Commercial Blinds Tulsa | Everything you Need to Know


More Decor offers the best commercial blinds Tulsa has. Commercial Blinds gives offices and other areas in your business place a professional look that makes the right statement. More Décor has been delivering high quality Commercial blinds to their customers over the years, and you should give them a call when you are decorating your Commercial property.

It doesn’t matter what business you are planning to get into, having your blinds professionally installed is important. You won’t want to have blinds that are falling apart when your clients visit your office to do business with you.

Keeping the sun out and reducing energy cost during the Summer when you are using air conditioning units, or the keeping warmth in during the winter, causes commercial blinds to be a good option to choose. They are functional and durable, as they can be easily cleaned and repaired when they begin looking old.

For Privacy or Keeping out the Sun

When privacy is needed, it is so easy to simply adjust your blinds and you can decide how much light you want to let into a room whenever you want. More Decor offers the best commercial blinds Tulsa has.

These commercial blinds are controlled by remote control and there are apps you can have on your phone to operate your blinds, as they are motorized.

There are many different colours you can choose from and have colours coordinated perfectly to match the furnishings in your space.

Commercial blinds work great as a room divider as well, they open up easily and stack neatly when they are opened, they won’t get in the way when people are trying to get things done. They are perfect for sliding door and windows also.

These Blinds blocks out a lot of heat and gives a nice, professional finish to the décor of your offices and other spaces. Unlike the commercial blinds that are manually closed, the motorized blinds will close tightly so they will be giving your office a neat professional look at all times.

Technology and the Modern Commercial Blinds

The multi-functional commercial blinds will make your place look expensive and they have become more long-lasting since they are now cordless since they became motorized. They are operated with Alexa, your smart phones or a remote. The modern motorized blinds are moving, opening and closing very smoothly and quiet. They can be programed to close and open at certain times, so you never need to worry about forgetting to close them when you are leaving a building.

Technology is in every aspect of our lives and you have so many more choices in commercial blinds and the way you can control their movement. They are your best choice, whenever you are decorating your commercial property.

Having commercial blinds that are cordless is great, as you can never tell when a customer will visit your business place with their child or children and you won’t need to worry that a child will get tangled in the cords that are used with the blinds. More Decor offers the best commercial blinds Tulsa has.

Completely Automatic Commercial Blinds

With the touch of a button the automatic commercial blinds can sense the temperature of your house and open or close when the weather is more pleasant outside than inside. This feature can help to reduce the amount you would normally pay for your electricity bill.

There are automation kits for the commercial blinds you already have installed at your windows or doors before blinds were motorized. More Décor will install these kits for you, so you be spending less than what you would spend if you were changing all your commercial blinds.

Solar Powered Commercial Blinds Reduces Energy Cost

The solar powered commercial blinds with solar panels are also available, no more batteries that will need changing from time to time will be needed and many of the Android phones or IOS phones are the ones you will use to upload your “my smart blind app” on so you can get your blinds to move up or down and open or close blades by simply touching the screen of your smart phone. 

There are energy saving options you can choose and the blinds will automatically open and close when it is time to save energy. The blades will detect when they are becoming too warm and they will close on their own. 

You can close blinds in an entire room just by the click of a button before you leave a room for a while. These energy saving commercial blinds have become more important as time goes by. More Decor offers the best commercial blinds Tulsa has.

Smart Commercial Blinds

More Décor Designs Inc. delivers the battery powered, wire powered or solar powered. You can choose between arctic white, red mahogany, stone grey, mist grey and many others. Having commercial blinds that are more functional while you reduce electricity cost will be good for your business.

There are both vertical and horizontal Commercial blinds available for both windows and doors and More Décor knows how to install and maintain them for you.

Services Offered by More Décor Designs Inc. 

More Décor Designs Inc. has been sourcing the best Commercial blinds for commercial landlords, interior designers, general contractors/builders, business owners and other clients throughout the years, since they have been in business.

You can depend on them to source the best commercial blinds for your project, and if you want the ones you are now using to be repaired or motorized you can let them know whenever you contact them.

They will measure your windows and doors, repair the commercial blinds that needs to be repaired and program or reprogram the those that are not working properly. More Decor offers the best commercial blinds Tulsa has.

Professionally Installed

The professionals at More Décor will constantly be trying to reduce your cost while they give you all you need to have a functional, coordinated, nicely decorated business place to serve your clients in. 

Your satisfaction is very important and they will beyond the call of duty to deliver the kind of service you will like.

It doesn’t matter if your building is new or old, the professionals at More Décor are always fully equipped to deliver everything you will need to improve the look of your commercial property.

More Décor Designs Offers Exterior Motorized Shades

Enjoying the great outdoors for more hours in a day is now possible; as the exterior motorized shades will keep out the insects that would normally be a bother, preserve the beauty of these opening spaces and enhances privacy. 

When modern homes feature’s large openings and beautiful outdoors spaces, there will be a need for exterior motorized shades with a single screen, they can cover an opening as large as 25 feet or less and approximately 7.6 meters high and 16 feet wide or if you want them for is smaller, they will still look just fine.

The shade is hidden in a protective housing above the opening until it is needed, it can be lowered or retracted by the touch of a button. You should never pull your shade down with your hand, because you might damage the motorized components in the head rail, you should always use the remote 

There are shades that are ready to roll before they are installed. 

Exterior Executive Shades opens your home to nature and individuals are now able to enjoy spending time on their patios or porches for more hours each day.

Limited warranty is offered by some of the companies where Exterior Motorized Shades are sold.

Houses that are kept cool during the days because the exterior executive shades that were installed on them, will cause owners see reduced electricity bills when they use exterior executive shades that keep out the heat, causing the air conditioning units to use less energy.

Exterior Executive Shades also protect your patio furnishing from blazing sun, so they fabric on them won’t get pale, causing them to last longer.

The team at More Décor Designs Inc. is equipped to provide their customers with a wides assortment of coloured shades that will suit their tastes.

Exterior Motorized Shades Solve Many Problems

When the Summer sun causes houses to be very hot because there is no porch with covers on the outside. home owners can call More Décor Designs. They will use the right exterior motorized shades to solve your problem.

When there is no longer so much heat in your home your energy bill will be reduced.

If you have a door that is exposed to the sun and the heat is damaging it badly, you won’t need to be buying new doors to replace it anymore after you give More Décor Designs a call. They solve your problem by extending the overhead covering and adding the perfect exterior motorized shade over it. You’ll be able to keep it in its housing during the winter months when the snow falls, so it won’t get damaged.

Outdoor Space

Whenever you want to have a party on your back patio and you want to keep out the prying eyes of neighbours or you want to protect them from the sun, using an exterior motorized shade is the perfect solution. You can roll it back whenever the party is over and it will never get in your way.

If you are renting a place and want to keep out the sun in an area, it is best for you to use an exterior motorized shade, so you can have it removed when you are leaving.

Whenever, you have a neighbour whose porch is close to yours and you want a bit of privacy, using an exterior motorized shade at that side of the porch will solve your problem.

More Decor Designs are a full-service design firm and they will always choose the perfect colour for your exterior motorized shades.

Enhance your Patio

Many Exterior Shades can be used on a patio that has many columns, you might want to order 4 or more. You won’t need to worry about their durability, because the fabric that is used to make these shades are made for the outside, these nice products are perfect for you if you are having a sun issue.

You can simply use your remote to let down your shades when the sun is hot and then late in the afternoon you can sit on your cool chairs and enjoy the view after you use your remote to retract those shades.

They are perfect for those homes that are built with rooms with many glass doors because they are close to the pool. Shades can prevent your pets from escaping out of the room when you are not paying attention, they won’t be drowning in your pool.

An added level of Comfort 

Exterior motorized shades will add, another level of comfort to your home in many ways. And there are different devices you can choose from when you want to move your shades. You can use an app on your smart phone. A remote or a set of button that are installed close to the shade.

They are perfect for those homes that are built with rooms. With many glass doors because they are close to the pool. There will be times when you want to feel the natural cool breeze. That can easily blow into your room when the glass doors are open and the shades are let down.

There are exterior motorized shades that are made with material that lets in light. And, you will be able to enjoy the beautiful view on the outside while you are in your room.

The Interior Designers at More Décor Will Choose the Perfect Exterior Motorized Shades for You

You might not be certain about what you will need to make your home more comfortable. The experts at More Décor Designers will always listen to you. They know which shades will give you the comfort you desire. They offer interior design consulting and you should give them a call.

Why Buy Roller Shades

Commercial landlords, business owners, home owners, interior designers (and their clients). Thus, and building contractors (and their clients) who are living in Tulsa. And the surrounding Suburbs have been accessing the professional services offered at More Decor Designs since 1998.

More Décor Designs Inc. will be there for you whenever you want to upgrade or install new Roller Shades. They will provide you with the wide variety of fabric with many colours and textures. So you can find exactly what you are looking for.

Why Choose Roller Shades

For extra privacy or if you want to sleep in the days and prefer a dark room. You can choose roller shades that are dark, they are called black out shades. These shades are available in a wide variety of colours and fit nicely with the décor of any home. The roller shades with the many different patterns and colours are a designer’s dream. As they can be used to let in just the right amount of light for you. They will sit neatly at the top of a window whenever they raised.

Lots of Variety 

Roller shades features a variety of fabrics and texture this has caused them to be an interior designers dream. It is also possible for home owners to go for a customized look if that is what they choose.

Black out shades will completely stop light from coming through your window. Making them the perfect shades to use when you want to sleep in the days. For a baby’s room or a room that is being used for entertainment. More Decor offers the best commercial blinds Tulsa has.

Customized or Cordless Roller Shades

The cordless option is perfect for homes where there are children and pets. For the ultimate convenience you can motorize your roller shades. Your roller shades can be customized with beads or anything else you want to use. Customers love the cordless option as it is perfect for homes with children and pets.  Roller shades can be easily cleaned, that is why most people are using them now. There are many lift options you can choose from.

Your home can be decorated on any budget as the expert interior designers. More Décor Designers are ready to help today. It is easy to raise and lower and you can still use the motorized shades. This allows you to roll up all your shades with the touch of a button. You can decide how much light you want to let into your room. When the fabric used for the roller shade is lighter. Your room will have a room that is bright and welcoming.

Dark vs Light

Having the best of both worlds when you use both a dark and a lighter fabric. This is so you can use the shade you want to use if you want total privacy or more light. You can get both privacy and light whenever you want. Drapes can be used at the sides of the roller blades as well. It blocks out the sun when the roller shades. They are not as wide as they should be and there is light coming through. You can have them customised to suit your needs.

Cellular or Honeycomb Shades

Black out cell shades allows you to dust them off very easily and they are budget friendly. They are a woven material and they should be lowered and lifted up twice a day.

When it time to get rest, cell shades will help you to get the most rest. These shades can be opened in 2 different ways, there are some that are lifted from bottom up. Cellular shades stack tightly and nicely so your place will always be looking neat. More Decor offers the best commercial blinds Tulsa has.

Pleated Shades 

Pleated shades are different from cellular shades in a few ways. These pleated shades have much bigger pleat. You can use both the automated shades, the battery operated ones or the ones that has the cords on them.

Solar Shades

Solar shades block sunlight and still allows you to see out when they are closed. Your interior will be protected from harmful UV rays that will damage your furniture. When you use a shade that lets in more light and still allows you to have some darkness. You can get both privacy and light whenever you want when you use the dual system.

More motorized shades are being used now, and new these innovations will help you. In many ways as they can be programmed to roll up or down at different times during the day. More Decor offers the best commercial blinds Tulsa has.

The expert interior designers at More Décor will help you to find the perfect shades. Thus that will meet your needs. So don’t hesitate to give them a call when you are ready to order your roller shades.

A Modern Look

If you prefer a modern look it is best if you choose roller shades. You can transform your home and be happy and comfortable. More Decor offers the best commercial blinds Tulsa has.

If you want to make a change in your house just to add a modern touch. The roller shades are the best choice you can make. Another set of modern shades are smart shades, as you can use many opening options. Such as Alexa and other smart options like using an app on your smart phone.

More Décor Designs – Full Service Interior Design Firm

The team at More Décor Design Inc. are always willing to help with the big or small problems. You are having with your roller blades so give them a call if you want new roller blades. Or, you want the old ones to be repaired or replaced.

They will measure your windows for you, remember you will have nothing to worry about. Thus, when you want a new look in your home. More Decor offers the best commercial blinds Tulsa has.

Commercial Blinds Tulsa

The full-service interior design firm does interior design consulting, color and finish selection. Also supply rugs, art, design accessories, fixtures, lightings and more. They will also shop and supply furniture to totally transform the look of your home. When your roller shades are looking great.

You can depend on the team at More Décor to deliver excellent service whenever you call. They will install your roller shades in the best way. They will be at your windows for a long time, and if anything should go wrong with them. You can easily give them a call or send them a message.

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