Graber Shades | The top 3 kinds of Graber Shades for 2021


Graber shades combine form and function to create superior benefits and diverse solutions for every home. Choose from a wide variety of styles that provide precise light control, ease of use, and protection from excessive heat, glare, and UV rays, and all come in a variety of colors and materials. 

 Use the Graber Visualizer to try out new solar and roll materials and find the perfect design for your room. Upload your photo and view each treatment option in your precise window or choose a sample room scene. Either way, you can preview Graber window treatments to find the designer look that reflects your style. 

Benefits Of Graber Shades

 Graber shades offer numerous benefits and a wide variety of solutions to ensure you are creating the right aesthetic for your St. Louis, Missouri home. Decide on factors such as lighting control, operating systems as well as heat and glare protection. Variations of Graber hues are offered in a variety of colors and materials. Learn more about Graber roller blinds and window covering solutions for St. Louis, Missouri. 

Moreover, they are designed for the discerning homeowner and made from luxurious, energy-efficient fabrics, Graber cell roller blinds fold into honeycomb cells to create an attractive barrier that prevents heat transfer. Thus, they are available in various designs and reduce heat transfer by up to 22 percent in winter and 60 percent in summer. Moreover, this is especially important because, according to the US Department of Energy, heating and cooling make up 48 percent of energy use in a typical US home. Moreover making them the largest energy use for most households. 

 Variety Of Graber Shades

 Furthermore, Graber’s collection of custom cellular screens is available in four cell sizes and offers a range of blackout options that enable precise lighting control and privacy management. These include: 

 Sheer – Brings in the most natural light; Thus it is good for rooms in which light control and privacy are not an issue 

 semi-sheer – Scatters the light gently and offers moderate privacy 

 Light filtering – Significantly dimmed the light and increases privacy 

 Blackout – Provides maximum light control and absolute privacy 

Top 3 Graber Blinds

Graber Insignia 1″ No. 6 Aluminum Mini Blinds 

Moreover, Graber Insignia No. 6 aluminum curtains, also known as mini blinds, are perfect for use at home or in the office. Thus, with different sizes of blinds, you can personalize your windows with unlimited color options. Moreover, aluminum shutters are light, durable, easy to clean, and dustproof. Thus, Insignia aluminum shutters are a high-quality product at an affordable price. 


Free shipping 

 Easy to clean 



Minimum width: 6 inches

 Maximum width: 192′

 Minimum height: 6 inches 

 Maximum height: 126 inches 

 Minimum required internal installation depth: 

inches deep 1 5/ 16” Dark cabinet

 Top rail size: 1” X 1” steel grid

Graber Classics 1″ Aluminum Mini Blinds 6-Gauge Specialty Colors

Furthermore, Graber Classics aluminum shutters, also known as mini shutters, are a great choice for a variety of uses in the home or office. With different sizes of blinds, you can personalize your windows with unlimited color choices. Aluminum shutters are light, durable, easy to clean, and dustproof. 


 6 colors available 

 lifetime warranty 

 free shipping 

 easy to clean 

 heavy duty 


Minimum depth requirements for indoor installation: 1 3/4″

 Minimum depth for outdoor installation: 1/2″ 

 Depth of top rail and bracket: 1 5/8″ 

 Height of top rail: 1 1/2″

Graber Foundations 2 Inch Cordless Faux Wood Blinds

In contrast, Graber Foundations is our new and simplified collection of custom synthetic wood blinds. This elegant and easy-to-use cordless roller blind is unique and sophisticated. The battery spring motor adopts a double-coil structure to ensure smooth operation during the entire lifting process. cycle. It still controls the opening and closing of the flip. 


Unique ultra-light battery lift, the safest choice for families with children and pets 

 Exquisite five-color palette (two solid colors and three prints) 

 Durable low-profile steel tires, two feet The outline of the stool can be returned at any time for an additional charge. 

 Color ergonomic floor rail 


Minimum width: 16″ 

 Maximum width: 72″ 

 Minimum height: 24″ 

 Maximum height: 72″ deduct 1/2″ Applicable All flush shutters

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