Commercial Window Shades | 5 Types of Commercial Shades


Commercial window shades turn a boring office into a lively creative space or create a cozy restaurant atmosphere with the ingenious use of commercial blinds or blinds. Commercial window treatments have a number of advantages. In addition to the many style options available, custom blinds and shades can be designed to meet the exact needs of your business premises. make a purchase, or is it your goal to increase the concentration and productivity of your employees?

Roller Blinds

Commercial Roller Blinds Find versatile color, pattern and fabric options that make roller blinds an ideal addition to any type of interior. Protect from harmful UV radiation while reducing glare on computer screens. Sun visors are also a great low power option. Custom Cell Visors Take advantage of the innovative honeycomb design of these visors, four opacity and cell sizes, and multi-fold colors and sizes for custom commercial window treatments create. Commercial synthetic wood blindsGet the clean, natural look of real wood blinds, but with materials that resist moisture and moisture well. Our synthetic wood commercial venetian blinds come standard with a flame retardant rating in accordance with NFPA 701, a noticeable horizontal fringe effect.

Vertical Blinds

 Commercial vertical blinds Cover large windows or patio doors with vertical blinds. In addition, there are over 230 commercial vertical blinds to choose from thanks to the wide range of colors, patterns and textures. Stoneide is also a leading provider of state-of-the-art motorization and automation systems that make it easy to open and lower blinds by voice or remote control and schedule them at set times. inds all day, giving you maximum control over light and privacyWhy Stoneside for commercial window shades At Stoneside we can design the perfect window solution, deliver your project on budget, and get it right the first time. We understand you have a busy schedule, and we make ordering commercial blinds and shades quick. easy and convenient by contacting you in person or online so that you can concentrate on the important work of your company. 

During our free personal or virtual design consultation, our team will discuss your vision and help you to perfect the environment create work. sends samples to your company and video chat or visits your location so you can see how the fabrics interact with your space and make changes to your selections if necessary. Technicians ensure that you receive the white glove treatment for a flawless end product.

Types of Commercial Blinds

There are many types of commercial blinds and blinds to suit every need. You just have to decide which ones are best for your business. Get the best commercial window shades in Tulsa with More Decor. 

Vertical blinds

 Vertical blinds consist of individual slats that hang from hooks on an upper rail. With good care, they can be easily opened and turned. In most cases, each bar is removable for easy replacement or cleaning. Vertical blinds are ideal for large floor-to-ceiling windows or for covering glass doors. They’re perfect for showing your gaze of the Manhattan skyline at board meetings. They also keep energy costs down when the space is not in use

Panel Shades

 Panel curtains are like vertical blinds, but they fit directly into the rail. The panels slide open and stack on one side without blocking the door openings. These blinds have a modern look and feel. They’re also available in a variety of materials, including solar. Venetian blinds, micro-Venetian blinds and mini-Venetian blinds A fabric tape or a fabric tape holds each bar of a blind set together. When raised, the slats are placed on top of each other. They can be seen in the houses every day. , but they also look great in a corner office. They come in a variety of colors so any color scheme is easy to combine and inexpensive.


Mini-blinds have slats that are only half a width. Solar blinds Solar blinds are a type of roller blind, which is more or less exactly what it sounds like. quickly becoming one of the most popular types of commercial blinds. When lowered, they don’t block your view, but they let in less sunlight and save energy. They also prevent the penetration of UV rays. The more expensive versions are equipped with bezels, cornices and valances to hide all moving parts. 

The cheaper models get by without any accessories and still serve their purpose very well. Sun sails are perfect for restaurants with large windows.They enable customers to look outside without being blinded by the sun. They are also ideal for large call center rooms. A recent Future Workplace survey shows that looking at the outside world improves the “employee experience”. Sun protection gives employees the view they crave without the glare from computer screens. 

Which commercial blinds are your favorites? 

Now that you know more about what is available to your business, what types of commercial blinds are your favorites?

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