Commercial Mural Installation | 8 Design Inspirations


Commercial Mural Installation

Murals have become a big and bold commercial interior design trend. These are instant points to focus on when you enter a commercial space. Moreover, commercial mural designs also give your visitors something to talk about. Above all, the best commercial mural installation can give you Instagrammable moments to inspire people in the present ever-connected world. These can also help you get more social media shares. 

Latest printing technology has made commercial mural designs more creative and easily accessible. However, do you want to step up your interior design game? Then there are commercial mural designs you need to know in this regard. 

Top-notch commercial mural design ideas to know 

Commercial mural installation is a great way to transform your office space. Top-notch mural designs can help you create an attractive visual experience in a commercial environment. Most importantly, commercial mural designs offer limitless opportunities for commercial spaces. 

Let’s explore the best commercial mural designs below to discover some lucrative commercial mural installation ideas below:

  1. Scandinavian style office mural 

This mural design is a great option for creating a fresh and functional office décor. Moreover, it will add a pleasing instant organization sense to the commercial environment. 

  • Above all, a Scandinavian mural doesn’t mean a pure white wall anymore. 
  • Instead, you can freshen up your workspace by adding a commercial mural with honeycomb lines. 
  • Also, match the color of the commercial mural with your office interior to better your style game. 

However, a Scandinavian-style office mural with honeycomb lines can beautifully complement your office’s wood furnishing. You can also add some tropical plants to soften the feel and get creative in inspiring your commercial space. 

  1. Modern art approach for a modern twist 

Do you want to have an artful backdrop in your office? If yes, then a modern art mural would be the best design for you. A modern art mural inspired by a hand-painted approach can give your commercial space a modern twist. Additionally, you can also add an extra dimension to your office wall with a graphic and modern mural. This approach will let you get an enticing apposition.

  1. Geometric office mural for a fresh look 

A geometric commercial mural design can give your space a fresh feel. You can easily get a geometric commercial mural inspired by vintage tiles. At the same time, you can reimagine this design into a contemporary style. 

  • Simply combine lighter background with darker geometric shapes added on the top. 
  • Such a pared-down commercial wallpaper design can allow creativity in your space. 
  • It will simultaneously inspire a methodological work approach. 

So, mirror this mural design in your commercial environment to create an ultimate fresh and creative look. 

  1. Imagery mural relevant to your brand mission 

Brands at present are more than just a service or product. These are all about their lifestyles. Therefore, you can easily embrace the power of a commercial mural to show your brand’s values. Whether it’s the vibrant culture of your company or connecting to your potential customers at an emotional level, let your commercial mural design communicate your brand mission. 

Get an imagery commercial mural design that can speak your brand’s message and values loudly and proudly. Such mural designs will make it easier for your prospects to imagine themselves living into your brand’s lifestyle. 

  1. Classic coastal style commercial mural

A classic coastal commercial mural style always works perfectly in any commercial space. It creates a fresh and natural feel and also promotes productivity and well-being. So, you can choose this commercial mural to create a zen beach vibe. 

Additionally, the classic coastal mural also means simplicity. However, the wider stripes of this mural design can add space and airiness with a calm sea-like finishing. You can benefit your workers with the soothing feel this mural design offers. 

  1. Beige mural with a subtle shine to add a gradient effect 

A beige mural with subtle shine would work great for people who want a minimalistic commercial mural design approach. Most importantly, a simplistic beige mural doesn’t have to be uninspired. 

  • Beige murals’ versatility and subtle shine make them more useful for commercial environments. 
  • Above all, a beige texture commercial mural is a pattern you can use to design any space. 
  • You can better start your minimalist commercial look with a mural having a more linear look. Lines in different colors can add a more gradient look that’s soothing to look at.

However, the vertical linear movement will give the overall mural design nice energy. Most importantly, this commercial mural installation is preferable if you want relaxing aesthetics with no frills. 

  1. A vintage mural design full of crisp details 

Although most of the commercial murals feature vivid and bold colors. However, some vintage mural designs have a beige color scheme. These mural designs would work great if you want to create a retro commercial space. 

However, for this, ensure to opt for a vintage mural that has crips detailing. Using different color shades can create a more authentic retro look. This way, you can easily make your office interior more unique and appealing. 

  1. An inspirational chalk quote mural for the meeting room 

A chalk-quote mural is always perfect for installing in your office space. Chalk murals with motivational quotes can be a more playful approach. You can use a fun and bold mural design with words that can inspire and motivate your team. 

You can also use a commercial mural to update your team with important reminders. Moreover, you can also put this mural design where your young team members are. So, they can constantly get inspiration and great ideas to work upon. These commercial mural design ideas can also help your team to calm down. Also, they can take constant inspiration to buck up their energies to do more and better. 

Final thoughts

In conclusion, your commercial space’s walls don’t have to be dull. Instead, you can consider taking your commercial wall décor to the next level. A stunning and vibrant commercial mural installation can easily help you achieve this. Consider the commercial mural designs mentioned above and create an artistic, commercial interior. These design ideas will also help you add a modern twist to your office space. 

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