Customized Window Treatments Bixby | 7 Things to Consider


While it is true that windows have a way of making a space look good or bad, but most people still take window treatments for granted. They don’t think it has any real importance on the overall outlook of a space. Anyone who thinks likewise cannot be further from the truth. You stand to gain so many things when you employ the right window treatments for that space of yours. And if you want to go that extra mile to make your space wear a distinct look that aligns with your personality, then you can opt for customized window treatments Bixby. So, what do you need to know about a window treatment solution of this nature?

A functional window covering?

This is the first thing you may want to consider when it comes to choosing the right window treatment. It is important to establish why you want a window shade in that space. Are you installing the window shades solely for protection against UV rays? Are you installing it because you need something to trap the heat inside the house when the weather is cool? You need to be 100% sure of why you need a window shade. If you have that sorted out, working out a customized window treatments Bixby will be an easy task. 

On the other hand, if you are trying to achieve a particular purpose with your window blinds and adopt a solution that does otherwise, it will be a complete waste of your time and money. You will not be happy using that window shades because it does not serve the purpose you bought it. 

A decorative window covering

Some people prefer to go for window treatment solutions that are purely decorative and nothing else. What you have in mind may be to use the window drapes to complement the existing beauty of that space. In such instances, the purpose of the window shades may not be of real significance to you. All you are after is just something that looks classy. 

If you are just after the decorative window covering, you need to take your time and assess the interior décor of that space. Think of the exact kind of piece that would add some glamour to space. Most times, as the owner of that space, you may not have the requisite knowledge to do the needful. Therefore, you can go with a professional who knows a thing or two about customized window treatments Bixby, and they should help. 

Purpose and décor 

Having treated these differences in the above sections, this section is to inform you that you can blend both solutions. You can have a customized window treatment that serves both functions. That means the window covering can be both for a specific purpose and also for decorative reasons. 

Again, the best window solution will depend on the amount of space available and the amount of natural light filtering into that space. If you prefer a dull-looking space due to the small amount of light, you know the solution to go for. But if you like the light entrance to be much, you need to focus on the appropriate window shades to command the perfect view. 

Manual or motorized window shades

Indeed, the use of motorized window shades in offices and residential settings has become more rampant over the years. So should you automatically assume that what you need is the motorized roller shades and not otherwise? Basing your choice on the current trend only may not be good enough. You need to ask yourself if that is what you need. 

The manual window shades may be more in tune with what you seek. It would help if you did your homework by asking yourself why you need the window shades and how they can serve you efficiently. However, if you do not have any specific reasons for sticking with manual window shades, go with the motorized forms.

Bottom-up or Top-down?

This may not sound like something that has any importance. But trust me, it does. How the shades open and close should be considered by you. The one you choose should depend on the window’s position and the purpose of that window. Either way, be sure you settle for the one that suits your purpose and style. 

Generic or personalized?

You might want a window treatment solution that is already existing or popular in the market, or you may prefer something uniquely tailored to your needs. Ordinarily, customized pieces cost more than their generic counterpart since they are manufactured on demand. 

Almost all window treatment companies offer customized window shades these days. That means you can get a customized window blind for much less because it has become rampant. 

If you fit the window shades into a commercial space where you might want it to reflect your brand, a personalized type might make more sense in that case. Otherwise, go with the less expensive types that are more common. 

More important than you think

If you have been reading through the article carefully, you would agree that window shades have a greater significance than we think. So, the idea of belittling them and concluding that they are not worth anything is wrong. They have a significant role to play concerning the beauty and functionality of that space. 

Investing in customized window treatments should not be something that will discourage you. Don’t be afraid to spend the money because you will enjoy the benefits tomorrow. 


Whether you will need classic curtains, flowing drapes, modern coverings, laidback shutters, or roman shades depends on some of the factors we have just highlighted in this post. Customized window treatments Bixby are a great way to add more beauty to that space and make it more efficient. Contact a professional and ask them to take a look at that space of yours. I’m sure they will be able to come up with some fantastic window treatment solutions for you. 

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