Faux wood blinds Jenks | 7 Bonus Features of Faux Wood


What to know about Faux wood blinds before buying them

If you want a classy-looking window treatment for your place, then wooden blinds will be a great option. While many people love the looks, they are confused by the difference between faux wood blinds Jenks and real wood blinds. The faux wood blinds are considered to be a better alternative, but there are some negative aspects that you must consider as well.

So, here we will elaborate on everything you need to know about faux wood blinds before buying them.

Positive facts about Faux wood blinds

Today most people prefer going for faux wood blinds instead of going with the real wooden ones. Why? It is because of the long list of benefits these blinds bring over the real ones. So, below are the details about some of the benefits and positive facts about these faux wood ones.

  1. More customization options than real wood

Selecting the Faux wood blinds Jenks over the real wood ones allows you to go for more customization options. When you select real wood ones, you have to go with the same pattern, and there is not a lot of color range to select from. On the other hand, the faux wood ones allow for higher customization options in the following fields:

  • Pattern
  • Color
  • Size and shape
  1. Higher durability than most other blinds

The faux wood blinds offer higher durability than other blinds, especially the wooden ones. For instance, real wood blinds are prone to breaking as they are extremely delicate. On the other hand, the faux wood ones are made with a PVC composite which is much sturdier and flexible, offering higher durability by all means. So, you can expect your blinds to bear more wear and tear than other blind types.

  1. A cheaper option that goes with the budget

One of the biggest deal makers for people is the price of these blinds. These blinds are much cheaper than the real wooden ones, so they easily fall under the budget for everyone. Wood is much more expensive because it must undergo a complex preparation process before the final product is ready. On the other hand, the material and process are cheaper for faux wood, making it easily accessible.

  1. Keep the heat out

If one of your primary requirements from the window treatment is to keep the heat out, then faux wood blinds Jenks make a great choice. These blinds keep your home cool in the hot months as they will act as an insulator for light and heat. Thus, you can enjoy much less energy bills during summer days as you will not be using air conditioning to its fullest.

  1. Get the perfect fit every time.

Perfection is another major plus point when you go for the faux wooden blinds. These blinds are custom ordered, meaning you do not have to adjust anything. All you need to do is provide your required measurements, and the blinds will be made perfectly according to your required size. Additionally, the color and all other characteristics will meet your requirements perfectly.

  1. Great for places with a damp environment

You cannot install the real wood blinds in places with a damp environment because they won’t last very long. Water and wood do not make good friends, and when you install those blinds on top of the kitchen sink or in the bathroom, the wood will not last very long. That’s not the case with faux wood, as it has no issues with moisture whatsoever. You can wash these, and there will still be no issues.

  1. A good option for tighter and complex places

If you are looking for a window treatment for complex and challenging places, try faux wood blinds. These are easy to install, and for the places where the structure is unusual, like the bay window, the faux wood blinds will still make a good choice.

  1. Easy and quick cleaning

Cleaning is not an issue with faux wood because it will not react with water or any cleaning agent. So, depending on your choice and the cleaning needs, you can use different cleaning agents to keep your blinds sparkling clean.

Negative facts about Faux wood blinds

While there are a lot of positive things about faux wood blinds, there are a few of those negative ones as well that you must consider. So, elaborated below are a few negative facts about the faux wood blinds Jenks.

  1. The looks are sometimes not the most attractive.

If the looks of wooden blinds are something that attracts you the most, then you need to rethink. It is because the faux wood will not offer you the same class. So, you can either get these selectively installed in different places in your home. Otherwise, you must go for the original ones if you cannot compromise on looks.

  1. Repairing is not a choice.

Different blinds and shades come with repairability features. It means that when their color fades, and they do not look the same, you can use different techniques to make them look as good as new. Like the real wood blinds can be restrained, the faux ones cannot be, and once damaged, these need replacement.

  1. These blinds can wrap if placed incorrectly.

The faux wood blinds offer great durability, but if you place them incorrectly, they can soften up. The high heat from direct exposure to sunlight can make these blinds pliable, and they can wrap up over time. It is something that rarely happens with the real wood ones and the metallic ones. The worst part is that once these wrap up, there is no way to get them back to their real shape.


Considering the positive aspects only will never let you decide fairly. That’s why we were discussing the negative and positive facts about the faux wood blinds Jenks. Now that you know all the areas where they make a good choice and where they do not make a good choice, the selection process will be much simple for you. Thus, you will not only be deciding considering a few specific things.

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