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If you need the best motorized shades Broken Arrow has, call us today! Motorized Blinds are considered rigid window coverings. Motorized window treatments are used in living rooms and bedrooms to match furniture or bedding – they’re typically floor-length, ceiling-to-floor, and made of heavy, lush fabric that has been pleated, pointed, gathered and / or layered shades are often used in less formal spaces, often short, lace or mesh panels.Controlling your blinds with a motor used to be an inelegant, loud and flawed solution. Thanks to advances in engines, control protocols, and form factor, this is no longer the case. 

How Much Motorized Window Shades Cost?

 The cost of motorized curtains and drapes in general takes our customers by surprise. Much of the cost is related to the motors and technologies required to integrate with a home automation system. However, there are some fairly simple ways to keep costs down. One of them is to reduce the number of blinds per window sill … It is unusual for the same window to have a sun curtain for the day, a blackout curtain for the night, and some sort of decorative Roman curtain to add a decorative element. This results in 3 different systems in one window, which can be expensive.

How Installation Of Motorized Shades Is Done?

Preparing a motorized blind installation includes some type of backing material so that you can place it on the window frame (with a plywood back or surface a) It is also important to watch out for obstacles that prevent curtains from working properly, such as a window frames,  B-Handles on casement windows. If you need the best motorized shades Broken Arrow has, call us today!

As far as the installation is concerned, we have taken it over into our standard installation with the further development of wireless technologies. Now we mostly only mount a socket for the size of the screen motor and have no other cables for control. It is controlled via a proprietary wireless network (either Somfy or Zigbee if it’s a Control4 job) which allows us to simplify the pre-installation process, the motors themselves vary depending on the technology and noise levels. Sure, the more expensive motors are hardly noticeable when opening and closing. 

Once installed, the easiest way to control motorized blinds is to use a wireless handheld remote that can operate and switch between 4 or 5 windows in the room. A step up would be to install a keyboard on the wall so that you have some presets and a fixed mounting location for the controls. If it’s a home automation system, we’d like to add the controls to each of the keyboards we want to manage. the lights or the touchscreen in the room. It also allows for advanced programming including timers and triggers.

Choosing Best Motorized Window Blinds `

Choosing your blinds is an important decision, and price is only part of the equation. When shopping, it should be noted that more expensive is not better in every situation. For example, you can assume that wooden blinds are better than synthetic wood because the former are more expensive than the latter. If you need the best motorized shades Broken Arrow has, call us today!

 However, real wood blinds are a poor choice for certain rooms in your home that tend to be more humid and more humid, such as the bathroom. B. Bathroom and basement. It is better to go for synthetic wooden blinds that are resistant to moisture and mold. Beyond the price, you also need to consider the color and appearance of the blinds, and how they fit the overall aesthetic of your home. The properties of the blinds are also very important: for example, parents may want to give priority to wireless blinds when they have young children in the house, as the cables can be a choking or strangulation hazard.

Blackout Curtains

Blackout curtains are other important considerations to keep in mind. If you want to have top-down and bottom-up roller blinds, it will also narrow your search considerably. After all, it’s not that you can walk back to the store and exchange them for another product like you would. To this end, we offer free samples of all of our blinds to customers who need help. This way you can see how blinds work in your home and make the right choices for both your budget and your design concept.

If you are on a budget, taking good care of your new blinds will extend their life, reduce repairs, and give you more time before you have to replace them again. You already know how to clean blinds. Read our guide to walk you through each type of blind. Our blog also has tons of other helpful tips, including ideas on how to overlay window treatments in case you need inspiration for new blinds while shopping! If you need the best motorized shades Broken Arrow has, call us today!


1. Motorized Blackout Shades

This model is of interest to anyone who needs a high-quality motorized blackout blind. It comes standard 38 inches wide by 72 inches long and features double-sided material that provides effective thermal insulation and blocks UV rays. One of the great things about it is that the motor is practically silent, which means you can raise or lower the blinds without making a lot of noise.

 The motor includes a rechargeable battery. Users can charge it via USB. This makes it flexible and convenient. Another thing we like about this article is that you can install up to 15 blinds and control them all independently. 

2. SUNFREE Motorized Roller Shades

The Sunfree motorized roller shade is designed for both inner and outer use. It is available in different sizes, which makes it suitable for many types of windows. It blocks the sunlight 100%. The engine is virtually silent and is powered by a rechargeable lithium battery that can be charged for up to three months. Since it includes a remote controlled feature, you don’t have to worry about buttons or cables.  If you need the best motorized shades Broken Arrow has, call us today!

3. Motorized Outdoor Blackout Roller Shades

Motorized Inner Roller Blinds is another option that might be worthwhile. This blinds is made of PVC coated polyester. It can block 90% of UV rays and reduce the internal heat in your room. Thus, potentially saving you money on cooling your home. Another benefit is that this is a very versatile option. You can mount it on the ceiling or window. It includes all of the brackets and screws required for installation. This model is the ideal choice for anyone looking for a reliable and attractive motorized high-end Venetian blind. If you need the best motorized shades Broken Arrow has, call us today!

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