Blind Installation Tulsa | 5 Things to Look for in a Company


Blind Installation Tulsa: Types, Benefits And Best Services Explained

Window blind installation Tulsa are often used to reduce light in a room. Window shades, on the other hand, are more commonly used to decorate windows and offer privacy. However, in recent years there has been increased interest in using them for sun protection too. They come in many different styles with both domestic and commercial uses, including roller blinds, vertical blinds, pleated blinds, and Venetian blinds (which can also be referred to as horizontal or exterior blinds).

Some fabrics used for the construction of window shades are bamboo, cotton, linen, vinyl, and wood. As you might expect, their prices vary too – with budget models starting at around $10 per window shade and custom-made shades from a blind professional costing many times more. In general, the better quality the shade is, the greater its insulating properties will be.


Let’s talk about some important blind types.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are the most common type of shade, with their slats running up and down. Pleated blinds consist of hinged fabric panels that are pleated in order to provide shading. They can be either manual or electric (with some even featuring remote control functionality).

Benefits of Vertical Blinds

The most important benefit of a vertical blind is that it is available in different materials, and you can choose the one per your budget. These are easy to clean, and they fit easily if you want a sliding window or you want a large window.

Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are also known as horizontal blinds or exterior blinds. This is because they are popularly used on window exteriors to block out sunlight and provide insulation. They can be either manual or electric (with remote control functionality available in some models).

Benefits of Venetian Blinds

One benefit of these blinds is that they can be used in a wide range of applications both indoors and outdoors. They are generally durable, but the more expensive versions will offer better protection against fading.

Pleated Blinds or Roller Blinds

A pleated blind consists of pleats on fabric panels that open and close easily using a rod system. Another type of blind is roller blinds which come as a single piece of material that can be rolled up and down.

Benefits of Pleated Blinds or Roller Blinds

In addition to their affordability, pleated blinds offer a decent level of insulation against heat and cold. You can opt for a cordless design to avoid the safety complications associated with blind cords.

Panel Blinds

The Panel Blinds are one of the most popular choices for patios and very large windows. These blinds have sections that move along a track, which allows you to open or close them as needed!

Benefits of Panel Blinds

One benefit of this type of blind is the ease with which they can be cleaned by vacuuming or wiping them down. You can also enjoy full privacy from inside your home while allowing plenty of light to enter through the blinds.

Exterior Roller Blinds

Among all types of roller blinds, the exterior roller blind is considered the most expensive one because it has some extra features that are not present in other types of roller blinds. If you have large windows at your home, you should go for this type of roller blind. You can use them inside as well as outside your home.

Benefits of Exterior Roller Blinds

The exterior roller blinds are available in many different colors, styles, and materials to match all types of tastes. These roller blinds don’t require any professional help for installation. All you need is a drill to fix these blinds. You can easily open or close them by rotating the handle.

How To Install Window Blinds At Your Home or Office?

Now comes the most important part, i.e., installation of blinds at your home or office. This part can be complex because the installation of every single type of window blind may differ from another, and that is why it is recommended to hire a professional like us who will come at your doorstep and will not only install the window blinds professionally but will take care of everything from measuring the sizes to choosing the types of blinds to buy them to install them.

You will just get the end product which will be fantastic and more than as per your expectations.

What to Look For In a Window Blind Installation Company?

Many companies provide window blind installation services in Tulsa, but before hiring them, you need to check a few things.


The best company for your needs should be affordable so it can fit your budget.


You must check how professional the company is? Does it have experienced technicians or not?

Timely Response

The best company will respond to your calls and messages on time.

Quality of the Product

The company should be able to provide you with high-quality products at an affordable price.

Customer Reviews

You can check the company’s online reviews, which will give you valuable information about their services.

Why Hire Professional Installation Company?

If you are not aware of how to measure correctly or install the blinds, it is recommended to hire professional installation services.

By hiring an expert company, you can get a 100% satisfaction guarantee for the work done by them. They will not only do a perfect job but will also ensure that they have left your place neat and clean after their job is complete.

So, these are some of the essential benefits and features that you should always keep in mind while buying blinds for your home or office. The benefits that you receive from roller blinds are simply great as compared to other types of window blinds. So, if you don’t want to miss any of the benefits, then it is better to use roller blinds for your windows or patio.

Why Hire Us For Your Window Blind Installation in Tulsa?

More Decor has extensive experience in window blind installation services. We are famous for our timely response, quick service, and 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed.

We offer 24/7 emergency services at your doorstep. Our technicians are highly trained professionals who can install all types of roller blinds without any difficulty.

For any type of queries related to our services, you can call us at 918-622-8899or you can write us an email at [email protected].

We will respond to your message within 48 hours. For installation service requests, please make sure to fill out the contact form available at the top of this page.

Our mission is to provide our customers with full satisfaction and 100% customer retention because we know that once you hire us, you will hire us again for your future requirements. We also offer lifetime free services such as cleaning and maintenance of blinds. So what are you waiting for? Give us a chance to serve you better.

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