Eco-Friendly Wallpaper | 11 Benefits of Choosing Eco-Friendly


Eco-Friendly Wallpaper

There is a long debate between using paint and wallpapers, and considering the options we have today, wallpapers make a better choice. However, if you want to make even better decisions, you need to go with Eco-friendly wallpaper considering the benefits they bring over the regular wallpapers.

In terms of looks, you will not find any significant differences because of the top-notch quality of these wallpapers. However, Eco-friendly wallpapers have more benefits than any other substitute when it comes to benefits. So, here we will be discussing how these are beneficial for you.

11 benefits of installing Eco-friendly wallpaper

  1. Safer air inside your home and office

The first benefit of having Eco-friendly wallpaper in your place is that the air will be safer to breathe in. A common problem with wallpapers is that they come with dangerous chemicals and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). These chemicals get in the wallpapers from the printer that they are printed with.

These are not healthy for anyone, and they can get inside you through the air, so it is not safe to stay in a room with these in the air. With the Eco-friendly ones, such inks or toners are not used in printers, so the air is safe from day one of installing these wallpapers in your house.

  1. No need to worry about strong odors

The second benefit of getting the eco-friendly option when buying wallpapers is that there will be no strong odors. Usually, it’s the wallpaper material that causes the odor. In most cases, it is the vinyl material that causes the odor.

So, when you go for the eco-friendly option, you will not have to deal with such odors. Again, your place will be perfectly comfortable from the first day of applying these wallpapers.

  1. Good for your children

Children like to do all sorts of weird things. Some love drawing on the walls, while some fulfill their dust cravings by licking the wall. While you cannot stop your kids, you can get rid of the root of the cause. In the case of eco-friendly wallpaper, you do not have to worry as you can easily remove anything your kid draws on them.

These are also easier to deal with in the case of stains and hand marks. Similarly, they are safer because there is no paint or harmful chemicals on them that your kid can lick.

  1. Recyclability is a feature that makes them good for the environment

Did you know that eco-friendly wallpaper products are made with recycled paper? Not only this, but when you remove yours, it can be recycled again to make wallpaper for someone else. It is one of the biggest benefits of having these wallpapers in your place because you will be playing your part in bringing a responsible human being to this planet.

  1. You can reuse them, which means many savings.

Reusing is a concept that does not exist when discussing wall paints or regular wallpapers. However, when we talk about eco-friendly wallpaper, you can remove it carefully and reapply it somewhere else. It means that you can donate it somewhere or apply it somewhere else. In either case, it will bring several savings for you.

  1. Resistant to mildew or bacteria

Even though the wallpaper is eco-friendly, it will not allow any harmful substance to grow in your place. The thing about these wallpapers is that they are good against mildew and bacteria, so there will be no such issues or smell at your place.

The wallpapers will absorb moisture and then release it, which means it stays dry. So, there will be no moisture retention, resulting in better resistance against foul odors and similar issues.

  1. These last around 15 years easily.

Investing in eco-friendly wallpapers is a long-term investment. Paint usually lasts for one or two years or average usage. The regular wallpapers may last longer, giving you one or two years of extra time. However, the Eco-friendly wallpaper will last for around 15 years with ease. If you use them carefully, you will not need any replacement any time sooner, which is good for your budget.

  1. There are no restrictions on styling with eco-friendly wallpapers.

Do not worry about styling options because you will not be facing any issues here. Regardless of not using vinyl materials or harmful inks, the eco-friendly wallpaper comes with all the styling options that you will need. You get to choose from different color options as well as designs. On top of everything, you can get any customizations done according to your desire.

  1. Safe for the homes with pets

If you have pets at home, there will be no worries about using these wallpapers. Pets are usually very sensitive to change. So, if they are allergic to paint or regular wallpapers, it can be an issue for you to keep them at your home. There are no bad odors or VOCs in these wallpapers, and you can easily install them if you have pets.

Wiping off the marks pets leave on your walls will also be extremely easy for you if you have these wallpapers at your home.

  1. Budget-friendly option

Eco-friendly wallpapers are usually made by recycling paper which we already have in abundance. So, there is no raw material needed, and making these wallpapers does not need us to cut new trees. It makes it budget-friendly at so many levels. Whether you consider the longevity of 15 years or value for money, these are better for your budget.

  1. Generally beneficial for the planet

The waste of these wallpapers will not affect the planet adversely. It is good for recycling, and if it ends in a landfill, the planet can easily decompose, which is a great benefit for the planet.


Living or working in a place with bare walls is not that comfortable. So, everyone looks for a way to cover their bare walls. While paint has been the primary choice for years, now wallpapers make a better choice. Especially the Eco-friendly wallpapers are better than any other substitute one may use to cover their bare walls. So, if you are also looking to cover your walls and want to make a pious decision, then going for the Eco-friendly wallpaper is your best choice.

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