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Best Faux Wood Blinds in Tulsa, Oklahoma – Blinds are an important element of indoor decors in any sort of home. Whether you live in a cottage made of bamboo or planning to build a mansion like a Hollywood star, you will have to face the dilemma of choosing something for your windows from a wide range of options available in the market. Wood blinds, Cloth curtains, Strips and strings, and faux wood blinds are among the options. You can choose according to your taste and need. If you are considering using the best faux wood blinds, then read on. This article focuses on using faux wood blinds and their advantages and disadvantages.

Faux is just a fancy word for fake for those who are not familiar with these blinds. It means these blinds are not made of wood but seem like real wood curtains. These are an imitation of wood blinds, and stuff which is generally used in manufacturing them is either vinyl or PVC. These blinds are available in almost all colors and sizes. You can choose the color and design which goes best with the other furniture in the room.

The Only Choice for Your Kitchen & Bathroom

Faux wood blinds are cent percent waterproof because of the substance they are made of. It means they suit best the areas where there is a lot of moisture or humidity. Wooden blinds or cloth curtains cannot be used in Kitchen, bathroom, or laundry because these places have a lot of moisture and humidity.

Some landscapes and regions have a lot of rainfall in a single year. Asam in India and many cities in Indonesia have excessive rainfall during a year. Brisbane and Gold Coast also have a lot of moisture in their climate. If you do not want to curse the clouds for


washing away your money, faux wood blinds are your only reasonable choice to consider.


Get to know the pros and cons of faux wood blinds before spending your money on them. This article will help you decide better.

Let us take a look at the advantages of these ever-trending blinds:

● Low Price and High Quality

The most attractive advantage of faux wood blinds is that they are cost-friendly. The construction of your dream house or office has surely left you nearly with an empty pocket, and now you’re looking for economic deals. Wood blinds are expensive, and faux wood blinds can save you up to 40% of the amount, and these will look just like that of wood. You can spend the saved amount to buy some articles to beautify your dwelling.

● Washable to Keep Brand New All the Time

Faux wood blinds are easy to clean. Did I mention that they are made of vinyl? They can be washed with water and soap to make them just like new every four months or so. On the other hand, imagine the wood blinds (which you bought with your good money) stained with dirt and debris and hanging on your window, mocking the money you spent to buy them. How you wish you could wash them but cannot.

● Relatively Longer Life

These blinds are highly durable and tend to live long. They will not crack or fade over time due to their strong material. As a matter of fact, faux wood blinds can endure the crushing pressure of years better than any other blinds. If you do not like to spend on window blinds over and over again, these blinds are your first choice. Buy once and appreciate yourself for your wise decision for years to come.

● The Color of your Choice

Tons of colors are available in faux wood blinds. Since they are made artificially in machines, all the slates of a blind are going to be identical. You can find the color that best matches the furniture of the room. Hardwood blinds do not offer this luxury

because they are made from natural wood. You will have to choose from limited colors if you go for wood blinds.

● Come with a Larger Size

Hardwood blinds can only measure up to 240cm in width because this is the width natural wooden planks allow. Slates of artificially made faux wood blinds can measure up to 260cm in width. Many people do not know that. It means if you have to cover a larger window, faux wood blinds are good to go without any competition.

Potential Disadvantages

Okay! This might break the heart of manufacturers of these blinds.
Despite all their good features and virtues, faux wood blinds have some downsides too. Let us not forget to look at them:

● Weighs More

These blinds weigh heavier than all the other blinds. It does not mean that you have to be a body-builder to raise one of these, but they sure take some effort and energy. Because of their heavier size and weight, they do not open completely. Moreover, they block the natural sunshine and deprive the room of natural light.

● Limited Control

These blinds are manufactured through machinery and have a fixed design. They come with the raised cord on the right side and tilt control for the slates on the left side. This cannot be the other way around. You have to let go of your wish to control in favor of machines.

Best Faux Wood Blinds

You have read all the pros and cons of these blinds. They are durable, sustainable, washable, and available in the size and color of your choice. Their heavy size may make you reluctant to buy them, but as noted above, their merits are far greater than their demerits. In my humble opinion, you should go for them. What say you?

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