Crystalpleat Cellular Shades | 5 Amazing Benefits


Crystalpleat cellular shades:

Crystalpleat cellular shades are referred to as honeycomb shades. These window shades are made up of paper or cloth-like material with a continuous cellular structure when opened and closed onto themselves when closed. According to the united kingdom’s department of energy, windows and doors make up almost one-third of thermal energy loss. The same rule is applicable for heat liss in winters and summers. Whenever the air inside the room comes in contact with windows, the air becomes cold or hot. Then through the procedure of convection, the air circulates the room. 

The crystalpleat cellular shades trap the air inside their cellular structure and create a barrier between the window and the room. Thus, lessening the transfer of heat. These types of window shades are the most popular window shades. And this is all because of the attractive, versatile, and energy-efficient qualities of these shades. We can confidently say that such shades are a combination of good looks and value for the customers. 

Are you concerned about the design they add to your home? Then let me tell you that these shades come in various colors like from sheer to blackout, in multiple sizes and light control options. 

Features to know:

Opacities: this feature refers to the amount of light crystal pleat cellular shades transmitted. In this regard, it contains four options. 

  • Sheer: through it, maximum natural light in your room.
  • Semi-sheer: this refers to the gentle light filtering from the window.
  • Semi-opaque: this refers to medium light filtering, or you can say medium darkening in the room. 
  • Opaque refers to the complete darkening, or we can say total blackout. 

These four types show that you can have four different environments in your room and four different vibes to enjoy. Moreover, it is essential to mention that opaque cellular shades are necessary if you love a complete blackout. 

The number of cells:

We often call these shades energy-efficient shades, but why? This is because of the honeycomb shape pockets or cells constructed in them. As mentioned above, these cells create an insulation layer between your window and your room’s ambient temperature. Moreover, these shades are available in different cell types. You choose them according to your choice of temperature and budget. 

  • ⅜ inches Single Cell: It is a sleek profile for smaller windows.  
  • ½ inches Double Cell: for extra energy saving, this is a type. 
  • ¾ inches Single Cell: this large size is for more precise and a proportional look in your room.
  • 1¼ inches Single Cell: this extra-large size contains fewer pleats for a more transparent look with energy efficiency. 

Since cellular shades with double cells are more costly than a single one. Particularly hot or cold shades, we recommend double cellular shades. This is because of the extra insulation power. Over time, these double cell shades will save you from cold and hot temperatures. Moreover, for a moderate environment single cell is perfect.

Option of shades:

In these shades, you get three options: the first is a top-down, bottom-up shade. This allows you to lower the shade from the top or raise it from the bottom or both. This shade is the best one for the bathroom or 

any private area where you want extra privacy but can allow some natural light to come in. the next one is cordless, which eliminates the chord for some children and privacy purposes. Moreover, the last one is motorized cellular shades. This features a remote button to raise or lower the shades. 

Pleat size: 

The crystalpleat cellular shades come in different pleat sizes. Some are like 3/8 inches, 7/16 inches, ½ inches, and ¾ inches. This may seem a lot to choose from, but in actual they aren’t. The reality is that different brands have different sizes. They didn’t differ a lot from one and other, but to choose from them, keep your window’s size in your mind. This would be the best choice. 

Difference between cellular shade and pleated shade:

 Honeycomb cellular shade: 

  • Hexagonal cells are made in these shades.
  • Shows super insulation.
  • When raised completely disappeared so one could enjoy the view. 
  • Can get a blackout option that hides 99% natural lights. 
  • The cordless option provides safety
  • The unique structure reduces noise too. 

Pleated shades:

  • It contains only one layer and no compartment.
  • There is no slat, but they are continuous fabric. 
  • When raised, they are the same as cellular honey shades. 
  • They ley in more light.
  • Provide less privacy than the cellular one. 
  • It also contains cordless options. 
  • They cost less than cellular shades. 

Benefits of crystal pleat cellular shades:

The topmost benefit of honeycombs is the insulation they provide. The long channels of these shades trap air and insulate the room from unwanted temperature. Thus, the Resistance value increases seven from 3.5 by adding energy-efficient cellular shade. 

Except for this, the cellular shades offer supreme privacy unless you choose a sheer option of shades. However, keep In mind that the honeycomb is entirely private. 

When one chooses the versatile feature of shade that is top-down, you can get the light stream in your room with privacy at the lower portion of the window.

The next benefit of shades is that it gets disappear. The stack of these shades is so tiny that they disappear entirely and could be hiding behind any decorative valance when they roll up.

Some of the shades didn’t look fashionable at all. Rather than this, they look like complete paper stuff rather than a rich fabric. This is sometimes objectable to some folks. Thus, most people prefer to use them with a decorative window. 

Thus, honeycomb shades are an excellent option for any home. They offer a simple, sleek look for modern spaces and more traditional settings when paired with draperies. 

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