Custom Blinds Bixby | 6 Common Types of Window Treatments



By using window treatments and custom blinds Bixby, you can maintain your workplace’s beauty, personality, and privacy. Home and offices are the places where most of our time is spent. A proper setup is required anywhere we are then why not the window treatments to enhance the attraction of your area with privacy maintenance?

If you are confused about the custom blinds Bixby and window treatments, give this article a complete read for your satisfaction and better decision!


#1. Wooden Blinds

If you don’t like the fabric but want some light filtering, then wooden blinds are the best option. It is made up of woven wood fibre that will enhance the formal feeling at the office. The shutters made with wood are used as wooden blinds.

#2. Roman Shades

Roman shades give a classic look to your workplace that never goes out of fashion and is useable for four seasons. It provides a soft fabric touch with a soothing scene while scrolling down. Roman shades are used in well-furnished and decorated homes to increase their beauty.

#3. Roller Shades

If you like the cloth window treatment but don’t want to bear the mess of daily folding the curtains, roller shades are designed for you, and you can roll them anytime to allow the sun rays to pass through the windows. Thus, it is made up of smooth fibers that can be easily rolled up and down.

#4. Cellular Shades

Cellular shades and pleated sheets are best for you if you are scowling at your office but want the filtering sunlight. Both are designed differently but are made up of pure polyester fibres. Pleated sheets are designed in a zigzag manner, while the cellular sheets are formed by the cross-linking of honeycomb.

#5. Pink Venetian Blinds

When you are working, coffee is not enough for your relaxation but requires charm at your office. Pink and blue Venetian blinds add an inky tone to the room and make it more attractive. Glass can also be used if you want to make it brighter.

#6. Curtains as Window Treatment

If you want maximum air and light concentration in your room, light linen curtains are the best option for you to make your place bright and airy with no suffocation. By using the curtains, you can see any scene out of the window by rolling them.


Overall, window treatments are the basic need that secures your place from any interruption with maintaining the beauty and enhancing the smooth look to maintain the privacy of your room. They are easy to clean, and after washing, you get the fresh new shades again.

If you are worried about it, then read the benefits to urge you!

#1. Maintenance of Privacy

Dark-coloured curtains are best to maintain privacy in the bedroom and of light tone in the living room. Shades, shutters, and blinds help you in workplaces and especially offices to maintain privacy and avoid your place from the rush outside and generate a comfortable environment at your location.

#2. Control the Light

All the rooms in your home demand different levels of light to pass, like the bedroom, needs dark colour curtains so that minimum light can pass to give you a better sleep. In the living room, sheer curtains will be good that penetrate maximum natural light to enlighten your room whole the day.

#3. The Flexibility of Color and Designs

You can get any tone in various designs. Thus, a minimum light tone to maximum dark colour, you can purchase. Select the design and colour scheme according to the setting and furniture of the room and your choice.

#4. Quality Satisfaction

Manufacturers allow you to tell your budget, and they generate the blinds or curtains for you according to your budget. All the shades and shutters are formed by-products with high quality to make them long-lasting even you can use them for years.

#5. Easy to Order

Purchasing the blinds and window treatments has become easier because you can order them online and get the parcel at your doorstep instead of going to the market for fatigue. Measure the height and width of your windows and place the order by the mentioned method on their official website and get it within a few working days.


No doubt, window treatments and custom blinds Bixby are mandatory for you, but their choice is crucial. You have to consider a few tips in mind while having any blinds or treatments of windows for your homes and offices.

If you are searching for tips, here they are given for your comfort!

#1. Light Control

Moreover make sure the intensity of light is allowed by the curtains or blinds you are going to choose. If you decide on the office, make sure the light intensity doesn’t disturb your staff because it is too bright or too dark, and both are uncomfortable for your eyes. If you are searching for blinds where projectors are used in your office, choose the dark one.

#2. View Control and Privacy

Privacy is a mandatory thing for everyone, no matter you is at home or office. For privacy maintenance, the window blinds are best that also control the views outside your place. Thus, it depends on your mood or needs that you the outdoor outlook or not. So, select the curtains or blinds that can give you flexibility in view control.

#3. Comfortable

Use the window treatments that give you a comfortable living in your room by managing the light, air, and temperature to maintain the internal environment of your room.

#4. Cost Efficiency with High Quality

The curtains you are going to choose should be affordable because your budget range matters first. Make sure the price by comparing it with the quality. Sound quality will stay for long without any instant damage.


Furthermore, using the right window treatment and suitable window blinds for your offices or homes add maximum comfort to your life. They increase the beauty and status of your place and give you a smooth look. Different sorts of them are available, and you must try them once for a better experience and make a sound conception about them. If you are searching for the best custom blind, custom blinds Bixby is best for you.

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