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Get the best window treatments Tulsa has with More Decor Design. Whether you are remodeling an existing house or creating a new one, choosing window treatments is one of the most important factors. Automated window treatments are an excellent solution for your house if you want to improve your windows’ convenience and energy efficiency. In addition, you will be able to modify the covering of your windows with the touch of a button if you use motorized blinds from a firm that offers motorized shades.

Motorized Window Treatments 

For the utmost privacy and comfort, today’s window treatments may be mixed with technology. Almost every window covering, from curtains to blinds to shades, is available in a motorized form. The motors are small and hidden out of view, generally with a battery compartment that fits perfectly into the top rail or rod of the window treatment or a discrete socket to use your home’s energy.

Motorized window treatments, a breakthrough in home décor, enabling you to raise or lower your shades and blinds, as well as open and close their curtains, with the press of a button. They may be controlled by remote control or programmed using a smartphone or tablet. Newer versions also feature self-controlling capabilities and can move automatically according to the location of the sun or a pre-programmed schedule that you may set your liking. As a result, spend less time changing all of your windows and blinds and more time on other, more vital duties.

There are various advantages to using automatic motorized window treatments. 

  • Improved safety against home break-ins.

Because the window coverings move on their own, they create the appearance that someone is home even when you are not. This acts as a solid deterrent to break-ins and other forms of vandalism. Get the best window treatments Tulsa has with More Decor Design.

  • Visually cut the cord:

No intricate pull-cords to operate implies a sleeker overall look, and it can increase safety in certain homes with children or pets. Get the best window treatments Tulsa has with More Decor Design.

  • Passively conserve energy: 

Although motorized window treatments need a small amount of electricity to function, they may help you save even more money on your electricity costs and make your house more ecologically friendly. By automatically adjusting the amount of light entering your home, these window treatments help passive heating and cooling, allowing you to save money on electricity.

Here are some recommendations for selecting the proper motorized window treatments for your house to help you get started with your consultation for your automated blinds installation. Get the best window treatments Tulsa has with More Decor Design.

Analyze Your Current space

When selecting motorized window treatments for your house, it is critical to consider the rooms and windows that will be decorated. For example, if your windows are made in specific shapes or sizes, you may choose to go for automatic shades. Motorized blinds may be an excellent alternative for windows with decorative moldings.

Determine Your Functional Requirements

Motorized blinds may serve a variety of purposes in your house. For example, if privacy is vital to you, you may want to select motorized shades made of thick fabric. In addition, other motorized window treatments, such as automated blinds, can be employed to improve your home’s energy consumption and sun protection. Finally, you will be able to update the level of window coverage with motorized window treatments using your smartphone or another device.

Take a Look at Your Automated Technology

When searching for window treatments Tulsa for your house. You should also examine the technology utilized to control your blinds or shades. You could choose to select window treatments supervised by a switch or remote control, for instance. In addition, other window treatments can be incorporated into a home automation system. Thus, resulting in smooth integration of your window treatment technology.


With so many various window treatment colors, patterns, and materials to pick from, you may get color inspiration from your current furniture and décor. Get the best window treatments Tulsa has with More Decor Design.

You’ll want your window coverings to be in the same color family as the rest of your home’s décor, but you may have curtains that blend in and match décor or that stand out. Keep in mind, however, that contrast does not necessarily imply conflict. Consider solid colors for window coverings if space already has a lot of busy designs. When you choose curtains, choose a color that blends with the wall color but is a few shades darker.

Consider how much light comes in via your windows as well. Most window treatments will let some light in, and the light will reflect the color of the curtains. Thus, sending that color glow into the room. As a result, you’ll want to make sure that the colors of your window treatments complement the rest of the space.

The Privacy Concern

In choosing window treatments, the level of privacy is one of the most important factors to consider. While windows enable us to enjoy the vistas and natural light. They also allow neighbors and visitors to see into our houses. Consider the room’s function as well as how much privacy you require. Sheer curtains might be enough in some of the rooms. Others may choose opaque curtains that open and close entirely. Or, blinds and shades that restrict light and the vista from the outside.

Baths and bedrooms, more than living rooms, dining rooms, or kitchens, require greater privacy from window treatments. Combinations of transparent and opaque covers can also be utilized to customize light filtering and privacy issues throughout the day. Get the best window treatments Tulsa has with More Decor Design.

Window Treatments Tulsa

Our Window Treatments serve both home and office users. We provide free in-home consultations, skilled installation, and the best quality personalized window treatments. As a full-service window treatment design company. Throughout the entire procedure, we will be with you every step of the way. We also install motorized systems for curtains, shades, blinds, and other window treatments. Our skilled experts can also integrate them into your current innovative home system. Or connect them to your tablet or smartphone for further convenience.

Schedule a meeting with us now for full-service window treatment design and installation. Ready to get your home transformed?

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