Graber Shade Installation | 5 Reasons to go with Graber


Graber Shade Installation

The trend of installing shades, or you can call them blinds as well, is getting popular as compared to used curtains. Nowadays, people prefer to get shades for their smart windows. You don’t have to cover your windows with curtains all the time because you only get two options whether to open the curtains or close them. There is no in-between.
Window blinds will be different because you can open them, close them, or let them be at a specific point to get the right amount of light from outside.

So, there are a variety of reasons why Graber shade installation are best for a smart window. Now you will get plenty of options from which you can choose the best shade for your smart windows.

Types of shades for a smart window

Sometimes you need clarification on which type of shades would work for your smart windows because of all the variety available in the market. Here are the 5 best types of shades that you can consider for Graber shade installation:

Motorized blinds

For your smart window, you can consider motorized blinds. If you think you won’t be able to open and close the blinds every day because you need clarification or the windows are at a certain height, go for motorized blinds.
You have to press a button, and the blinds will open and repeat the same procedure whenever you want to close them. There will be no cords through which you will have to open and close the blinds. Plus, you can set the blinds at a certain point if it has a motorized mechanism.

Bluetooth or WiFi control shades

Another updated feature of the latest blinds that are an excellent option for your smart window is Bluetooth shades. Yes, now you can connect the shades of your smart window with WiFi, so you don’t have to press any motorized button. With one tap, you can open the shades and close them.

You can set their height at a point to get perfect light inside your space. It is one of the latest and trendiest options for smart windows and homes. Customers prefer to have techs for their space so they don’t have to see the cords of the shades. More decor is ready to help you with Graber shade installation.

Roller shades

Do you want something simple but attractive for your smart window? Roller shades are a considerable option if you are not into tech and looking for a decent and simplistic finish. Roller shades consist of a roller mechanism and will get rolled at the top of the installation point.

You will have to open and close the roller shades manually. Such shades come with vinyl or cloth at the top and bottom. You can choose a decorative roller top to give your space a decent finish. Drop the roller shades if you want complete privacy, or let them be in the middle. It depends on your choice. Our experts are providing the best Graber shade installation services at affordable rates.

Cellular shades

There is another name for cellular shade, and that is honeycomb shades. It has quite a complex construction because it has geometric folds. You will have two options in cellular shades. Either choose single-cell or double-cell shades.
You might need clarification about the difference between single-cellular and double-cellular shades. If you want a complete blackout atmosphere and no light enters your space, consider a double cellular shade with a double layer. Otherwise, you can get single-layer cellular shades.

Pleated shades

The most promising option for your smart window is pleated shades to give your space an elegant touch. You will have better light control because of the pleated pattern of the Graber shade installation. Well, they are less energy efficient than other shades, but you get to choose the color and fabric that would go with the decor of your space.

They block out light greatly but not heat during summer. Now you have to decide if you want some decent option for your smart window, so doubtlessly, pleated shades are the best option.

Select the best shades for your smart windows carefully.

You know the types of shades, and all of them is a considerable option for your smart window. There are a few other factors on which the selection of shades depends. Let’s talk about those factors so they will help you to make the right decision.

Window’s location

The most critical factor to which you need to pay your full attention would be the window’s location. If we are talking about the bedroom’s smart window, you can get blinds that offer 100% blackout and privacy features. Otherwise, if we talk about your living room smart window and it is quite large, then get motorized blinds in lighter shades.
For the types of blinds you are getting, you need to keep the window’s location in your mind first. Otherwise, you might get the wrong blinds, which won’t add worth to your smart window.

The interior decor of your space

Don’t get any ordinary blinds for your space, especially if the decor of your space is aesthetic and classy. Standard blinds will kill the vibe of your place. It would help if you also chose elegant blinds for your smart windows and refined interior. We have talked about the types of blinds that you can consider for your smart windows.
You will also have the option to choose the blinds’ style, fabric, and patterns. So, the type of blinds you are considering for your smart window must add class and attractiveness to the overall decor of your place. Make the decision carefully.

More Decor 

We have discussed the best shades that would be a perfect option for your smart window. Plus, how you can choose the best shade for your smart windows, we have talked about a few tips to help you make the decision. Now you have to pay attention to all the details and choose the best option to give your smart window a perfect finish. We are offering top-notch Graber shade installation expertise to help you in the process.

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