Custom Shades Tulsa | 4 Things you Need to Consider


Custom shades Tulsa can be hectic and overwhelming for any individual. You have to go through a lot of options available for window treatments. You look into shades, draperies, curtains, or blinds and select one of them. Then comes the dilemma of choosing a color scheme, fabric, pattern, and style which goes well with the rest of the décor. This is not an easy task. But bringing your vision of decor to life is worth it. You will enter your room or home and the sight of your desired scheme will bring merriment to your weary body and mind for many future years just because you spent considerable time and energy ( and of course money) to get this splendid and unique scheme.

There are a few things that you should keep in mind while going for customized window treatment. Let us explore those things which are essential to consider before deciding the way your window will appear. This guide is meant for those people who are considering customized window treatment for their home or just a single room. Let us dive in so that we could come out with an exquisite plan of renovation.

Safe for Children and Pets

While placing children and pets in the same category might appear objectionable to some noble people, they exhibit the same behavior in particular surroundings. Both children and pets have an inborn curiosity for their surroundings and things around them. Window treatment is no exception. This essential item will attract these little playful things. They might harm themselves or precious window treatment while having a fun time or just playing. “Hey you, this is not a toy”, you will say.  But those guys do not share your perception, trust me.

You stick to the golden adage of ‘safety first’ while choosing customized window treatments. Hanging cords or strings with window coverings usually do not do well in a house with babies or pets. This is where you consult a professional. Our professional team at with years of expertise puts safety first while installing window coverings. offers innovative lifting systems which cope with modern safety standards and add an exquisite look to your interior. Safety is the first thing to look for while going for customized window treatment and is the first choice for installing window coverings.


The budget might be one thing to consider unless you own a billion dollars company. Expenditures directly depend on the size of space you intend to renovate. Is it a single room? Or is it an entire house? It also might be a restaurant, company office, multi-building retail store. The budget will increase if your space is big and small space can be managed on a low budget. You also have to bear in mind that customized window treatment is expensive as compared to the ready-made window treatment. It is something which is prepared on order and is considered special. Customized size or selection of fabric affects the price of the particular item.

The good news for you is that offers the most economical prices in Tulsa Oklahoma. We not only offer unique designs and patterns in finest of the fabric but also low prices with much higher quality than our competitors. Just drop us a line and our professional team will visit your space and we will provide you an estimated budget for your space. Our economic prices are self-evident of being budget-friendly with no compromise to the quality.

Less Maintenance

Maintenance is a top priority for many people before buying anything. Why is window treatment an exception? You will have to consider maintenance carefully unless you want to be found with a mop or a broom every time someone visits you. You are not spending your money for an opportunity to clean the coverings. Elegant roman shades require timely cleanliness to sustain their elegance. If you are looking for something which requires less maintenance then roman shades are not made for you. 

Faux wood blinds and vertical blinds are super easy to clean and require low maintenance. Occasional cleaning for a few minutes will keep your faux wood blinds just like new ones. A pass of the vacuum cleaner or a round of quick dusting will do the trick of keeping window coverings fresh and new. Get custom shades Tulsa today.

Professionals understand better the different features of window shades and they can guide you better in this regard. The professional team at  believes in customer satisfaction and fulfilling your requirements is our top priority. We will guide you in the best professional manner keeping in view your interest and benefit so that you can reach a better decision regarding customized window treatment.

Personal Preference

Window coverings are not merely a decoration piece that stays on your wall. They perform a function also. They happen to control the light in the room. This is where your personal preference comes in. Do you prefer a warm and cozy room with sunlight coming through your covering? Or do you prefer complete black-out window coverings with complete privacy? Window coverings are available in opaque, transparent, and partially transparent material. You choose the fabric of your customized window treatment according to your personal preference and need. Get custom shades Tulsa today.

Custom Shades Tulsa

This article serves as a guide for customized window treatment like I said in the beginning. It is still better to get a physical guide from Yeah, that’s right. All you need is to let us know the vision of customized window treatment you have in your mind. We will change your abstract idea into a beautiful concrete form. We have customizable, unique, and exquisite designs for all types of window coverings. Email us at [email protected] Get custom shades Tulsa today.

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