Custom Window Treatments | 8 Benefits of having Window Treatments


Get the best custom window treatments Tulsa has today. The style of your house speaks volumes about you. Your personal touch can be seen in the paint and furniture you choose. Whether you display it or not, it speaks to you in some way. Your time is spent sorting through bathroom tiles and looking for granite counter-tops.

How often do you neglect your window treatments?

Shades, blinds, and curtains are usually an afterthought. When the sunbeams shine through, or your privacy is invaded, you usually don’t think about them. If you’re considering replacing your window treatments, custom window treatments are an excellent choice. You probably haven’t thought of most of them. We explore seven benefits of having custom window treatments in this article.

Benefits of Custom Window Treatments

In recent years, the popularity of Custom Window Treatment has sparked an interest in homeowners to make significant changes. In response, home décor businesses are booming, as people spend billions a year on furnishings.

When it comes to things like flooring and paint, window coverings often get overlooked. In the rare event they do get attention, it usually involves stock window blinds or curtains from a big box store.

As we point out in this article, there is a more cost-effective, better option for window treatments – custom window treatments. When you read the seven benefits below, you’ll think twice about how you cover your windows.

  1. Precise Window Measurements

In retail stores, the sizes of the window treatments they sell are limited. Because of this, sunshade coverings are ill-fitting and do not adequately control sunlight.

A professional measures your windows with custom window treatments, and they are constructed to measure. One of the main reasons people get custom window treatments is to help block the sun.

  1. Professional Treatment

You should hire a professional window treatment specialist for similar reasons to hiring an interior designer. Professionals will show you window coverings that go well with the aesthetic of your home.

Your questions about insulation or light will be answered by them. You can also get advice, suggestions, or educated on all the options available to you. Choosing window treatments from ready-mades is more limited than choosing from a variety of items.

  1. Higher Quality Workmanship

It’s a given that “you get what you pay for” when it comes to window treatments. Coverings that are ready-made and at an affordable price are exactly what their name implies.

It may cost more to have custom window treatments made, but you’re getting higher-quality artistry and materials. Store-bought blinds often break, which leads you to replace them. As the slats age, they lose their ability to block out UV rays. It is more durable and holds its effectiveness for longer with custom coverings. Consequently, you will not have to replace them every couple of years.

Your curtains and drapes will also have better linings with the help of a professional. Straight seams and stitching will prevent fraying, and the stitches will not be frayed.

  1. You Pick Fabric and Materials

The materials and colors for ready-made window treatments are limited, as well as the sizes. Plantation blinds, which are made of wood, do not come in as many colors or materials.

If they are not available the way you envision them, you may end up purchasing whatever is in stock. This could lead to damaged blinds/shutters.

If you like a particular fabric and pattern, you won’t find them in an extensive box home furnishings department. Creating drapes is either something you have to do yourself or someone else has to do it for you. Professional drapers custom-craft the drapes to fit the exact shape of your window using the fabric you choose.

  1. Custom Colors

Choosing window treatments that are custom made also involves picking out fabrics and colors. It is important to say that a professional will show you the options available if you like a particular brown or gray. In case you wish to dye your fabric yourself, you can do that, but it won’t have the same high-end finish as some firms do.

Custom Detail

Adding details to your window coverings is similar to adding fabric and colors. Perhaps you would like a custom trim for your drapes or special hardware for your blinds. A ready-made item can only be customized by altering it.

Some designers allow you to add details to your order after placing it. You should inquire if a professional allows you to add or change a demand after it has been placed.

  1. More Energy Efficiency

Through your windows, you lose about thirty percent of the energy that heats your home. When you have your air conditioner running, seventy-six percent of the light that comes through your windows is converted into heat.

Thus, you can reduce your home’s energy usage and keep it at a comfortable temperature by using window treatments. Depending on your window treatments, you will save a different amount.

Operable window treatments include window shades, blinds, drapes, curtains, and shutters. Controlling your home’s lighting allows you to regulate the amount of heat entering.

In most cases, roller shades and Roman shades fit inside your window frame. Roller bars at the top of your window raise and lower the blinds. Roman shades are made of fabric and stack for clean, even folds when raised or lowered.

Fabric Covering

A drapery or curtain is a fabric covering that reduces direct sunlight and heat. Drapes, on the other hand, should hang to the ground. Depending on the fabric and its color, how much light gets in or stays out.

Horizontal or vertical blinds better reduce sunlight in the summer than keeping the heat in during the winter months. This is due to the starts between the boards that don’t make them great paddings. You can governor the quantity of sun in the summer by regulating the blinds’ positioning.

Furthermore, ready-made blinds originate in standard sizes, which creates it difficult if you have odd sizes. This marks them even less energy capable.

But because tradition blinds fit better, they aid with energy effectiveness. This is particularly true if you’re thinking about reflective blinds or eco-friendly constituents.

Transform Your Home

Now that you know the welfares of having custom window treatments, you essential to find a company that maintenances about your dream for your home. Contact us today and let us aid make your dream home a realism.

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