Grasscloth Wall-Covering | 7 Things to Consider


Seven facts to know about grasscloth wall-covering before installation

Grasscloth wall-covering is made of natural fiber like seagrass, bamboo, arrowroot, and jute. They look quite amazing on your walls, but can you want them? Before making any decision, it would be wise to learn the basic facts about the grasscloth wall-covering so that you won’t regret it later.
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Facts to know about grasscloth wall-covering

Grasscloth wall-covering looks amazing, and you would find them even more interesting if you like to connect with nature. There are a few important facts that you need to know before you get grasscloth for your walls. So, let’s talk about them in detail now:

Difficult to install

Installing a grasscloth won’t be an easy task. You will have to prepare your walls before you start installing the grasscloth. If you don’t treat the wall well, then there is a possibility that the grasscloth might not stick to your walls, or you don’t get satisfying results.
So, the first fact you must know about grasscloth wall-covering is that you will require professional help for its installation.
It might not be a DIY project because you can install grasscloth successfully when the wall is prepared. Otherwise, the grasscloth might not stick properly. You can hire More décor design to do your job.

Grasscloth expands when it gets wet

As we have said above, the grasscloth wall-covering is made up of natural fiber; therefore, it will expand when it gets wet. If you are installing grasscloth on your wall, you must install them so that if it ever expands, it doesn’t make your wall look bad. It is an important factor you must keep in mind because the fiber of the grasscloth will surely expand.
It would be wise if you keep water away from this or don’t install them outdoors where it can get affected by rain. Water is an enemy of grasscloth, and it will affect your wall’s appearance. Therefore, you must install it on the right wall of your place.

Not an ideal option for space with sunlight

Suppose we talk about your bedroom or any other room where the sunlight enters directly, and it is one of the brightest rooms in your place. Then never get grasscloth for that room. As we have said above, water will expand your grasscloth, the same way sunlight will dry your grasscloth.
Grasscloth is made up of dried fiber from natural plants, and when sunlight hits that grasscloth again, it makes them even drier. There is a possibility that you might have to replace your grasscloth wall covering. Therefore, you should choose this option for your room with maximum sunlight if you don’t want your space to look bad.

The natural scent will reduce over time

If you are getting grasscloth wall-covering because you’d like to have a natural coming out of it, you must know it will reduce over time. There is no guarantee that the natural scent will keep coming out of your grasscloth wall covering. After a passage of time, the scent will get reduced, and it will only give your place a nice natural finish.
So, if you consider grasscloth wall-covering services from us, we will ensure that look and scent of the product remain for a long time.

Not an ideal option for a dusty environment

Grass cloth is made of natural materials, which is not ideal for dusty environments. For example, if you are considering grasscloth for the exterior walls of your place, then they might not stay the same for a long time. The dust will settle on and inside the grasscloth. The lush fresh green shade will start turning into dirty green. Therefore, if you think of having grasscloth exterior walls in your place, you must drop this idea. It will only make your place look dirty. You have to clean them properly, and no one has enough time to clean the grasscloth wall covering.

Seams would be quite visible

While installing grasscloth, you must leave some space in the patches so if it ever expands. It won’t make your wall look bad. Now if you leave space between the seams, you will notice the space between them. Getting grasscloth for your interior walls might not give your place a satisfying finish because of the visible space between the seams. It will make your walls look a little imperfect.
Now you know that the space between seams won’t look good, and if you want to get glass-cloth wall covering, go for it. It will have other consequences if you don’t leave space between the wall-cloth.

Not a budget-friendly option

If you have a limited budget to finish your wall decor and are considering grasscloth wall covering, then you must know it is not a budget-friendly option. Yes, a grasscloth wall covering is an expensive option; therefore, you must make a decision that wouldn’t cost you a fortune.
You can decorate a wall or two with grasscloth, but it won’t be an ideal option for all the walls of your room. Therefore, you must make the right decision according to your budget.

Make your decision wisely about grasscloth wall-covering. Grasscloth wall covering does look good and gives your place an aesthetic finish, but is it a convenient and lifelong option for you? Well, the answer is no because they start getting old after a while, and they will get dry over time.
Therefore, now you have to decide whether you want our grasscloth wall-covering and for which wall you’d like to get.

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You know the seven most important facts about grasscloth wall-covering. Now you can decide whether you want to install them on your walls. Grasscloth wall-covering looks amazing and attractive, but it would be wise if you don’t get them for all the walls of any room of your place. Therefore, dig into the details and then decide.


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