Motorized Shade Installation | 5 Simple Steps


Motorized Shade Installation 

Motorized shades installation is quite an easy process but demands proficiency and experience. When investing in motorized rolling shades, you must look for professionalism when considering their installation.

If you have the experience to install them, it is good to do it yourself, but if you do not have the experience, you must call an experienced and professional person. That person must know to connect electricity to the motor and set wires with the rolling shades. 

Step-by-step guide for motorized shade installation 

By looking through the professional method of motorized shade installation, we will go through eight steps, from buying the materials to installing. So, you cannot neglect the measurements, quality of roller shades, and suitable electric motor. 

You also need to decide which type of control system you want to have in your place before going through the installation process. 

  1. Take measurements of the window panes you want to cover 

To make your roller shades’ installation successful, you need to work in a properly organized way. So, by putting first thing first, you need to take measurements of the windows where you want to install the shades. It is necessary before going through any other step. 

It will help you to decide which kind of shading will suit your window rolling or sliding or which width and length will give it an aesthetic look. So, you have a blueprint in your mind before purchasing an elegant shade for your room. 

  1. Show proactivity by gathering all material you need to install 

It is necessary to have proper tools and materials before starting any work. Similarly, in the case of motorized shade installation, you need to gather things that will become part of motorized shades. These may include brackets, head boxes, fascia with endcaps, wall clips, etc. You all need to think about these before starting your work. 

So, showing a proactive approach and saving time, you should collect the important tools like the drilling machine and other mentioned materials. 

  1. Choosing a compatible motor and installing it with accuracy 

When choosing the rolling shades, you also need to buy a compatible electric motor that can be with or without a battery. It provides the relevant force for rolling shades to move up and down or left and right.

As the rolling shades’ sizes are different, a motor of different potential will be needed. It is necessary to buy a suitable electric motor according to the size and fabric type of the shades you bought. The shades manufacturing company manufactures the relevant motor sizes that can specifically supply the amount of current to accommodate these shades. So, choose the right motor size per the guidance of the manufacturing company. 

Now, you have a compatible motor to accommodate the shades, so the next step is to install it. You should have a drill, tape, and a level to join the motor with the shades. It is time to connect the motor with shades. You will attach it with shades by sliding its endcaps into the real cover open of the shade. The written diary you get along with the rolling shade would help you in installation as it carries all instructions in words and graphics. 

  1. Mounting the brackets for shades

When you have connected the shades and motor properly, it is time to properly hang or mount the shades on the sides of the window. First, take measurements of the window using measuring tape or ruler and draw marks on the wall where it is suitable to mount the shades. 

With the help of a drill, create holes and now adjust the opposite brackets by aligning them properly. It would help you to level them on both sides. On the drilled holes, place the brackets and nails as well. Now fix them properly by using the screwdriver so that the weight of the shades cannot let them down. 

  1. Connecting the wires with rolling shades

Depending upon your will and priority, you can choose any of two sources of power supply, either battery’s stored energy or the DC power supply, by adding a wire. So, you can have wired or wireless motorized rolling shades.

 If you are choosing battery motorized shades, it is easy to install but in case, but if you are choosing the direct plug system for power supply, you can’t do it professionally. So, you need to call a professional to add a connection of wired with motor and install a plug on the wall near the shades. 

  1. Installing the shades properly 

When you have mounted the brackets, added the electric motor, and the wires with shades, it is time to install them properly. For this purpose, take one of the upper sides of the shade and place it over the bracket, and press until you hear the sound of a click.

 Now, do the same thing with the second side on the opposite side of the wall by inserting the shade into the bracket. When installing the shade, you must keep the front side ahead and the back side towards the windows. So, your shades are installed now, all along with other components. 

  1. Add a control system to the shades 

You have installed the motorized shades on your window, but what about their control system? Do you like to leave your work to roll up or down the shades during your work? Definitely, no. 

So, you need to add a control system that can be a remote or a plug near your table that you can press to open up the shades or close them up. The remote would be the best option with battery-motorized shades, and motorized wire shades would be best with the plug-and-switch system. 

  1. Now, have a test by operating the motorized shade installation. After installing the shades by introducing the control system, a battery, a motor, or anything other, you need to check whether it is working properly or not.

Motorized Shade Installation Tulsa

For motorized shade installation, choosing the right motor size and shades is necessary, and installing them by following the instructions inside their packing. 

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