Custom Vertical Blinds | 5 Ways to Customize your Order


Custom Vertical Blinds: What You Should Know

Vertical blinds are perfect for doors with sliding glass. Custom vertical blinds are among the window treatments that are very easy to clean. Vertical blinds have gained popularity over a decade due to several reasons, including the ability to provide perfect control of sunlight and privacy for your office or home.  Our custom vertical blinds are usually a practical, smart, and stylish choice of window treatment for large windows and glass doors in your home. They come in different colors, patterns, and textures in vinyl and fabric suitable for your home or office’s the interior decor. More Decor offers a wide variety of custom blinds and shades.  Our custom vertical blinds are reliable and provide an affordable and simple solution for all indoor spaces.

What are Custom Vertical Blinds?

Custom vertical blinds are designed with high-quality fabric. Vinyl, or faux wood to suitably fit all window sizes and spaces. Customer vertical window blinds are largely suitable for wide windows and other large or odd types of windows. Furthermore, this is because custom vertical blinds cover much space and are produced in various sizes. They are produced in various colors, styles, patterns, and textures to match the aesthetics of your home or office. More Decor offers a wide variety of custom blinds and shades. 

Custom vertical blinds (either wand-corded or cordless) enable you to reduce glare in all areas of an office or home where light glare is an issue, such as watching television or carrying out your daily office duties. More Decor offers a wide variety of custom blinds and shades.  Moreover, it provides total control over natural light that enters your office or home. You can select from different options of custom-made vertical blinds: vinyl, textured PVC, faux wood, or fabric blinds.


Custom vertical blinds are made of simple and durable materials such as pleated fabrics, faux wood, or vinyl. This guarantees its flexibility and usefulness in any interior decor in your homes and offices. The materials are fixed to a headrail. Thus operated through a track fastened to the pulpy system. The vertical blinds are moved towards the right or left when the cord or chain in the pulley system is pulled. 

The headrail mounted on a wall or ceiling is easily adjusted. Furthermore, to fit the distance between the surface of a windowpane. The wall that the window is built into, that is, the window reveals (or a window recess). Customers will modify the vanes. Thus, to various heights for slanting windows. The wide slats and vertical profile add height, as well as dimension to windows and rooms. These blinds are useful, particularly in large rooms whose beauty can be improved with added style.


Vertical blinds are not just regular window accessories that you can order online. They are the complete perfect window treatment solution. Thus designed to align with your interior and enrich your home or office’s interior. The quality of custom vertical blinds fits any space-luxurious home, high-line salon, studio, etc. They are simple and easy to use. Custom blinds are only not practical; these blinds are perfectly customized to give your home, office, or business. Give the environment fun, a stylish and versatile view, in addition to being a perfect solution for huge windows. Blinds are readily available in various patterns, sizes, shapes, colors, and textures for various users and applications.

Placement of blinds

Custom blinds are especially handy in large windows, patio doors, and irregular spaces. Blinds add great style and beauty to the following types of windows:

  • Conservatory windows
  • Bay windows
  • Patio and bifold doors
  • Office spaces
  • Humid and wet rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms

Benefits of custom blinds

  • Flexible light control and a Wide variety of fabricsCustom vertical blinds exist in different textures and trendy colors. More Decor offers a wide variety of custom blinds and shades. This makes it suitable for any interior decor. Thus to open or close the vertical blinds. This mechanism, combined with various opacity and tilted slats. Custom blinds help to vary the amount of light passing through the vertical blind. They add beauty to your interior and provide a complete view of the window when opened. Thus, allowing light to enter your room completely. When closed, these blinds provide privacy and completely prevent light from entering your room.
  • Customers will easily clean vertical blinds as they are durable. These blinds don’t require steaming, ironing, or a professional dry cleaner. Moreover, they can be cleaned using a soft cloth with detergent and mild water. With a brush attachment. Custom vertical blinds can also be vacuumed to them cleaned. The durability of custom vertical blinds makes them very suitable in areas with high traffic. More Decor offers a wide variety of custom blinds and shades. 
  • Absorption of Sound: Custom vertical blinds offer superior and excellent sound absorption for wider windows and doors with sliding glasses. Thus, this helps to improve the acoustics of a room while minimizing the noise from outside. More Decor offers a wide variety of custom blinds and shades.
  • Affordability: Relative to other types of window treatments, vertical blinds are the perfect alternative for covering patio doors or large windows on a friendly budget. Custom blinds are durable, classic, and will always keep their attractive look for a very long time. More Decor offers a wide variety of custom blinds and shades.


Irrespective of the type of blinds you choose, you will love and enjoy them. The ability to manage and control the amount of light entering your rooms with custom blinds. Vertical blinds are a genuine type of window treatment for all window sizes and doors. Especially for homes or offices with expansive windows displaying spectacular views. Thus, if you are considering changing your old regular vertical blinds, get custom vertical blinds. Furthermore, the perfect window treatment for replacing your old regular vertical blinds. More Decor offers a wide variety of custom blinds and shades.

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