Motorized Roller Shades Bixby | 9 Types of Roller Shades


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Roller shades are now available with modern technology to make them easier, more convenient, and more aesthetic. Now, you can control the roller shades by remote or switch instead of fixing them with your hands due to the introduction of small motors. Some motors directly use the electric connection while others have small batteries. 

So, staying in your seat allows you to roll the shades up or down when you want to turn them off or on. Motorized roller shades Bixby are suitable for all roller shades, either smaller or larger. 

Types of motorized roller shades you need to know 

Thinking of which type of roller shades you can find? You can find a huge variety of motorized roller shades based on the size of your window, the rolling you want, the type of control you want, and the cost you can easily afford. So, here are a few most convenient types of motorized roller shades. 

  1. 3-wires intelligent motor-controlled roller shades 

The wonder comes true here with intelligent motor-controlled roller shades. An automated system with multiple control options is the biggest blessing. You can control the shades by installing an electric motor on each shade or by coupling the shades. By doing so, you can control both shades by installing one roller. 

  1. 4-wires simple motorized roller shades 

Different motorized roller shades Bixby come with different options of motors and wires. Some need wires and some need only one, two, or three. Depending upon the need of some places, 4-wire motorized shades are introduced to avoid the problem of installation and controlling the system. These are much more suitable for exterior installation and control. Like other roller shades, these are also available in different colors and shades. 

  1. Radio technology shades with a 3-wire connection 

Radio technology shades are the most advanced roller shades as they come with a non-wireless control system. You can control the rolling of these shades by sitting anywhere in your room radius of 65 feet. The motor has a connection of 3 wires for collaboration of rolling movement. 

As per your choice, you can add the lengths and options of control, so these roller shades are much more suitable for rooms, offices, and little commercial places. You can use a single or dual roller as per your choice. 

  1. No-wire shades with rechargeable technology 

These ultra-pro max roller shades come with the wonderful feature of wireless technology. The rechargeable battery makes it easy to use without the hassle of installment by calling an electrician to provide an electrical connection to the motor. 

It is the easiest roller shade you can install in places where it is hard to reach and move the roller shades, but no-wire shades do this for you. But this is favorable for the small area windows. You can easily control such motorized roller shades through remotes by sitting anywhere in your room. 

  1. Large-scale maximized roller shades with a heavy motor 

As the name indicates, these roller shades are most suitable for commercial buildings having large window spans vertically or horizontally. It becomes difficult to cover such windows, but these large-scale maximized roller shades are much more suitable. 

They use a heavy motor, unlike the other types of motorized shades, which makes it easier to move the roller shade. The heavy motor moves the large roller shades, which can be rolled vertically or up and down. Mounting bracket head boxes are available in standard sizes and other different sizes. 

  1. Non-wired smart motorized shades 

It is an amazing piece of motorized shades as it comes with a little battery smart battery. The battery it carries is rechargeable and can move it so smoothly even in congested places. It will move the roller shades smoothly by using very low voltage, even if electricity is unavailable due to the lithium-ion battery. 

Not only will the smart technology you wonder about, but the aesthetic color and elegant fabric quality will amuse you. So, choose the best for your place because you deserve more. 

  1. Low voltage roller shades with wiring 

This motorized roller shade comes with a 30DC motor which grabs low voltages of about 24V but, in return, gives you high-voltage performance. You can use the transformer technology for the plug-and-play option for this low-voltage roller shade. 

These roller shades are available on standard dry contact making it more feasible to be used in commercial buildings under 485 platform technologies. In this package, you will find a dual system like dual endcaps, dual pocket head box, and fascia. All these things make this type of motorized roller shade more elegant and affordable for commercial use. 

  1. Motorized roller shade 50DC motor 

Another wonderful piece of technology in the roller shades is the introduction of a DC motor that requires a very low voltage of about 24V. A battery attached with roller shades multiplies the voltage for the roller while consuming less electricity of 24V. Electricians do not need to put extra wires for the electricity supply as one wire is enough. 

A 24V 50DC motor is quite suitable for commercial buildings’ roller shades. These can cover the walls properly and give your offices or halls an aesthetic look. All you need to do is to choose the right fabric and color from the motorized roller shades with a 50DC motor. 

  1. Motorized roller shades with the largest cassette

These motorized roller shades are easy to install and control through switches and remotes. These roller shades contain a cassette to roll up and down the roller shades instead of using wires. You do not need to face problems with wires if they are not moving properly. 

These wonderful motorized roller shades are available in all colors and different fabrics. So, you can choose one of your favorite colors and fabric to enhance the elegance of your room. These are suitable for both small and large windows. 


You can use different motorized roller shades Bixby in different sizes, shades, and fabrics, along with different control systems for your bedroom, offices, commercial buildings, or home.

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