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Is your wallpaper old and outdated? Old, faded, or worn wallpaper detracts from the beauty of your home. It’s time to give your house, including your walls, a much-needed makeover. Removing old wallpaper and giving your walls a fresh, new look is one way to restore and add beauty to your home.

Wallpaper Removal

By removing the old wallpaper, you can completely change the look of any room to match your own unique style and color preferences. If you just bought a new house and the wallpaper leaves something to be desired, you can always change it to a fresh and modern wallpaper or other contemporary wall coverings.

The wallpaper removal process can be very frustrating for those who would try and do this on their own. It can be a long and tedious process, which if not done properly, may damage your walls. That is why it is important to hire the professionals at More Decor with years of experience to ensure the job is done right the first time, with minimal damage to your walls.

Benefits of Wallpaper Removal Services

Wallpaper, like everything else, ages. It can begin to look bubbled or start peeling away from the wall after a few years. Humidity, excess heat and moisture can cause wallpaper applications to come loose with time. For example, when a bathroom is not adequately ventilated, the steam from the shower can cause the adhesive to become loose. If you have been thinking of redecorating, now is the perfect time to get rid of that old peeling wallpaper.

You may also just decide that you want to try something different, but of course you would need to take down the old paper before anything else could be applied to the walls. By removing old wallpaper, you can start your new design renovation with a fresh clean look.

Wallpaper Removal Services

Removing wallpaper requires having the right tools and experience with wallpaper removal. It depends on the type of paper, how long it has been there, and if the walls were primed beforehand. Sometimes it can be removed by steaming and sometimes it might need to be removed with a safe and organic solution that is exclusive to More Decor. We pride ourselves on using organic products that are safe for your family, pets and the environment.

Wallpaper is made of different materials. Wallcoverings can be composed of grasscloth, stringcloth, paper, cork, or vinyl coating. These various wallcoverings can be designed with a fabric or paper backing. Due to the various materials, wallpaper removal can vary from one application to the next.

Not all wallpaper jobs are the same. The paper in one room may be effortless to remove, while another room may be more difficult. Sometimes it just doesn’t want to come off. That is one reason it is good to hire More Decor’s professional wallpaper removal services. A trained professional knows how to remove different types of wallpaper, so your wall is ready to be prepped for your next project.

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