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The products and services of MoreDecor.com website, and the website itself are subject to the terms and conditions explicated in the document as follows. This is a legally binding agreement between both you and More Decor Design, Inc. You are accepting that you have the authority to enter into such agreement if you are entering into this agreement as a representative of a business, other legal entity, or third-party under the case terms “User”, “You” or “Your” shall refer to you or any other party being represented by you. You may not access or use MoreDecor.com website or services if you do not have such authority, or if you do not agree to the terms of this agreement. Accessing MoreDecor.com and/or using the website and services will be deemed a legally binding agreement to be bounded by the terms of this document and acknowledgment that you have read, understood, and agree to the terms. This document governs your use of the More Decor website and services, even though it is not physically signed by you, by accessing the MoreDecor.com website you are accepting this agreement is a contract between you and More Décor, Inc.


Table of Contents

  1. Links to other resources
  2. Intellectual property rights
  3. Limitation of liability
  4. Changes and amendments
  5. Acceptance of these terms
  6. Contacting us


Links to Other Resources

Other resources linked through MoreDecor.com website, and services (such as websites, mobile applications, etc.), unless specifically stated, are not directly or indirectly subject to any approval, association, sponsorship, endorsement, or other affiliation with More Decor Design, Inc. The user is responsible for examining and evaluating any sources linked to the MoreDecor.com website and other services. More Decor Design, Inc. Does not sponsor the offerings of any other businesses or individuals, neither the content of their resources. More Decor Design, Inc. does not assume responsibility or liability, for any of the content, products, services, and or actions of any third parties. The user should carefully review any conditions and legal statements for the use of any resource accessed through a link on the website. The users use of any other off-site resource is at their own risk.

Intellectual Property Rights

None of the intellectual property owned by More Decor Design, Inc. or third parties shall be transferred by this agreement, such as rights, titles, interest in, and other current intellectual property will remain solely with More Decor Design Inc. All rights referred by statute, common law, or equity in, or having any relation to a copyright and related rights (such as trademarks, designs, patents, inventions, goodwill, and the right to sue for passing off rights to these intellectual properties) are included under the protection of intellectual property rights. Use of such intellectual properties, and all other intellectual property rights whether explicitly registered or unregistered are considered the intellectual property rights of More Decor Design, Inc. in both the present and future tenses. Other examples are to include service marks, graphics, and logos. Any use of such property, including applications, right to priority, protection of intellectual property, and any other activity will be reserved to More Decor Design, Inc. in any part of the world. The users use of the website and services is not a grant for access to the user to reproduce or use any intellectual property of More Decor Design, Inc. or any third-party, nor to grant additional rights or licenses to such materials.


Limitation of Liability

More Decor Design, Inc. and our third parties (to include affiliates, directors, employees, agents, vendors, licenses, or other third parties) to the fullest extent permitted by law will not be liable to any person or persons for consequential damages whether punitive, indirect, special, or incidental. This is including, but not limited to loss of profits, sales, revenue, goodwill, impact on business, use of content, loss of opportunity, loss of savings, or business interruption however caused. Liabilities including, but not limited to, contract, breach of statutory duty, tort, warranty, negligence, or otherwise determined, whether or not the party deemed liable had been previously advised the possibility of such damages, or could have predicted the damages that would ensue. The maximum liability of More Decor Design Inc. will be limited to an amount no greater than any amounts actually paid by you to More Decor Design, Inc. over the period of one month predating the first occurrence of such liability. Limitations are in effect despite the level of compensation you receive for any losses. These limitations are to include third-party in affiliates of More Decor Design, Inc.


Changes and Amendments

We reserve the right to update and modify this agreement, as well as it’s terms dictating the use of the MoreDecor.com website and services at anytime at our discretion. At such time, a revision will be made to the date at the bottom of this document, and the user may also be provided notice in other forms at our discretion. This may or may not include the contact information you have previously provided.

Unless otherwise specified, any updated version of the agreement will be effective immediately upon the posting of the revised agreement. After any revised version of this document is posted, the users continued use of the website and services will qualify as consent to the updated changes to the document.


Acceptance of These Terms

By accessing and using the website and services of MoreDecor.com, you are acknowledging that you have read this agreement and are agreeing to all of its terms and conditions. You are not authorized to access or use the website and services, if you do not agree to the terms and conditions of MoreDecor.com outlined in this agreement.

Contacting Us

We encourage you to contact us using the contact information listed below with any questions, concerns, or complaints regarding this agreement.

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