Home Automated Shades Bixby | 4 Things you need to Know


Home automated shades Bixby has become the buzzword in the world of window treatments. If you are yet to install one in your home or office, then you are certainly missing out on a lot. For obvious reasons, many people are now making the switch from manually controlled shades to those are automatically controlled. In case you are wondering why these shades have got so much patronage lately, you are just about to find out what makes them thick. From what they are all about to how you can make the best of them, everything will be covered in this post. Let’s start from the very basis. 

What are automated shades?

Automated shades are simply motorized window treatments that can be remotely controlled. Alexa, smart phone, Google Home, or any other smart home system are some of the things you can use to control the operations of automated shades. That means you can easily raise your blinds or have them lowered from just about any location, so long as you are with a smart phone or any device that can do the job. There is also the provision of scheduling how you want the shades to open and close in terms of times. You can arrange it in such a way that it suits your schedule. 

Home automated shades are luxurious, convenient, and excellent for anybody who seeks a modern, sleek aesthetic. They have the power to transform your home in ways you cannot imagine. Having known what automated shades are all about, finding the right window treatment for your home shouldn’t be any problem. All you have to do is look in the right places and your window treatment problems would be over. 

How can I automate my shades?

The main focus of this piece is to point you to the realities of using automated window shades as well as where you can get the best solution for your home space. Notwithstanding, we are also going to throw some light for those who are adventurous enough to want to do this on their own. 

You can automate your window shades when you get a motorized solution that is compatible with your window. Look for any product that will give you maximum remote access to your window shades through a smart phone or any device of that nature. 

Mind you, there are specific factors you have to bear in mind when you are considering your window shade automation. The amount of light you want, how you want the design to impact the overall theme of that space, and a host of other factors you need to specify. If you cannot sort these things out on your own, you can consult with a professional.

Are home automated shades worth it?

While this has been a common question on the lips of many people who are not familiar with automated shades, it’s actually something that requires a simple answer. Yes, home automated shades are worth looking into if you are not doing so already. They offer lots of benefits to their users. For instance, they have the capacity to enhance your home’s efficiency, privacy, and security. These shades are what will give your home that modern, 21st century kind of outlook. 

Besides being controlled remotely and making your home more efficient, there are other things you can also accomplish with these shades. One of them is making your shades move in a particular pattern. That may not mean so much to you now. But, trust me, it has a great effect on the home. To get that done, you have to incorporate your motorized window shades with automated solutions. That would make your shades or drapes move in consonance. Not only that, you can also synchronize them with the activities of some other systems such as HVAC, lighting, and music. 

So, from whichever angle you want to look at it, you can easily tell that home automated shades investments is one thing that will always pay off. 

Motorized shades pricing

You must understand that you cannot get a one-price-fit all template for motorized shades. That is because of the numerous options that exist in the market. Rather, the best you can come up with is a price range. If you have that in mind, you would not waste your time with offers that will not fit with your budget. From the budget friendly prices to those that are highly powered, you can find something for yourself. 

Therefore, if you want an estimate price range for home automated shades Bixby, we will give it to you in this post. From anything between $300 and $1000, you can get a suitable option for your window. There is also that possibility of finding something outside this bracket, but I doubt if the difference will be much. 

Patronize a reliable product

No doubt, there are several types of home automated shades in the market today. In fact, so many companies have ventured into the business today, making it difficult for people to make the right choice. For this reason, some have patronized products that did not last as long as they would have expected. You cannot take this for granted because it’s what will determine how you enjoy your window shades. 

Always buy from a company that has made a name for themselves. Look for companies with good reputation in window shades. If you do that, you can be sure of getting a perfect window treatment for your home or office space. 


Home automated shades Bixby are designed to add quality to your home space. They make your home look good and appealing in a special way. Interestingly, we have touched on a couple of things on this subject. I’m pretty sure you now have a load of information on these shades, which will enable you to make the right choice. Finally, where you buy your window shades are also very important. If it is possible, get it from a company that is known to sell the best products in this regards.

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