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At More Decor, we have made it our purpose to help you create and design a beautiful space! Our focus is on creative options that will enhance each and every environment. We bring an unparalleled level of customization to meet your desires and tastes. We focus and specialize on functional environments that compliment your personality and individual lifestyle.

If you have spent time looking through home decor magazines or scrolled through Pinterest to find ideas for your home, you have seen the work of interior design services. You may be thinking you would never need to hire an interior designer. If you have ever had this thought, our team is here to offer you some guidance.

Entrusting the design of your space into the hands of a designer can be daunting. At More Decor, we desire to make your dream space become a reality. Our designers are passionate about finding the perfect pieces to complement your unique style. We want to take the hassle of decorating off of our client’s shoulders and make the process easy and enjoyable. Our interior design services are not limited to home decor alone. We design commercial spaces as well. The More Decor design team is here to answer any questions you may have!

We have gathered six reasons why you should use More Decors’ interior design services for your home or office space. When choosing a company, there are things you should look for and things you want to avoid.


Have you ever wondered how much it would cost to decorate your home? Most people don’t know what the estimated amount would be when technicalities and measurements are included. Does redesigning your home seem like a daunting project? Many people find themselves feeling overwhelmed at the thought of tackling a big home project alone. Contact More Decor for high-quality interior designing services. Our professionals can assess your décor and develop a plan of action according to your individual needs and budget.


A professional designer can take out the guesswork by keeping you on budget, thus saving you money, time, and effort. More Decors’ interior design services know where to go to get you unique and stylish decor at a competitive price. Our design experts thoroughly research brands and pricing so they can offer you high-quality products.


More Decor’s interior designing services always find the best lighting and furniture. Designers at More Decor know exactly where each piece should be placed within a home. For example, if your couch is directly in the center of your living room, our designer can move it elsewhere to maximize your space. For our designers, your vision is their vision. We desire to make your vision come to life. Our designers know how to communicate with high-end stores and galleries to ensure you get what you want at an affordable price.


More Decor’s designers are professionally trained and have extensive knowledge about the design process. Our designers use this knowledge to take your dreams and turn them into reality. Our customers feel at ease knowing all the guesswork is being taken care of. This is why many homeowners rely on an interior designer. A trained eye predicts the estimation, cost, and resources at a glance.


Did you know hiring an interior designer can actually save you money? Interior designers can recognize when something is overpriced or of poor quality. Hiring an interior designer can save you from costly mistakes and increase the value of your home.


Many things are available only to the professionals offering interior design services. This includes connections within the industry, resources, and merchandise that is not immediately available to the general public. By culminating these resources, our experts bring your vision to life and create a space that is unique to you. At More Decor, we pride ourselves on having the best interior design services in the Tulsa area. Our designers are easy to work with and offer reasonably priced, unique pieces that showcase your individuality.

Additional reasons to hire More Decor for best interior design services

  • Stay up to date with modern trends

  • Discover all options available to you

  • Save time researching brands

  • Enjoy a new and fresh environment

  • If you are looking for a trustworthy company, our team is here for you! At More Decor, we pride ourselves on offering the best interior design services in the Tulsa area. We are passionate about finding unique and high-quality pieces at a competitive price. Our designers will listen to you and help you choose pieces that best suit your home. No matter what your vision is, our designers will help you bring it to life. Whether you’re looking for wallpaper, furniture, art, decor, or flooring, we will ensure your dream space becomes a reality.

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