]

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Blog Details Window Treatments Tulsa | 100% Customer Satisfaction 28-Jan Window Treatments Tulsa Getting the best windows treatments is surely the quickest and highly cost-effective way to alter the feel and look of your home or office. Whenever you install an efficient and more functional window treatment in your room, you will start having more […]

wallpaper install tulsa

Blog Details Wallpaper Install Tulsa | 4 Ways we Serve our Customers 02-Dec With wallpaper install Tulsa, it’s the number of hours we each have in a day. Translate that into minutes and seconds, and you’ll get 1,440 and 86,400, respectively. Sounds like a lot of time, but at More Décor, we understand the value of […]

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Blog Details Custom Blinds Bixby | 6 Common Types of Window Treatments 29-Oct CUSTOM BLINDS AND WINDOW TREATMENT FOR HOMES OR OFFICES By using window treatments and custom blinds Bixby, you can maintain your workplace’s beauty, personality, and privacy. Home and offices are the places where most of our time is spent. A proper setup is […]

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Blog Details Motorized Shades Tulsa | 5 Benefits of adding Shades to your Home 28-Oct Motorized shades for residential and commercial buildings in the Tulsa area If you’re looking for the greatest motorized shades Tulsa has to offer, you are at the right place. Motorized roller shades are shutters that come down from a window frame. Parasols […]

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Blog Details Roller Shade Installation | 5 Things you Need to Know 04-Nov Thinking of roller shade installation? When designing your home or specifically your room, what should be popping in your mind? Perhaps, you will think about attractive furniture and decoration pieces. You can also think about some carpets and wall paintings as well.  […]

sheer horizontal shades

Blog Details Sheer Horizontal Shades | What you Need to Know Before Purchasing 01-Nov Sheer Horizontal Shades Are you on the looking for a one-of-a-kind Shades? There is no need to look farther than More Decor. We have a large selection of Sheer Horizontal Shades, visit us. What are Sheer Horizontal Shades? By fusing the practicality of a blind with […]

zebra shades tulsa

Blog Details Zebra Shades Tulsa | Top 3 Types of Zebra Shades 27-Aug Zebra Shades Tulsa When developing a home, it is important to choose the right window solution. Not only do they integrate fashion into your interior, but they also help protect accessories from fading and save energy costs.   With that in mind, zebra blinds are […]

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Blog Details Home Remodel Tulsa | 6 Reasons to Choose Us 19-May Home remodel Tulsa  Home remodel Tulsa is the more challenging thing for the artists and designers as the clients want better than the previous work. More décor design is dealing with this challenge tactfully through space planning and interior designing of the homes.  […]

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Blog Details Motorized Roller Shades Jenks | History of Motorized Shades 09-Jun If you need the best motorized roller shades Jenks has, look no further! In 2005, electric lighting energy consumption accounted for 30% of the world’s electricity used in the commercial sector. Moreover, electric lighting is not only responsible for a considerable amount of electrical loads, […]