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Custom Shade Install – 5 Reasons You Should Opt for Custom Shade Installation 

No home is complete without a custom shade install windows and every window needs some dressing or treatment. 

When considering interior decor, the window treatment is a long-term investment. 

World over people are now opting for custom shades and blinds to give their homes a neat and tidy finish and a sleek outlook. 

Custom shades are durable and long-lasting. They provide aesthetic attractiveness along with higher protection and quality for your home windows.

Why are they called Custom Shades?

The shades that are created especially according to your window measurements and shape are called custom shades.  

You can opt for the color, design, material, and style of your own choice and liking. No need to depend on the shelved cut-down blinds and shades available in departmental stores. 

Just go for a good provider of high-quality custom shades and order a treatment made especially for your home windows. 

Custom Shade Installation – Is It Worth It?

Many homeowners get confused and nervous by the very thought of installing or fitting the custom shades on their windows themselves. 

In fact, most people believe that it requires a high level of professional skills to do the job right. 

In reality, installing custom shades is like any other DIY project. You have to do some research, gather some information, and buy the right tools. And Voila! You have the power called “custom shade install” in your hands. 

5 Reasons to Do a Custom Shade Install

If you are still skeptical on why you should do your own custom shade install then keep reading on to learn about some reasons why it is such a good idea. 

  1. Save Money

Money is a strong motivation to do many things in the world. Custom shade install on your home windows is one of them. 

You can save money that you will have to pay someone else to do the job for you. 

This is especially worthwhile if you have a tight budget. 

Why spend on a service that you can easily do yourself? It will only be a waste of hard-earned cash. 

It is better to spend your budget on high-quality customized shades rather than on their installation. 

Opt for DIY custom shade installation and save your money for something else. 

  1. Do it in Your Own Time

Another thing in life that is quite tight, apart from money, is time. 

With busy work schedules and hectic daily routines, we are unable to manage our home projects efficiently. 

Hiring help for custom shade install means you will have to dedicate an entire day in the house for the service provider.

The day and time will also be according to the schedule of the installation professional. You will be at the waiting end.

When you are doing it yourself, you have the flexibility to choose the best time according to your convenience and comfort. 

Pick an evening, morning, or afternoon, whichever you like, and forget about waiting for the professional help that might come very late. 

  1. Become a Pro in Custom Shades

Window covering and treatment is considered a professional’s job by most homeowners. 

However, when you are ordering, purchasing, and installing your own custom shades, you are learning about these treatments actively. 

Discussions with the custom shade manufacturer about the size, quality, material, and other details will provide you the insight needed to improve your knowledge on the topic. 

Measuring your own windows, making the mark for the brackets, and doing your own custom shade install can enhance your skills in the process. 

Those who are tenants and often move from one place to another, this is an added cost-saving skill that allows you to install your own window shades where ever and whenever you shift to another home.

You can also help others with this professional skill and do the custom shade install for them. 

  1. Do it the Way you Want

You may have a specific picture in mind, but sometimes it comes difficult to express what you want. 

Bringing in an expert for the job may feel easy and convenient, but it may deprive you of the satisfaction of solving your exact problem the way you want. 

Many homeowners also find it difficult to ask installers that they do not like the work he did or the way they installed the custom shades. Some installers may even ignore the regulatory codes and end up leaving risky and unsafe shades in your homes. 

It also affects the home’s resale value when making evaluations and inspections. 

This can be troublesome and worrisome for homeowners.

So, the best way is to do it yourself and avoid all these insecurities. 

  1. Get Encouraged and Motivated for More DIY Projects

A custom window installation makes a great difference in your overall home interior. 

Although it only takes a few hours of work and some thoughtful moves in the right direction, it is a huge accomplishment that gives you enhanced confidence in your abilities. 

It may be different from painting a room, but it will sure encourage you to try new things on your own. 

Final Thoughts

Custom window shades installation may sound a little intimidating for many, but in reality, it is much simpler than it sounds. 

One thing that makes this work so doable is that it doesn’t require any special tools and equipment. 

Even if you do not have your own basic handy tools, you can borrow them from a friend or neighbor. 

So, get ready to save your time and effort and install your own custom shades with convenience, satisfaction, and confidence. 

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