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Window Treatments Tulsa | 5 Benefits of Window Treatments


Benefits of Window Treatments

Window treatments provide countless benefits and make great additions to your home or office. Although we love the natural light windows provide, sometimes direct sunlight can be a nuisance. Custom window shades are a perfect addition to a nursery, ensuring the sun stays out of the baby’s room during their bedtime. There are so many window treatments out there, and the thought of choosing what’s right for you can be daunting. At More Decor, our experts are here to help you find the perfect window treatment.


Window treatments add style to any home or office. The shade of a unique curtain set or a beautiful window blind can be a great addition to a room. With regards to stunning window treatments, you have tons of alternatives. Our designers can order window shades in custom colors or patterns to add to your home’s unique style. Roller shades are easy to use and are available in cordless options. Cordless roller shades significantly reduce the risk of strangulation in young children. Natural bamboo shades can add character and functionality to your bedroom or living room. With so many options to choose from, we are sure we can find the window treatment that’s right for you.


A unique advantage of window shade is the privacy it offers. We have all looked out through shut blinds to ensure we needed to answer the front door. Security and privacy are something every individual needs in their home. Commercial and residential shades do an excellent job of providing privacy. These window shades are well presented and add value to your home.


Window shades are essential for proficient temperature control in a home. In the winter, window shades can keep warmth from being transmitted out of windows and hold cold air back from entering the house. Commercial window shades are uniquely suitable for temperature control in your homes in the best manner possible. Both residential and commercial window shades are effective during winter because they obstruct heat-creating light.


A good window treatment can help you control the amount of light in your home. Whether you need to keep light out in the late spring, let sunlight in during winter, or control evening light entering through sun-facing windows, window shades are essential to light comfort levels. Commercial and residential window shades are incredible for letting light in since they can be built with a base up. These shades create a sliding movement that considers privacy at the lower part of the window while permitting light to enter from the top.


More Decor is passionate about energy preservation in the homes of our clients. Commercial window shades can assist in lowering your energy level by aiding your home to stay warm or cool depending upon the season, just as controlling the amount of light in a room, preventing the need for lamps or other lighting systems.

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