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Blind Ambitions

Blind Ambitions is a company that specializes in the installation and material of window treatment for existing or new windows. Our operations are carried out all over the country, and the company provides the services to any homebuilder in improving the window treatments. Blind Ambitions have created powerful building relationships throughout the mid-Atlantic and entire southeast area. The company offers outdoor and indoor shades, plantation shutters, and other different kinds of window treatments. 


Blind Ambitions provides great options for window treatments for your businesses and homes. With blind ambitions, whether you want shades, plantation shutters, or blinds, we provide all the products required to change your home or office into something energy-efficient and beautiful. The company provides high-quality services, values, and products in plantation shutters, blinds, and shades. Nothing can make your room elegant other than the beautiful appearance of your windows. No other company can provide you with such amazing window treatment as Blind Ambitions. The easy selection of plantation shutters, window shades, blinds, and their timely installation makes Blind Ambitions exceptional in terms of their services and quality of products.

By using the window treatment provided, you can make your neighbors inspired by the look of your home. The better customization, industry expertise, and extensive offering making more preferable choice for the customers. Blind Ambitions is the best combination of many big-box retailers and small companies. When you go to a local place that provides window covering treatments, you order window treatment from a catalog and have to wait for a longer time to receive your product. 

On the other hand, some companies provide the products timely, but no customization services are available. All these problems can be solved by purchasing window treatment products from More Decor. The warehouse of More Decor has a great variety of products that can be delivered. Thus to the customers on time and with an opportunity for customization. You can get the best products from our stores!

Horizontal Blinds:

Horizontal blinds are the perfect choice from all the options of window blinds. Therefore, Blind Ambitions provide excellent horizontal blinds for your office or home. It provides privacy, light control, and value, which most offices and homes require. At Blind Ambitions, you can get high-quality 2-inch faux wood blinds at our stores. The amazing thing about Blind Ambitions is that the blinds provided by the company are cut-to-fit size. In addition to this, Blind Ambitions also provides installation services. You can simply order your horizontal blinds, and they will install them in your office or home within just two days. 

Our customers also order customized blinds. These custom blinds at Blind Ambitions are from various suppliers. Blind Ambitions make sure that the custom blinds they are supplying are of high quality and are according to the customer demand. These customized blinds can vary in the material; for instance, the customer may require a blind of faux wood or a blind of real wood. They may differ in slat size, paint, cloth tapes, tilt or lift colors, stain color or paint, valance style, design, etc. Blind Ambitions can install the majority of the custom blinds within a period of two weeks. This means you can timely decorate your office or home with your customized blinds in design and quality preferred by you. 

Plantation Shutters:

Plantation shutters are the favorite choice of customers to give a classic elegant look to their room. In addition to this, it also provides amazing insulating properties. Thus, you can select from the variety of finishes that matches your preference. 

Moreover, plantation shutters are considered an essential service provided by Blind Ambitions. In order to give a changed look to your room. You can simply introduce a stunning set of plantation shutters to your windows. These plantation shutters of More Decor will simply add elegance to your space. Thus, the ones made up of advanced polymer won’t fade, warp or crack. Rather, they will become an essential element of your room. However, you can also get the plantation shutters made up of real wood. The collection of these shutters provided by More Decor Design is of high quality, which won’t be affected with time. Thus, they craft their plantation shutters with high-grade materials. They are stylish, strong, and are of amazing printed colors. You can also get them in traditional timber colors. 

Whether you choose composite or real wood. Thus, our plantation shutters will add life to your home or office, and they have a great warranty. This means that the quality of our plantation shutters won’t deteriorate with time. Blind Ambitions customize these plantation shutters for their customers the way they prefer. These shutters are customized with louver size, panel configuration, paints, stains, frame type, etc. Thus, the different types of shutters will provide elegance to your office or home. The plantation shutters are available and have a limited warranty.

Window Shades:

Furthermore, smart blinds and shades that can retract. Moreover, tilt or extend automatically look luxurious and they are quite useful as well. This type of shade retains the security of homes and can save energy as well. This category of Blind Ambitions is among the top picks of the company. These types of window shades work flawlessly with all types of smart-home platforms. They also look amazing and are the quietest and fastest shades that Blind Ambitions have tested. They ensure that you receive the required amount of light without the need to adjust it at all. 

More Decor Design in Tulsa

The window shades category is the widely offered choice in window treatments. You can select any type of window shades you want from More Decor. We provide you with a great variety of choices. From which the customers can select the type of window shades they like. The different types of window shades that we offer include Cellular, Solar, Hybrid, Natural, Roman, etc. In addition to this, there are great choices in materials as well. More Decor will help you in choosing the best coverage for your window. 

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