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Window treatments and custom blinds Tulsa you decide for your home have such a substantial impact on your interior design that you truly need to pick custom window blinds somewhat precisely and wisely. When looking for custom blinds, you’ll be contemplating various factors like general capacity, lighting control, key functions, insulative qualities, and an attractive appearance. You’ll likewise need to think about the design of your windows themselves.

However, which custom blinds Tulsa will work best and would be the most suitable in terms of fit, function, and beauty for your home’s interior depends on your windows’ style and shape. 

More Decor offers a wide scope of various custom window blinds and shades, which are all expertly fitted to every individual window. This makes it feasible for all windows, including custom sizes and odd-molded windows, to be coordinated with excellent custom window blinds.

Have a look at the 5 unique styles of custom window blinds and which sorts of windows they supplement the most …

01. Motorized Blinds 

Motorized blinds Bixby are perfect for skylights and hard-to-reach windows in your home. Furthermore, motorized window blinds turn into a mainstream choice and get more popularity with time in the eye of those homeowners looking for custom window blinds with features such as no cord and hands-free functionality. They are ideal for a window that is difficult to reach, including high windows, raised windows in vaulted rooms, look-out windows, and windows behind furnishings.

Furthermore, motorized window blinds are the safest and the best options for families having children and pets all together under one roof as there are no dangerous and dangling cord – the best selection for windows easily accessible to your children and pets. 

So if you are looking for such window blinds, here’s More Decor’s technology that allows for motorization in a variety of designs, styles, shapes, and functionalities. For any specific window treatment, reach out to More Decor and get treatment if motorization is an option. 

02. Fabric Blinds 

Fabric blinds, also known as soft sheer horizontal, Sillouette, or Zebra shades, are built so that they work on the principle to soften the sunlight coming from the windows facing the direct sunlight. These blinds also belong to one of the most common types of custom window blinds because of their availability in a wide variety of styles and unique versatility. With their qualities of maintaining privacy, controlling ambient lightning, softening the sunlight, and comfortability level, Fabric blinds are ideal and the best choice, especially for the living room, bedroom, and dining room windows. 

All fabric custom window blinds & shades being offered by More Decors arrive in a wide scope of various materials, shadings, patterns, and weaves. You have alternatives for fabric thickness, which influences the darkness of your custom window blinds.

 You can settle on an exceptionally sheer material that tenderly softens the sunlight or picks an obscure power outage fabric that obstructs the sun’s beams completely.

03. Venetian and Vertical Blinds  

Venetian and vertical blinds are ideal for wide windows. These blinds are also perfectly suitable for sliding glass doors. Wide windows and sliding glass entryways or doors will, in general, look pleasant. Thus with vertical blinds that come in little supports/slats or wide boards or panels. Vertical custom window blinds can be intended to open from the left, the right or have a part/split draw. For extra wellbeing and ensuring safety measures and comfort, you can get the cordless wand control alternative. More Decors offers Venetian and vertical blinds in a couple of different styles. 

Venetian Blinds: More Decor’s Venetian blinds belong to the top-notch and most preferred customized blinds. For the kitchen and bathroom, aluminum and metal blinds are the most practical. These blinds splash-proof and don’t get warp with moisture. Furthermore, it’s easy to wipe them clean. 

Vertical blind-impaired choices incorporate vertical cellular shades, sheer vertical blinds. Also including vertical woven wood blinds, and sliding board tracks in the more significant part of the materials More Decors offers in their custom window blinds and shades.When there’s a specific material you’re keen on, contact More Decors to check whether it’s possible to get it as a vertical blind/shade.

04. Wood & Faux Wood Blinds

Wood & faux wood blinds are low-maintenance material blinds and perfect solutions for the bathroom and kitchen windows. Faux wood blinds are a sort of composite blinds that imitates the appearance of genuine or real wood. You can pick between various tones, colors, and wood grains, very much like you would with customary wood blinds. These are an extraordinary choice in the event that you need it. A characteristic wood look in your restroom, bathroom, or kitchen.

Restroom, bathroom, and kitchen windows can be interesting and somewhat tricky. To search and shop for with regards to picking the correct custom window blinds. Since these rooms will, in general, have high stickiness, particularly restrooms. You unquestionably need to pick window medicines that oppose dampness. 

Notwithstanding the vinyl blinds referenced before, More Decors offers three other low to no-support blinds ideal for restrooms, kitchens, and some other space of your home where low upkeep and dampness obstruction are unquestionable requirements.

05. Wood & Bamboo Blinds – Bamboo Shades 

Wood and Bamboo Blinds bring Natural Beauty to all window types in your home. Furthermore, if you’re searching for normally lovely custom window blinds and shades. You can’t turn out badly with wood and bamboo blinds. Wood and bamboo blinds look extraordinary on a wide range of windows. Thus including French entryways, sliding glass entryways, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. There are even answers for odd-molded windows. Get custom blinds Tulsa today.

More Decors offers wood blinds painted or finished, contingent upon the look you need to accomplish. Wood custom blinds can be intended for any window size and shape. Woven wood shades are made of different eco-accommodating materials, like rattan reeds, woods, grasses, and jute. These materials are woven together into various styles, such as board-track blinds or woven wood blinds. 

Bamboo shades are another eco-accommodating custom window blinds choice and are 100% naturally sourced also. Bamboo shades give a delicate look to the room by diffusing the daylight rolling in from the windows. More Decors offers a power outage liner if you need complete obscurity with the bamboo conceal. Bamboo shades effectively alter all window shapes, with control alternatives, for example, top-down/base-up activity.


So are you looking for beautiful custom window blinds for your home’s interior? Schedule a free in-home consultation with a More Décor’s professional style consultant. Take a step to embellish your home’s interiors to a mark!

If you have more queries to be addressed regarding custom windows and shades and their other window treatment options, reach More Decor by filling up the Contact Us Page.  You can also call or text us at 918-622-8899.

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