Wallpaper Installer Tulsa | 5 Reasons to Hire an Installer


Wallpaper Installer Tulsa

Wallpaper installer Tulsa is the new trend to cover the walls. It is a more reliable option as compared to painting the walls. The lifespan of wallpaper is longer than paints. Plus, they give an aesthetic finishing to your place. You might have to paint the whole place after every few months or years, but this won’t be the case with wallpaper. 

It is wise to select installing wallpapers instead of painting the walls. Therefore, you should go for the Wallpaper installer Tulsa option. 

Here is a step-to-step guide for installing a new wallpaper:

Paint the wall before installing wallpaper

You must prepare the wall before you install the wallpaper. Without preparing the wall, the wallpaper won’t sustain for long. Therefore, preparing the wall is important. 

It is one of the most crucial procedures. Ensure that the wall is free of any hole or crack and the wall is flat. If there are any crevices or visible bumps on the wall, you must clear them first. You can hire an expert if you don’t know how to clear the faults from the walls. 

  • Once you clear the bumps or fill the cracks, you need to paint the whole wall. The paint you will apply must be according to the shade of the wallpaper. 
  • If you apply light shade wallpapers, use a light shade or neutral one to color the wall. After painting the wall, you need to let it dry. 

Once the paint dries completely, apply an oil-based primer with paint. Before painting the walls, ensure that you have covered the floor with plastic or old newspapers, so it doesn’t get dirty. The paint won’t come out of the floor easily, so it would be wise that you cover the floor.

Before you start applying the wallpaper, wait for 2 hours so the paint and primer will get dry. It is necessary to follow because it helps keep the wallpaper last long. 

Measurement of walls and wallpaper

If you want to apply wallpaper like a pro, you need to focus on this point. First, you need to imagine the finishing look of your wall. If you know how you would like to have your wall, once you apply the wallpaper, it becomes easier for you to install it. 

  • If you apply patterned wallpaper, then you need to line the wallpaper and watch where the seams would fall. 
  • Now you need to roll out the wallpaper on the top of the clean surface and mark the wallpapers and points on the wall where you will apply the wallpaper pattern. 

For a clean application, it would be best that you add 4-6 inches to the actual measurements for an ideal and clean application. 

Time to cut wallpaper

Now you might be wondering how you can cut the wallpaper according to the size of your walls and how you would like to apply the patterns. While the primer is drying off, you can start getting creative with the cutting procedure. 

For the marks you have made on the wallpaper, make sure that you cut the wallpaper straight in line. Cut the wallpaper in multiple pieces before you jump onto the Wallpaper installer Tulsa step. 

Make sure you don’t make any mistakes while cutting the wallpaper because if any human error occurs, you might have to get a new wallpaper. 

Apply wallpaper glue

There are two types of wallpapers that you can consider. Yes, one is pre-pasted wallpaper, and the other one is unpasted. Pre-pasted wallpapers already have glue, so you can install them on the wall without adding extra glue.

The other wallpaper is un-pasted glue. You need to apply a fine layer of wallpaper waste on the wall. Once you apply the glue, don’t take much longer before you start installing the wallpaper. Therefore, you will have to be very quick and expert if you consider un-pasted wallpaper.

Peel and stick wallpapers are getting more popular among homeowners because they are easy to apply. You’ll have to prepare the wall for the wallpaper, and then you can apply it right away. They don’t require any adhesive so installing this wallpaper is easier and more convenient.

If you consider the first option, you prepare the wall and apply a fine layer of wallpaper paste, and you will have to be very careful while installing the wallpaper. 

Start applying wallpaper

Now it is time to start applying wallpaper on the wall. Be sharp and careful while applying wallpaper around the sockets and switches. Wait for 2-3 minutes before you start installing the wallpaper after applying the adhesive. Start applying the wallpaper from the corner for a smooth finish. 

After applying the wallpaper on the whole wall, you can cut it around the sockets and switches. 

Trim excess wallpaper

Once you have applied the wallpaper on the walls, it is time to trim the excess wallpaper before being very careful while trimming the wallpaper because if you cut the wallpaper a little deep, it will ruin the outcome. 

If you are a beginner and have applied the wallpaper, use a cuter or a snap blade and start cutting the excess wallpaper from the bottom. It will make your place look flawless, but be careful while using the blade on the wallpaper. It would be best to use simple wallpaper patterns to avoid confusion while applying and cutting the excess wallpaper.

You will also have to trim the excess wallpaper from the side of the walls. It would help if you were very specific with your hand movements to trim the wallpaper. 


So, we have mentioned the facts about Wallpaper installer Tulsa instead of painting the walls. Therefore, you should consider this option. It is a more durable and reliable option. Painting won’t last long, but wallpapers will doubtlessly last long. Whether you want to install the wallpaper yourself or get professionals, pay attention to all the steps mentioned above. 

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