Commercial Motorized Shades | 5 Reasons your Business Needs Them


Commercial Motorized Shades

Constantly lifting and lowering window treatments several times throughout the day is not a choice that most professionals like to make. Commercial motorized shades have caused a change in the way these window treatments are handled now that professionals can simply use their phones to program them and cause them to move.

The colour or type of material used to make the some of the shades will let in 5% or 10% natural light. Most good shade companies will give you samples so you can choose the one you like the most whenever you are getting ready to place an order.

Electronic shades have become the most popular form of window treatments that are being used in commercial buildings at this time.

Choosing the right Shades

There is a lot to learn when choosing the right shade for your space. More Décor Designs will use the vast experience that they have developed over the years to assist you in making the right choice of shades for your space.

They will think about the amount of sunlight that enters your office, and at what time of the day you will need the shades the most so they can program your shade with a remote.

You can also install an app on your cell phone or set up a very sleek wall switches on your wall and with the press of a button you can lift or lower your shades.

It is a great idea to have programmed commercial shades in your work place, as you won’t even need to worry about lowering the shades when you are leaving at the end of the day.

There are lots of options for you to choose from when you are installing Commercial Motorized Shades, you should give More Décor Designs the job and get the assistance you need, so you can have a problem free experience when your shades are being installed.

Functionality and More

These commercial motorized shades roll up quietly and they are stored in a concealed housen above the window.

There are no cords to think about and you will save energy and keep your office secure by keeping out the eyes of thieves with these shades that are not just adding a good finish to your design, but they are truly functional.

The motors in the motorized commercial shades are very strong even though there are some owners who are moving away from those that will need to be constantly plugged into a power source. 

The battery powered motorized shades that are powered by the sun. They offer automatic opening and closing that can be programmed on your computer browser.

There is more motorization for shades these days. Voice activated shade is another great innovation that became popular in 2021. You can simply say ok Google raise shade and a command will be sent to Google voice. And your shade will respond to the command.

The uniquely designed shades with light altering shades features gives you two or more options of shades. And, you can have more than one type of light coming into your space.

Colors and Versatility Added to Commercial Motorized Shades

The colors of the shades changed, the traditional black or white colors are disappearing. And you can make a statement with brown, grey, beige or hundreds of other colors to choose from. 

Changing the colour of your shades you are using and giving your space a new look is easy to do now.

Commercial Motorized Shades are also perfect for restaurants, when they have large windows so their customers can be protected from all the elements outside even though they are still able to enjoy the sights and scenes that they would normally see when they are enjoying the great outdoors. Shades are used to protect them from the heat that is generated by the sun.

The motorized shades can be easily lowered whenever they are needed. There will be no need to disturb customers when these shades have remote control or if they are voice activated.

Black-Out Shades

The black-out shades gives total privacy in a room. When a manager wants to have a meeting with a customer that requires privacy. It is now easy for a shade to be quickly lowered.

Having the ability to lock out prying eyes whenever you want to is a great feature. You will have access to when you have the commercial motorized shades installed.

Blocking out the heat extra sunshine that can flood your space at certain times of the day. Thus, this can reduce your energy cost and add comfort to your space. 

Windows that are high and hard to reach can be covered. Now that no one needs to climb on a ladder. To pull a cord when it is time to lower the shade that covers them.

These shades have become popular because they are cost effective. They are lasting longer than the vertical and horizontal blinds used to cover these windows before.

Commercial Roller Shades for Doors

Keeping the sun out and increasing privacy in offices. By covering commercial glass doors with commercial roller shades has become possible now.

These shades can be installed inside the actual frame of the door. Because this allows the fabric to fall behind a push-bar that has a space before the glass. In this case the shade can be guided so it will fall between the glass and the push bar. If the push bar has no space for the shade to go through. Thus, it can be allowed to fall over the push bar and persons will push. Both the shade and the bar at the same time when they are opening the door.

If you have sliding glass doors at your commercial building. More Décor Designs will choose the best window treatment option for you. You can have full privacy or partial privacy whenever you want.

Advances in technology has made it possible for us. To do so much more with just the touch of a button, programming a phone or saying some words. 

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