Interior Design Consultant | 7 Things we can Help With


Shades & Custom Window Treatments

A good interior design consultant can help you choose custom shades! One of the most significant benefits of shades is privacy. Shades offer you the luxury of having privacy as often or as little as you like. For example, do you find it challenging to sleep or rest well at night? Do car headlights quickly awaken you, or how do street lights keep you from falling into a deep sleep? Don’t worry. You’re not alone. It’s time to experience a good night’s rest. This is a common problem many people face, and they are often looking for a solution. Shades give you the richness of controlling how much light comes in and stays out. Allow our team to help you choose the right shades.

Another benefit of shades is ultraviolet rays’ protection. Just as it’s essential to protect our skin with sunscreen, shades offer the same kind of protection for the interior of our homes. Sun rays can often discolor furniture or damage floors. Imagine spending tons of money on a new hardwood flooring, and over time the sun discolors your beautiful floors. Choosing to invest in shades gives the luxury of protection against harmful UV rays. It protects your home on the inside, and it will be a great return when you choose to sell your home in the future.

Lastly, the right shades can help you with saving money each month on your service bill. It has been reported that 30 percent of heating energy is lost through windows (source: Save on your energy bill when you choose to invest in the right shades. When you are choosing the right style and fit of shades, you will find yourself enjoying the investment in a lot more ways than you realized. At More Décor, we will help you choose the right style that’ll be a great investment for years.


More Decor will make any wallcovering flow with the beauty of the design of any room. It’ll look sharp, clean, and seamless. When you’re looking for a flawless wall coverings job, you’ll find it with us. Our team is ready to help enhance any room in your home or business. There isn’t a space too big or small we can’t handle. If you need it on the ceiling, we got you covered! A good interior design consultant will help you find the perfect wallpaper, and it’s a great investment for your home or business.

Design Accessories

Are you ready to bring your personality into your home? Choosing the best artwork or photo to hang in your office space or living room area is a smooth process with us. What about sculptures? Our team can help you place the best sculptures in the perfect space, and they’ll look incredible. How about a stylish lamp? We will help you put it in the best place in your home and give you great lighting.

Besides this, you will have the opportunity to choose modern accessories if your house has a modern look or if you are looking to create a modern look. Another option is selecting contemporary pieces for your home. If your home has an industrial style that looks much like an urban loft or ancient factory feel, we will help you find the perfect accessories to fit your preferred style and taste. The goal of a good interior design consultant is to serve you with excellence.

More Decor brings you the professional touch you’ll need to design with confidence and great peace of mind. In the end, you’ll be impressed with what you can achieve on a budget with us. Let us help your home shine.


The furniture is beautiful. It can enhance the beauty of any room and make any space sparkle with comfort and warmth. But we also know choosing the perfect sofa, chair, or loveseat for your home can be intimidating or overwhelming because there are so many options. With a designer at hand, you’ll get a detailed eye to help you decide which is best that will reflect your style and remarkable taste.


Find the right flooring for your home today! At More Decor, we understand how overwhelming it can be to decide on the perfect flooring, and our talented team is ready to help you!

One of the most popular choices is hardwood flooring. It is excellent for heavy traffic areas. It’s easy to clean and very durable. When someone spills water or a drink, you will find it easy to wipe up. And if you have a precious dog or cat, your floors can withstand the traffic from these amazing furry paws. In all, hardwood flooring is perfect for any home. It gives you durability, timeless, and stylish design.

Once you have decided on your flooring, you can find a interior design consultant from More Decor ready to help you with the best rug selection. Whether you are looking for a rectangle, square, or round rug, we will help you choose the best option. Finding the best entryway rugs for your doorway or bedroom rug is essential for you! Choosing the color as well makes a huge impression on a beautiful and graceful look. Our team can help you with choosing the perfect material as well.

One of the options includes wool. It is amazingly comfortable for bare feet, as you’ll find it to be soft and surprisingly comfortable. Another benefit of wool rugs is it is exceptionally durable and offers you longevity in use. It is very thick, and you can count on the color staying that way for many years to come. In addition, it is easy to clean and, when the winter months arrive, offers exceptional warmth to any room.

At More Décor, we offer you beautiful solutions to help you choose the best rugs or hardwood flooring. Our staff is ready to help you succeed and get your room designed according to the best options for you and your family. If you desire low-maintenance flooring options, let’s explore them. Whether you’re looking for ceramic tile or laminate flooring, start with us today!


The perfect lighting is essential, as good lighting can create a wonderful atmosphere of happiness and joy. A well-lit home gives your family a sense of security. Great kitchen lighting can help you enjoy prepping your favorite meals, and a well-lit halfway can help you enjoy those amazing photos on the wall. At More Décor, we bring you a professional touch and opinion that’ll help you discover the type of lights that’s right for you and your space. Whether it is a commercial building or your residential home, we understand what is perfect for your room.


When entering a kitchen or living room area, the fixture is usually what many people notice first. Chandeliers are one of the most wonderful statement fixtures that people are often drawn to. There are many chandelier designs that can catch the eye. For example, a sculpture chandelier can be great for your home kitchen or bedroom area. When it comes to increasing the visual appearance of your space, you’ll achieve it with us!

Fixtures can make an incredible statement if that’s what you desire to achieve. It can create a soft tone, or it can be effective at providing a warm touch. Have you ever walked into a home and saw an awe-inspiring light fixture and thought, “Wow! That really does look amazing!” You can experience that as well with your home or business. We will help you place the correct fixtures in the suitable rooms to bring them to another level of beauty and grace.

Explore your interior design consultant options today with More Décor. There are many popular fixtures to choose from. Among the popular fixtures are pendant lights; these lights hang from a cord. Typically it has a shade that covers the bulb. Pendant lights come in many styles and various colors. Another option is wall sconces, which are mounted on the wall of your home. You’ll typically find this in a bathroom or an office space. You can find a variety of styles dimmable. If you are looking for a unique design for your modern or contemporary room, our team will help you discover it!

We look forward to hearing from you and helping you find the perfect light fixture. This we promise: you will enjoy the experience and look of your space.

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