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Contact More Decor for the faux wood blinds Tulsa has. Are you bored with curtains and want some change in the form of faux wood blinds?

So, you have made your mind to get wood blinds for your home. But you are confused with some factors of faux wood blinds like quality. If so, go through this pretty comprehensive article that will eliminate your confusion utterly.

Wood blinds are of many sizes and colors, but what will be perfect for you? You will get the most satisfying answer to this question if you read this article thoroughly.

Difference between Faux Wood Blinds and Wood Blinds

If we talk about simple wood blinds, then this is a set of broad wooden strips. These strips are called slats and work as curtains. They work with the help of a cord pulley system by which they are attached. Most people use them instead of curtains to show off the world their modernity.

While on the other hand, faux wood blinds also do the same job. But these are not made of wood. These are artificial. This is the main difference between them.

Both blinds have some advantages and disadvantages. So, how will you decide to buy one of them for your home? I have a solution for that too. Let me show you which one is better for you. Contact More Decor for the faux wood blinds Tulsa has.

Faux VS Real Wood Blinds – Which one is Better for You?

Here I will share some pros and cons of faux wood blinds and the pros and cons of the real ones. So, you can choose which one is perfect for you. The real one of the artificial one:


Long-lasting and Moisture Resistant – Pro

If the real wood is wet or moisturized, it will become soggy and start doing badly. But the artificial one will not get affected by water or any moisture.

The real reason behind this behavior of faux wood blinds is “Plastic” because faux wood blinds are made of 100 percent PVC plastic.

Its durability is also priceless because it will not get cracked, and your children can not harm them. So, faux wood will remain the same for as much time as you want.

Richness – Con

Faux wood blinds are not made of real wood and are made of plastic. So, they do not have the same grace and richness that real wooden blinds normally have. Moreover, plastic is not that graceful material, whereas wood is an elegant and stylish material. Contact More Decor for the faux wood blinds Tulsa has.


Insulation – Pro

Wood is naturally an insulator. So, it will protect you from the weather conditions on the outside. Whether it is storming outside or it is a pure sunny day. You can prevent any kind of weather from its arrival at your home. Wood will also block UV rays coming from the Sun and the Sun’s heat that can harm you. At the same time, faux blinds cannot even block the cold wind or Sun rays.

Humidity Hurts – Con

Suppose you are living in a region where the humidity level is above average. In that case, I do not recommend you to buy real wood blinds. Because even slight moisture can ruin the wood, so don’t use real wood blinds in even moisture areas or rooms of your home like the bathroom, laundry room and kitchen.

So, we have presented you with one-one pron and con of both real and artificial blinds. So, you can decide which one is ideal and perfect for you. I can’t say that this one is better for you because every person has his requirements. If you live in a humid area, you can’t use the real wood blinds; otherwise, you can. Contact More Decor for the faux wood blinds Tulsa has.


When we are going to buy something we always look after some things. If these things are according to our thoughts, then we will buy that particular thing. Like when we buy a car firstly, we look after our budget and then some other things like mileage. So, these are some things that you should look at when buying faux wood blinds:


As always, budget is the most important thing that we all have to look at before buying anything. If your budget allows you to buy expensive blinds, you can g for it; otherwise, you have to stick with the cheaper one. Looking budget before buying faux wood blind will lessen and ease your work. Because after knowing your budget, you will look at those blinds that are under your belt.


If you are saying, why will I look at the safety concerns? Then I am telling you that you have to look after the safety of your family and especially your kids. If you have kids, then you should not buy those blinds that are connected with strings and wires because you will be happy if you are safe.


Now, it is the time to choose the right style for yourself after those more important things. You have to choose those blinds that match your taste, your windows and sometimes your furniture too. Contact More Decor for the faux wood blinds Tulsa has.

So which one do you like, cord blinds or cordless blinds, stylish and dramatic ones or the simple white ones?


It is not only the work of beauty for a few days. Because without being cleaned, faux wood blinds will become rough and will not remain as graceful as before. The cleaning process of blinds does not require any professionalism, especially when blinds are faux wooded. Because faux wood blinds will be harmed with moisture or even deep clean, so, you can easily clean them with a dry or wet duster. So, choose those faux wood blinds that are not difficult to clean.

Faux Wood Blinds Tulsa

Faux wood blinds will help you to maintain your privacy as well as weather issues. So, now you know as much about faux wood blinds as you should, from the difference between faux wood blinds and real wood blinds to those things that matter when you buy faux wood blinds.

So, when you buy new faux wood blinds, do not forget what exactly faux wood blinds are and what you want from them. And never forget their advantages and disadvantages.

Don’t forget to tell us whether you prefer faux wood blinds or real wood blinds!

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