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From texture effect wallpapers to 3-dimensional materials we have the design that will fit your vision and lifestyle. Make an expression with one of the many designs. We specialize in everything from glass bead, cork, vinyl, grass cloth, string cloth, murals and even walltalker (dry erase board) and more!


The walls of every room endure constant wear and tear, whether it is an office, restaurant, retail store, or family room. Although wall paint is a versatile decorating tool and establishes a decent defense, this type of finish cannot always succeed in armoring a room’s interiors against weathering caused by everyday life. Adding vinyl wall-coverings to your home or office can help keep your space looking new and fresh for years to come.


When comparing paint and vinyl wall-coverings, paint can appear to be a more cost-efficient option. When it comes to commercial spaces and high-traffic areas, vinyl wallcoverings are easier to clean and maintain, making them more efficient in the long run.

Create a Memorable Experience

Vinyl wallcoverings are easily customizable, creating a memorable experience for their clients. Business owners can create a custom color or design to enhance their space and compliment existing decor. With vinyl wallcoverings, your business will stand out from the rest of the crowd, and your customers will remember not just what you offer but also the classy ambiance of your work space.

Versatile and Durable

Depending on how much use a wall will endure, typical paint finishes last between three and four years before needing to be reapplied or touched up. Paint on a wall will reveal every scratch and ding, with marks standing out like rust on a car door. A wall-covering is an excellent option because it does not usually show damage and is better suited for making damaged areas hard to spot.


A vinyl wall-covering is the most durable and versatile type of wall-covering available. Additionally, solid and scratch-resistant vinyl wallcovering products are continually becoming easier to apply, partly due to new, high-quality pastes. Ideally suited for high-traffic areas, vinyl wallcoverings come in a wide variety of price and design options and are relatively easy wall-coverings to hang.

Selection of Vinyl wallcoverings

Choose an appropriate space

You want to design a space that helps you unleash your imagination and allows you to feel inspired. Blazing, colorful hues like orange and yellow can encourage your creativity. For instance, fun patterns can motivate you to reach your creative goals and showcase your unique style. For a more toned-down and classic look, go with whites and greys or neutral tones. Using more subtle tones can create a clean-cut and calm environment.


The vinyl material of these particular wall-coverings is incredibly durable. It is a good choice for residential purposes, like living rooms, entryways, and hallways. While choosing vinyl wall-covering in specific spaces, it’s essential to decide whether you want the wall-covering to lighten or darken the area and what tone you want it to set. Maintaining a vinyl wall-covering ensures that the material retains its original beauty and extends its’ useful life. With routine maintenance and care, the vinyl wallcovering can outlast most paint jobs. Dress up your space with a classy look with the longevity of high-quality vinyl wallpaper.

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