Custom Shade Install | 5 Things to Consider before Installation


Are you frightened at the thoughts of doing a custom shade install? Well, a good place to begin is banishing the idea that you can’t do it. We believe you can do this on your own! After being in this business for decades, we’ve seen how customers can be coached when it comes to installing custom shades. If those novices could do it then, you can do it too. This post will be telling you some reasons installing your custom shades makes a lot of sense. Everything you should know to help you get it right as a first-timer will be extensively touched on here as well. 

Save Money

This one was never going to come to you as a surprise. I’m pretty sure you saw this coming already. The main reason we join customers to install their window shades themselves is because it will help cut costs. Therefore, if you are working with a thin budget, there is no need inconveniencing yourself trying to pay for the service. Just go ahead and do it yourself and save the money instead. 

Customers usually spend good amount of money on labor regardless of whether their window blinds or shades are expensive. It usually cost a fortune to get professionals to fix the stuff for you. So we always suggest that you try to DIY and cut down the overall cost of the project. While this may sound like it will be difficult, it isn’t. On the contrary, you are going to enjoy every bit of it. Deposit that money back into your account and use it for something else. 

Do it at your own timing

We are all burdened with one responsibility or the other, which normally culminates in a busy schedule. You may be married or single or have kids or pets or maybe you are taking care of an aged relative. Whatever the case, you would find out that you are busy with one thing or the other. That’s why it will be difficult for you to sacrifice a whole day because you want to be around when the windows shades are being installed. That will be like a total waste on your path. 

Instead, you can run through your schedule and look for a less busy day when you can have it done yourself. Custom shades install normally last for a couple of hours. Just sacrifice that time for the said job and you would be smiling at the end of the day. The installation can be done at any time you choose. It mustn’t be in the morning, noon, or evening. Do it whenever you are free. 

Get to know more about your shades or blinds

If you allow a pro installer do the job for you, the chances are that you might want to get in touch with that professional every time your coverings develop any problems. I have a feeling you don’t want to walk down that route because you may have to pay through your nose every time you invite the pro to take a look. 

That’s why you should attempt the installation on your own. It helps you to learn more about your shades. You are likely to make mistakes in the installation process and learn from it as well. There is also a possibility of you going over a certain installation over and over before you finally get it. The more you come in contact with the tools and shades, the more you get used to them. That way, when anything is out of order, fixing it will not be an issue since you’re already used to them. The practice make perfect syndrome is the same thing that will help you here. 

Have it fixed the way you want

Sometimes, you are the only person that can do the job the way you want. Bringing in an expert won’t always solve the problem. No matter how many times you point them to a particular issue, they may not be able to do it exactly the way you want. As a customer, you are likely going to be at the receiving end because you may not find it easy to ask the expert installer to repeat the job to your taste. Of course, that may amount to extra spending. 

No one will do a better job than you. For instance, we’ve seen situations where installers just do a haphazard job for their customers without really following through on all the safety codes and regulations. The owner of the window will be one to suffer the consequences if anything goes wrong.

Easy Installation

The installation of window shades have a powerful effect on our homes because of how it can transform the whole place. This importance sometimes makes it look like it’s such a big deal. It isn’t. Installing your window shades will take you some hours at most. It is not as tasking as painting your room if you want to do a comparison. 

Every time you accomplish a DIY project in the home improvement niche, you gain more confidence. You will have that zeal to want to do more. That’s how it works. When you are done with yours, you can help your friends and families do theirs. 

Custom Shade Install

Between installing your custom window shades yourself and giving it to an installer to do for you, I’ll always advise you to go for the former. If you let an expert installer fix your window shades for you, you will need to pay for their services – good money for that matter. But when you do the installation yourself, you can save the money for something more important. We also highlighted that you are going to be more serious with the safety codes and regulations during the installation process than any expert installer. However, if for specific reasons you still don’t feel like taking the DIY approach for your custom shade install, you can always get a pro to help you do the job.

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