Knowing the appropriate custom window treatment to go for can be quite confusing for many homeowners. It becomes even worse when you lack the necessary experience with such solutions. And as if that is not enough, myths are flying around that could further complicate your decision in this regard. 

Are you seeking the perfect shutters, shades, or blinds? If yes, then you need to start by getting the right information about these items. Because if you aren’t a design expert, it’s easy for you to make the wrong choice of window treatment solution, and that could ruin everything about that corner of your house. Therefore, here are some explanations to debunk the myths making the rounds. 

Blinds maintenance is difficult

Window blinds have remained the perfect coverings when you seek insulation and privacy within a particular space. However, some people have managed to convince others that the maintenance of blinds is difficult. While it is true that they are one of the most delicate items, it doesn’t take much to get them cleaned. The appropriate cleaning method is just what you need. 

Dissimilar to other window treatment solutions that you can use a cloth to clean, blinds should be dusted and vacuumed monthly. 

The home becomes too dark with window treatments

The fundamental objectives of window treatments are privacy and light control while they ensure the windows they are upon is accentuated too. However, some window treatments don’t serve as a complete obstruction to light. Rather, they are designed with varying opacity levels. 

Blackout shades and other window treatment solutions that can darken a room are perfect for media rooms and bedrooms. Plus, you can open it in the daytime to allow light in. 

So, if you don’t want the room to be too dark, you can opt for sheer shades. They are designed to have light rays filtered via transparent panels, creating that elegant glow without compromising style. 

Operating window shades are difficult

Shades should be regarded as some of the most advanced window coverings and are ideal for making any room space look clutter-free. But, most, unfortunately, assume that the operation of these shades is difficult. In stark contrast, several motorized shade options can be lifted and lowered with just a single button click. 

In addition, the fact that they can be preset to close and open at specific times means you wouldn’t even need to use the remote control all the time. That why window shades are the best window treatment options for seniors and people who cannot move around. 

Avoiding window coverings for the sake of minimalist aesthetics 

It is popularly believed that a minimalist aesthetic can only be achieved without window coverings. This belief is quite untrue! You don’t have to hate window coverings altogether because of that lie. Instead, go for an option that suits your needs. 

A good example is moderately fancy roman shades and roller blinds. They are perfect for complementing the clean lines and natural light needed for minimalistic designs. When you talk of minimalist home decors, drapes may be an uncommon option. But the good part is that you only require little specifications to get their installation done. Choose weave pleats or neutral colors, stay away from patterns, and don’t use any tiebacks or holdbacks. 

Window coverings are bad for an outside view

Having a sunroom or sliding glass door helps you take advantage of the outside view. Therefore, some people quickly conclude that a window treatment will become an obstacle to their views. Is that true? Absolutely not! The truth is that when you put a covering in a sunroom, it offers light control and privacy. And if you are very keen on the view outside, all you should do is have the bottom and top adjusted accordingly. Other than that, you will keep enjoying your outside view with window coverings. 

All the window treatments are the same

When you want to decorate windows, you won’t find any one window treatment solution that can fit all scenarios. It doesn’t exist! Every room with its unique privacy, design, and lighting needs. So, if you are getting a window treatment solution, you need to consider specific factors. Some of those factors include;

  • How much light do you need in your bedroom? Blackout shades are the best for blocking out the light completely to enable you to have a peaceful sleep. 
  • Children’s rooms should be as safe as possible, making motorized or cordless window treatments the best option. 
  • Go for traditional window curtains if you want something simple and timeless. 

Oddly shaped window coverings are non-existent

Several dealers are now into delivering custom window treatment solutions that can be made to look exactly like your window. Hence, it doesn’t matter whether your window size is larger or smaller than the standard size; you can always get a window covering that will be perfect for them. 

The industry has evolved far beyond where window size or shape was a limitation. Now, you can get a window covering for your window, regardless of how shapeless the window might be. If you find the right dealers or company, this shouldn’t be an issue. 

Window coverings cost a fortune

This is another wrong piece of information that has deprived many people of patronizing befitting window treatments. It is wrong to think that all window coverings cost a fortune. The cost of window treatment solutions depends on various factors. Factors like window size, the material of the window covering, and functionality will determine how much a window treatment solution would cost. It is possible to get a window treatment option that is not as costly as you fear. 

So, you can embrace the most recent window treatment solutions, accentuating your living room with suitable blinds, shutters, shades, and curtains.  

Getting the appropriate window covering can be confusing for those who are not professionals. Thus, we can help you with a suitable custom window treatment when you reach out to us today.