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  • We Are Promise Keepers! We Deliver Customized Wallpaper Tulsa

    At More Décor, we’re a company that keeps our word with customized wallpaper Tulsa. We like to call it integrity. Others may call it being trustworthy. Someone else may say it’s, “honoring your customers.” (We don’t mind that definition either!). These are all great ways to define our customer service. Without being committed to our promises, it’s impossible to build solid relationships with our clients. And customer loyalty is at the top of our list and so is “making them smile.”
    In life, change happens. The season changes from fall to winter; dates change on the calendar from November to December, however, at More Décor, our word stays the same. A good relationship is built on trust, anytime that trust is broken then the relationship dissolves. We
    prefer to stay on good terms with our clients. So, we avoid words like “dissatisfied or disappointed.”
    That’s why we go the extra mile. It’s been said when someone invites you to walk a mile, be sure to go two miles. In other words, show them that you care. Putting in the extra work isn’t a big deal for us. Everyone has to do it, but it’s how we do it that matters. That’s why, we’re grateful when a client entrusts us with any project in their home or office. When we practice the golden rule, we’re building quality relationships.
    Another good word for this is security. Now, More Décor isn’t a security company. We don’t install alarm systems or finger scanning ID-systems for our customers (Although, we think it’s pretty cool!). When we say security, we mean a safe company to work with! You can trust us to deliver on our promises. Stick to our commitments, and to show up on-time. Imagine not having to skip an appointment because we finished on-time. Sounds refreshing? We bet it does!

    Your Budget Matters

    Our customer enjoys a sense of peace when it comes their budgets. Everyone’s budget is different. We’ve found everyone has a spending limit, and we never won’t to exceed that limit. Let’s us ask: do you have a small budget? No worries, we’ll find the best shades that fit within your budget. When you schedule a consultation, we’ll explore a variety of options to make sure you’re getting the best results!
    This we promise: remarkable designs from ceiling to floor. Yes, remarkable shades install you’ll love. And, of course, we’ll love them too! Our owner has been installing wall-coverings since she came across a scripture in the Bible that spoke about gifting people with ability to do design work. As a woman of faith, she knew God had equipped her to bring beauty to people homes and offices. And that’s what she set out to do!
    Rumors began to spread the More Décor was a really good company to work with. Time and time, people found just how true it was! We had small business call us, and then it grew to larger ones over the years. Now, we’re install wall-coverings and shades in high-end homes and big businesses. We enjoy the work we do!
  • Expect Excellence

    Sometimes, we like to stand back and look at our work and say, “Wow, that’s amazing!” In order for us to be proud of the work we do, we have to work with attitude of excellence. As we do, our customers are blown away by how incredible their new room looks.
    See, we’ve been doing this for over 25 years. When someone needs wall-covering or customized wallpaper Tulsa or surrounding cities, they have called More Décor. Our team gladly gives them a free consultation and schedule the next available date on our calendar to take of them. Time and time again, we’ve delivered on our promises. And, more importantly, we’ve kept our word.
    Integrity is defined as doing the right thing when no one is looking. If you ask someone else, they may give you a different definition, and that’s alright. At More Décor, we like to make sure we’re doing the right by our customers whether their eyes are on us or not. When we work with an attitude, “do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” our standards are. We mean,“way high!”.
    Having a strong moral compass has kept us afloat in the business. No matter how busy our schedules gets or how far we have to drive, we always make sure we keep a positive attitude. See, passion allows us to produce beautiful results. If we do our work out of obligation, then we produce “average” results. We prefer beautiful, and our customers do too! Sometimes, we have to make sacrifices, such as giving up precious time to make sure our customers are completely
    satisfied with our workmanship.
    Our goal: leave our customer’s with a smile. For over 20 years, we’ve done that time and time again. We enjoy making our customers’ day! Imagine installing a beautiful wall-covering for a customer and having them call you back to install their shades. When it comes to home décor, we take care of our clients. In fact, you can check out our google reviews. Our clients say we are thoroughly, kind and we’re skilled in our work.
    These are huge compliments! Of course, we can tell you all day how amazing we are, but it’s better when others can tell you. People who have worked with us. Moms and dads, who have allowed us into their homes to install customized wallpaper Tulsa. Business owners who have invited us into their offices. We’ve re-designed spaces from ceiling to floor.

    We’ll Climb High Or Low

    We enjoy getting up on the ladder. And we love transforming ceilings too! Over time, we have wall-papered many areas – closets included. Furthermore, we are passionate about what we do, and believe in doing things the right way! It’s been said to, “make today worth remembering tomorrow.” We enjoy doing this for our customers. When you have worked hard for your money, you desire to hire someone who is very outstanding and can install customized wallpaper Tulsa.
    When you choose to call More Décor, you’re calling a company with a great reputation. Rumor has it we’re good at honoring our word too! Discover what we can do for you today! We look forward to working with you on your next
    project—whether it is big or small!

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