Custom Window Shades | 10 Benefits of Customized Window Treatments



Are you looking for custom window shades? Why not get customized window shades? There are a variety of window shades in the market; however, we don’t know if they are a good fit for the window. The designs are not much impressive, and they are of different sizes, which might not fit our space.

Getting customized window shades is a perfect option for you! No doubt, it is definitely not easy to go through all the selection process, but it’s totally worth it. Whether it’s home or office, customized window shades look amazing.

Window shades must be both usable and artistic because windows are a notable pivotal spot in a house. We’ve arrived a long way since concealing windows behind simple blinds in the modern era. Instead, everybody prefers to decorate each room in unique aspects that are within their budget. Therefore, More Decor is the finest place to get window shades- the place to customize by yourself.

More Decor

More Decor Design, Inc. is a family-run infrastructure and interior styling company. It is owned by Laura Doran Hudson, an innovative businessman who provides extraordinary home and office decor services. While supplying eye-catching, top-notch design ideas, formed this Tulsa-based tiny company in 1998. More Decor is pleased to offer you reliability, artistry, and easiness that you will appreciate for many decades to come. Greatest of all, they provide their services and goods at a reasonable cost.

There are very few items in people’s lives that they want to customize. They want to transform their household or office into spectacular heaven. More Decor gives you this amazing chance at affordable prices. What else do you wish for?

Nowadays, people get confused about who to trust for decorating the interior. More Décor’s well-trained employees are well-known for their high-quality craftsmanship.

More Décor’s staff has relevant knowledge and experience of what customers want from us. We know what is in trend and would help you find your choice. In addition, More Décor’s will let you feel that you are in safe hands.

More Décor’s custom window shades

Along with our unique top-of-the-line item, more Decor offers a top-of-the-line facility. More Decor expertise in providing top-notch interior designs for you. We assure you get the best custom window shades.

Depending on your preferred appearance, we offer an estimate and help you in making a choice. Observe your perception come to life through a collaborative effort of our decades of experience.

  • Privacy 

Now you can easily handle both illumination and privacy at the same period. More decor custom window shades feature unique S-shaped vanes that glide among two sheer panels. It disperses brightness into your house brilliantly. Yet when it is slanted, it allows users not to see the view of the inside.

  • To Get A Better View

With More Decor custom window shades, Jenk, you can watch the view from your window for hours. Our custom shades provide UV protection with specialized front and back sheers, so you don’t need to worry about Uv damage.

  • Premium Design & Style

We have a huge variety of designs and styles. All premium designs would look fantastic in your living space. Then we let you choose the color and textile of the window shades.

  • More Decor for Darkening a Room

More Decor has custom shades that can darken your room a little. Also, you can choose dark colors for your window shades. That also adds a lot to darken the room.

  • UV Protection

We have lovely shades that gently filter out light output, glare, and Uv exposure. More Decor knows how important Uv protection is as our shades even block up to 88 percent of the sun’s damaging rays based on your chosen material.

  • Easy operation 

Window shades are easy to operate. It is ideal for opening and closing bigger shades without having to deal with hanging down the cords. Adults and children can easily use them.

Why choose More Décor custom window shades?

Designing our living space is one of the most interesting things to do. It isn’t easy to trust decor companies, but you can trust us as we are a team of professionals. We’ll help you choose everything from the start to the end. Whether it’s the color, size, design, or material, we always got your back. Everybody has a unique style, and we respect it. You only need to trust us, and we will help you choose the best for you.

Guidance from a design consultant.

Whenever it relates to choosing the right design, our design consultants are there for you. You can ask and let them know your taste. They will guide you the best! Furthermore, More decor specialist has decades of experience so they can give you the best pieces of advice. Their expertise ensures that you will get a good investment for many decades.

Custom measured for your window sizes

Your custom window coverings will be monitored to accommodate each of your windows flawlessly, including both size and shape, by a more decor styling advisor. More Decor can handle everything from a design aesthetic, color, fabric collection to measuring. We accurately measure the setup or place, and they have fit the exact dimensions of your windows.

Variety of design options

Do you want more variety of options? We have a lot of designs, colors, and patterns. You’ll likely have difficulty finding an excellent solution! But you don’t need to worry because More Decor has designer experts that can guide you anytime.


You have several options for where and how you receive your window shades, regardless of whether you purchase in-store or online. Hence, More Decor is the perfect choice for you. We believe in customer satisfaction and provide the best home decor services, including custom window shades. Custom shades are window coverings made specifically to accommodate any form, appearance, or size window in your household. No doubt, windows play a huge role in attracting people. Trust us, and you won’t regret it.

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