Motorized Draperies Tulsa | 7 Benefits of Motorized Draperies


Get motorized draperies Tulsa today. Do you want to design your windows in a new way? Or do you want to renovate the interior of your home? But you do not know whether you should go with motorized draperies or ordinary draperies. If so, read this article completely to get the answer to your questions related to draperies.

Curtains and draperies are very similar to each other, but some divergences make them different. So, in this article, we will look after everything you should know about draperies and motorized draperies. Whether you are going to buy curtains or draperies you should know much about them:

What are Motorized Draperies?

Drapery is a piece of cloth that is used to decorate the interior of the house. It is clear from the name of motorized drapery is that this is the drapery in which a motor is fitted.

You can also say them “ Remote controlled draperies” because you can control your motorized drapery with a remote or a mobile app. Most people use motorized draperies to show off, but this thing is way more than just a show-off.

Difference between Draperies and Curtains

Many people mix up between curtains and draperies. Some people say that curtains and draperies are the same, but they are not at all. There are many similarities between them:

  • They both are pieces of clothes.
  • They both are used to cover the window and block Sunlight.
  • Mostly, they both are sold in a pair.
  • They both are used for decoration purposes as well.

But there are some divergences too that make them different from each other like:

  • Draperies are made of relatively thicker fabric, so they block more light and are used to make the room even darker and free of Solar rays.
  • Curtains are mostly used in official areas like offices, halls and restaurants. While draperies are used for formal use like in homes and in hotel rooms.
  • In length, draperies are larger than standard curtains.
  • Curtains can be easily taken off and can be cleaned and washed by washing machines. But draperies are not easy to clean. They need more effort to take off and mostly, you have to take them to dry cleaners to clean them because their special fabric is immensely difficult to wash.

Why should You go with Motorized Draperies?   

Many people think that they don’t need to spend more money on motorized draperies. At the same time, they can live on with ordinary draperies extremely easily. Well, this is their choice they can save their money if they don’t have much.

But here I am going to share some reasons why should you go with motorized draperies:

Ease of access:

As draperies are heavier than ordinary curtains, so they are difficult to move. Some people feel that curtains are so heavy to move, but draperies are heavier than curtains. As I have mentioned earlier, due to their heaviness, draperies are not cleaned in washing machines. So, using a remote to control every drapery in your home is a great idea.

Safety of Furniture

Sunlight and UV rays come through Sun rays. They can damage your furniture. Wood is the most endangered material when it comes to Sun exposure. That is why most people use steeled or stainless steeled main doors. But those people who use wooden doors often face problems related to Sun exposure.

Suppose you think that why don’t we use our hands to cover windows with draperies? Then again, the factor comes. Sometimes kids cannot even move draperies slightly so that you can go for motorized draperies. But if you can afford it because of the budget. Money is before everything when you are thinking about buying anything.

A Better Sleep

Motorized draperies Tulsa will keep your room dark all night. This will help you sleep nicely for a longer time to complete your sleep of eight hours without any issue easily. Moreover, you can set their schedule with Sunrise so that you can wake up with natural Sunlight that is extremely good for your health. At least, it is way much better than waking with the annoying sound of the alarm.


Motorized draperies Tulsa take more care of your privacy than ordinary ones. If you do not know, you should know that your privacy can be hurt when sunsets and indoor lights are on. Because when indoor lights are on and outdoor light(Sunlight) is off, everything is visible from outside to inside. But motorized draperies can be scheduled to cover the windows when the Sun goes. And that is how your privacy will be increased.

Modern Age

In this age where we all are living, everyone wants to be as modern as he can. As motorized draperies are the modern draperies that are being used by only rich people who are from the elite class. So, anyone who can somehow afford motorized draperies goes for it to look up to date and contemporary. Hence, if you want to look up-to-date and eventually modern among your circle, you can use motorized draperies for this purpose.

How can you control the Motorized Draperies?

This is a frequently asked question about motorized draperies that many people don’t know.

Normally, typical motorized draperies are controlled with remotes, but smart and advanced motorized draperies can be used from the app. Many companies have created apps for their customers to control their window system properly. So, you can also set the timing and schedule of motorized draperies when they have to cover the windows. And you don’t need a different app or remote for different drapery. A single smartphone or remote is perfect for all draperies in your home.


Motorized draperies Tulsa can help you in many ways that I have mentioned.

So now, you know what exactly draperies and motorized draperies are. In short, you know everything about motorized draperies that you should know before buying. You also know how to control the complete set of motorized draperies that are spread in your house.

If you still have any questions regarding motorized draperies, let us know.

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