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Shades & Custom Window Treatments

More Décors’ interior decorator(s) Tulsa brings you experience and skills with shades. We will walk you through your options, hear your vision, and work together to achieve the look you have been dreaming of. Shades make your home or business look much more attractive. It brings a remarkable touch of beauty. Our designers are excited to serve you as we look forward to helping you explore the latest available shade styles.


From placing wallcovering inside athletic locker rooms on college campuses to hanging wallpaper in local markets, we have experience reflecting the purpose of a space or area with beautiful wall art. Clients love that we bring to the experience. They love that we bring confidence in turning the project around fast and accomplishing their dream look in no time. In addition, they love that we always hit their deadline. The purpose of our interior decorator Tulsa is to fulfill your vision and serve you with the best wallpaper murals or wallcoverings’.

Installing wallcovering is so easy for us because we have been doing it for so long. It’s been over 24 years, and we’re still going strong. The process is easy with us, and it always thrills clients with the end results. We provide the measurements, removal, prep, and install the wallcoverings in any area of your home or business. Whether it’s high or low in the area you would like, our team will accomplish the task!

We value our clients’ time. When you need wallpaper removed, give us a call, and we will get it done quickly! Instead of working tirelessly to take down every inch of paper, allow our professional team to take care of it for you. Let us remove the headache of wallpaper removal and tackle your wallcovering project for you!

Design Accessories 

When it comes to decorating your home or business, More Décor brings you inspiration and an eye for detail! We’ll help you choose the perfect pillows, vases, artwork, or candles. This we promise: we’ll design with confidence! Our team has a passion for bringing your dreams to reality. A great interior designer serves others, and we would love to serve you!


Are you ready to say, “Wow!” when you look at your living room or office? Our professional designer has an incredible eye for detail that can help you be impressed with the outcome. If you lack inspiration, our talented team is ready to be a great guide. Whether it’s residential or commercial, More Décor brings you knowledge that’ll help the process become less intimidating and more enjoyable. We’ll ask about your vision and purpose for the space. Then we’ll work on a plan to create the space you’ll love for years to come. Experience peace and confidence with our team at work for you!

So, let us help you write your “Wow” story. We’ve done it for so many of our clients. For example, one client requested help to look for bedroom furniture. We went shopping with this client. And after careful choice of furniture choices, the client made the right choice. After putting the furniture in its proper place in her home, she was thrilled!

Whether you own a business or a home, let us help you with selecting the right furniture. We understand color schemes, designs, and how furniture pieces do coordinate. We’ll bring clarity where there seems to be confusion on which direction to take, giving you the confidence in knowing you’re making the right decision.


Excellent flooring brings another touch of warmth to your home or business. More Decors interior decorator Tulsa brings you experience in helping you choose the perfect flooring style and design. Count on us for excellence in communicating with you and staying within your budget. When you call us, you can expect a quick response and a roadmap to success.


Do you enjoy reading in your bed? Perhaps you enjoy dimming the lights a little to watch your favorite movie. Lights are essential in any area of your home. At More Décor, we have years of experience, exceptional skills, and a load of knowledge in lighting design. We’ll help you decide on the right light fixtures for your home or business. Allow us to guide you through the process and help save yourself time and money. We’ll do the install and even remove an older light fixture and install the new one.

We’ll even take on a project of new construction for a residential home. Those projects are always enjoyable for us because we prepare the home before the big move-in. We understand deciding on the type of lighting for each room in a new home can be a daunting task, especially if someone tries to tackle it without any help. With an expert eye for detail and understanding of different lights, More Décors interior decorator Tulsa can help you choose the best option that’ll be perfect for the rooms.

What about a business? If you own a business, we have experience in this area as well. Whether you own a restaurant or even an office space, if you need lights replaced, our team can help you with this process. What is our goal? To make this as simple as possible for you. When you choose us to install or remove any light fixtures, you’ll be glad you called. And as always, we’ll make sure everything is working perfectly, and the area is very clean before we leave any job.


A wonderful fixture can make a marvelous statement. Whether you are decorating a home or office space, great lighting can really make a bold statement or be quite dazzling to those entering the house or business. If you prefer something simple to capture your personality style, we can make it happen. Finding a fixture to fit your style and budget is our goal. When you are ready to add warmth to your house or business with a dazzling fixture, count on interior decorator Tulsa to make it happen!

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