If you were buying a window shade for the first time, the name ‘zebra shades’ could be the latest concept in windows treatment. Quite a few people think of the animal zebra before really imagining what exactly zebra shade is. However, like zebra, whose unique dazzling white-and-black stripes causes it to stand out as one of the most noticeable mammals, zebra shades are also a standout. So, if you are searching for a good quality window treatment that comes with luxury and a striking design concept, shades practically represents the window treatment your home needs to show off your unique taste.

Zebra shades (a type of window shade) provide control for sunlight, glare reduction and add some level of privacy to your home. It also comes with a distinctive and dazzling design style that adds color, pattern, and texture to your bedroom or living room without taking unnecessary window space and breaking the bank. These shades can be hung easily using several DIY techniques.

What are Zebra Shades?

Zebra shades (also known as dual, combo, alternative, or banded shades) are a modern form of window treatment designed to dazzle (a group of zebras can be called ‘a dazzle’, have you heard of this before?). The shades comprise two different shades of two distinct colors of a solid length of sheer fabric stripes unique in style of design and function. A zebra shade allows you to transition between sheer fabrics to solid stripes by simply pulling a cord connected to it. Zebra shades can be completely rolled up to allow full sunlight into a room. These shades have enjoyed much popularity in recent years as a result of their attractive and modern design.

The soft, dazzling, textured, and sheer fabric layers of zebra shades give them bold, clean lines. Just like the various patterns of stripes in zebras, zebra shades come in a variety of colors to match any home decor from casual to formal, simple to modern. Zebra shades are the exact complement to modern and simple interiors.

Zebra shades are more flexible and adjustable than roller shades, blackout shades, or roman shades. They can be mounted on any window in any room. The shades can be adjusted such that the 3″(three-inch) alternating zebra stripes. Sheer fabric are in array to provide insulation, privacy and allow incoming sunlight. Thus creating a feeling of privacy that is not devoid of complete natural lighting. They come in different light filtering and blackout options and styles. Thus that are perfect and fit for large rooms. Or even windows with lengthy ceilings and less space between doors.

Types of Materials

Zebra shades are a modern blend of reliable horizontal blinds. And roller shades that combines excellent light filtering with some level of privacy. These shades are made of flexible 100% polyester fabric. They consist of two sheets of alternating stripes of solid (or translucent) and sheer fabric linked with a roller. Zebra shades are easy to maintain and are durable, lightweight, and easy to lift-including larger shades.

When the zebra shade is opened, the fabric rotates such that the stripes or slats overlap one another as they move. This creates the light and dark stripes appearance noticed on zebras, and sunlight travels over the transparent parts of the shade, making us see the outside of our home. When the zebra shade is closed, the translucent stripes (non-transparent stripes) overlap and align with the sheer fabric, providing privacy and protection to your valuables and other furniture against harmful ultraviolet rays.

Zebra shades can be stylishly customized

Due to the flexibility of zebra shades, they can be customized to blackout, sheer, and anything in between. Customization of zebra shades offers:

• Convenience and Safety: Zebra shades can be motorized. This enables a zebra shade to be remotely controlled and operated. Without a cord from any part of the room, thus offering convenience. For households with small pets and children, cords can become a possible hazard. Cordless zebra shades completely remove this hazard, making the home safe for children and small pets.

• Opacity: The opacity of a window shade refers to the quantity of light that travels through a fabric. Sheer fabrics allow almost all the light into a room but offer the least privacy. However, blackout fabrics prevent nearly all the light from entering a room, offering the most privacy.

• Color and Size: Shades can be customized to any color of your choice. And larger sizes to fit most modern windows.

Zebra Shades offers light filtering and sheer privacy

A very important feature of these shades is their ability to provide various degrees of visibility, light filtering, and privacy. Most window shades and blinds only provide either light-filtering or privacy. This is not so with shades, as it offers both privacy and light control. Since zebra shades are mainly a combination of sheer fabric of various designs. Colors and zebra roller shade fabric. Thus, these shades will always control sunlight and minimize sun glare.

Do you want a clearer view of your home from inside? While lowering the shades, ensure all the fabric stripes align. Thus, to enable you to enjoy your outside view from inside. While adjusting the zebra shades to allow the right quantity of light.

For privacy, lower the shades completely using a cord or remote control. Moreover, all the fabric stripes (the zebra stripes and sheer fabric) are closer to each other. Thus, to create the solid shade that protects your privacy, as well as, keeping out light at night.


Zebra shades are very common in new or newly renovated homes. They provide elegance and style to any room, window (especially large windows), and patio doors. They are easy to maintain, durable, and custom-made to suit any window style in design and color. The flexibility of the fabric used in these shades which makes them move around easily when rolled. Thus, this makes shades more versatile than other window shades. Your home counts as your expo. So flaunt that unique taste you have. Enjoy the simplicity of horizontal blind combined with a roller to add texture and dimension to your windows.