Wallpaper Install Tulsa | 4 Ways we Serve our Customers


With wallpaper install Tulsa, it’s the number of hours we each have in a day. Translate that into minutes and seconds, and you’ll get 1,440 and 86,400, respectively. Sounds like a lot of time, but at More Décor, we understand the value of time. Once time is spent, it can’t be given back. That’s why we make the most of every moment — we spend time wisely. With every customer, we begin with the five most important words: “How may we help you?”

And we love to hear customers’ answers! From transforming bathrooms, bedrooms, and living rooms areas into beautiful dazzling spaces to removing outdated wallpapers or coverings. Sometimes our customers need help deciding which colors work perfectly with their current designs. Other times, it is choosing the best shades styles for their home budget. 

Helping clients accomplish their goals means we’ve done our job. And we absolutely love what we do! For the past 25 years, we’ve served the Tulsa community and surrounding cities with excellence in design. We’ve transformed the most boring and unexciting spaces into remarkable areas. 

For example, parents love their newly designed bathrooms and children are enjoying their nicely decorated bedroom walls (one client sent us a video of their toddler hugging his new wall-covering). Our team smiled because we hit a home-run.

No matter the size of the project (big or small), we take care of everyone. Our customers’ love this type of customer service!  Here is what one customer said about our services on Google: “Laura with More Decor is a perfectionist, which makes working with her a delight. I have had Laura install both wallpaper and blinds and I did perfectly both. She always arrives on time, works quickly and efficiently, and ensures it clean everything up before leaving. I highly recommend Laura, she’s the best.” — Debbie K.

It’s treating others as we treat ourselves, and its going the extra mile (by the way, there are no traffic jams on that road!) brings us so much joy. We look at our customers as friends. We get to know theirs name (and even their pets too!). Then we pull up a chair and hear their dreams while we wallpaper install Tulsa.

Dreams come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes they are “I just need two shades installed because the sunlight is a bit too much.” Another is: “can you install shades throughout the city airport?” Every job is an adventure. And we approach each with a grateful heart. Because we have been doing this for a long time, it’s important for us to value every customer.

Humility goes a long way. Our customers’ matters to us. We mentioned earlier we want to make today worth remembering tomorrow and we do this with an attitude of kindness and gratitude. We give each of our customers a free consultation. It’s our way of say, “Thank you for calling us.” Thus, this helps them save money and see if we’re truly a good match for them. Thankfully, we rarely get someone who doesn’t want us on the job.

Moreover, our reputation precedes us. More Décor is known around town for delivering excellence in services. We’re known for taking on the toughest jobs too! Need wall-covering on your ceiling. We’ll get right on it. When most people will run away, we pull out our ladders and start climbing the mountain. You can expect the best from us, because we expect it of ourselves.

We invite you to make the most of your time by choosing to call a company that values it. Your time with More Décor will be well spent.

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