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Get the best exterior motorized shades Tulsa has today. Are you living in an area with high sunlight exposure? Though the sun is essential, excessive exposure to it can have regrettable effects. The sun can make your outdoor space inhabitable during the day and evening. 

Fortunately, you can limit the amount of sunlight getting to your space by installing exterior shades. This shade will not only protect you from direct sunlight will work for your furniture. To make your house more cozy and modernized, you can consider exterior motorized shades. With it, you can insulate your house with a touch of a button. 

However, the effectiveness of your shades depends on the person you contract to install them. At More Décor, we are your reliable contact when it comes to exterior motorized shades Tulsa. Our goal is to ensure your interior and external design décor meet your needs. Professionalism is our guiding principle in delivering customer-satisfactory services.

Why choose us 

We have a well-trained and experienced team

At More Décor, home decoration is our mantra. We have well-trained and experienced home designers. Our team has been in this field for over 21 years. For this reason, we will help you pick the right external motorized shades for your home. Also, they will install and customize the shades to match your home décor and comfort.

Provide estimates 

We understand that the installation of motorized shades requires proper planning. Sometimes, you need to know the cost to decide the right type of shades to consider. 

More Décor designers have you at their heart. We will provide you with estimates and assist you in making the right decision. Our designers will work with you to ensure you pick a shade that is in line with your desired look.

 Product delivery to your home

Finding the right external shade materials can be a complicated process. The case can be even hard when you are searching for motorized shades. But working with us is the best gift you can ever have.

We specialize and prioritize your peace of mind. You do not need to struggle to find the right shads for your house. As designers, we offer customized processes and bring products right to your home. Your work will be watching at the comfort of your house as we give your outdoor space a new face.  

Join our list of happy customers

If you are looking for professional and satisfying exterior motorized shades service, do not hesitate. Contact us today and become part of our satisfied customers.  

Wall Covering Services

Are you looking to personalize your house? No doubt, no perfect way to achieve it other than having wall coverings. These coverings transform your house and allow you to match any space with your style. Also, they brighten dark spaces such as the kitchen, bathroom, and foyer. Many people consider installing wall coverings by themselves.

However, it is recommendable to work with a professional for customized and appealing results. When looking for wall covering services, More Décor should be your first consideration. 

We are a home designing company that prioritize offering professional and satisfactory services to our customers. We engage well-trained designers in any assignment to ensure the results meet your expectations and desires. 


A qualified and well-trained team

At More Décor, we pride ourselves of having a qualified and well-trained team that takes up any project. Our team possesses the right wallcovering skills and experience. Also, we have the right tools and equipment for handling the task. 

Our team prioritizes proper preparation before undertaking any task. This ensures no damages or interference with your interior wall paints will occur. We then place the wallcovering according to your desired style. We never stop until you are comfortable with our result. Our designers also advise you on the best wallcovering type and style that rhymes with your interior design.

Excellent customer services 

Perfect results come when a customer partners with the service provider. At More Décor, this is our mantra. 

We pay attention to details and offer you an ear to understand your dream and vision. This aspect enables us to transform the dream into an eyecatching reality by giving you a wallcovering service that reflects your visualization. Our goal is to always make your space feel warm and homey by delivering your taste and style.

Professionalism and customer guarantee

Professionalism is our central value. We believe in offering professional services and delivering our promise to the customers. More Decor handles each step with precision and expertise from the removal, priming, and prep, to wrapping to ensure it meets your conditions. 

We guarantee professionally done wallcovering and always ready to stand behind our work. Our team will never stop until we achieve customer satisfaction and put a smile on their mouth. 

Exterior Motorized Shades Tulsa 

We are your reliable provider of wall covering service in Tusla, OK. Call us today for an estimate and free quotation. Our customer service team is ready to welcome you to our list of satisfied customers.  

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