Motorized Shades Tulsa | 7 Reasons to get Motorized Shades


Motorized Shades Tulsa

More and more homeowners can live in smart houses that are either totally or partially automated. Motorized shades are essential parts of a smart home. Moreover, these shades are window coverings that are controlled via a motor and do not require cords or chains to raise or lower them. 

Motorized shades Tulsa is loved because of the ease they provide to homemakers. They have to press a single button to raise or lower one, two, or even rows of shades in a few seconds.

If you are living in Tulsa and looking for motorized shades in Tulsa, More Decor Design is the right choice for you. More Decor Design is pleased to offer several motorized shades, and we think they’re the ideal choice for homeowners in Tulsa who value these features:

They Provide Convenience:

Massive window coverings are necessary for homes with large windows in numerous rooms. And to achieve the ideal lighting, those big blinds or shades might need to be adjusted several times throughout the day. You don’t have to raise or lower each shade while using motorized blinds manually. We are sure that most users get frustrated while lowering and raising the window shades throughout a single day. 

With More Decor Design motorized shades, you can cut off the need for walking over to do the function. The user only needs to press a little button to finish.

They Are Practical:

It is a waste of time and effort to move a dozen or more shades every day manually. More Décor Design motorized shades come with remote controls that can operate up to 15 different shades, making it simple to raise or lower window coverings for complete work in the morning or at night.

They Minimize Your Worries:  

Motorized shades can raise and lower themselves at the set timings of the day. That guarantees that neither you nor another family member ever has to worry about forgetting their shades. You can feel more at ease by programming your shades because you’ll know that even when you’re gone for days or weeks on a trip or vacation, they will automatically raise or lower on set timings.

They Look Unique:

Every homeowner wants their home to look unique and most comfortable too. Motorized shades in Tulsa can provide a new look to your room, kitchen, or living room entirely a new look along with Convenience. 


According to the experts of More Décor Design, using a backing material to attach a motorized blind to the window siding is necessary for preparation. Additionally, it’s critical to be aware of any barriers that can negate the effects of the curtains, such as Handles. 

With the advancement of wireless technology and the concept of smart homes, More Décor Designs have incorporated the installation into their standard installation process. Now, for the most part, the business has one socket for the size of the screen motor and no extra wires to manage. Instead, the control is through a private wireless network, which enables the customers to streamline the pre-installation process because they differ. 

 The experts say installing a keyboard on the wall would be a step ahead, giving you settings and a solid mounting point for the controllers. We want to add the controls to each keyboard we wish to control if it is a home automation system. Either on the touch screen in the room or the lighting. Additionally, it permits complex programming using timers and triggers.

Available Options

At More Decor Design, homeowners can also select from a wide range of patterns available in motorized shades in Tulsa. The customers can choose rain, sea, cloud, birds, trees, sky, and other designs. Every print is unique in itself and gives the room a new look. 

The motorized blinds Tulsa at More Décor Design are of high quality and consist of a motorized remote control with a battery. Users’ batteries may be fully charged in six hours, giving them enough power for 600 usages. The engine operates virtually inaudibly. 

The handbook with the motorized blinds you installed from. More Décor Design is written in Chinese, which is the business’s primary gripe. However, getting a digital edition in English is possible, so this is not a significant issue.

At More Decor Design, we are concerned about your hard-earned money. These excellent financial choices are available to motorized shades Tulsa clients. More Décor Design offers helpful packages to its clients to afford the installation process. Utilize the specific financing alternatives to upgrade your room or office and make yourself tension free. More Décor Design charges you nominal, depending on how many windows you have and the pattern you choose. 

Points to Consider Before Placing an Order for Motorized Shades

According to the expert of More Décor Design. The following matters shall be considered when placing an order for motorized shades in Tulsa. 

  • Before ordering motorized shades, measure the width and height of various areas of each window. Utilize the shortest width and tallest height you can find.
  • Please select the style of motorized shades you want based on how much you want them to stand out in your home. 

Make your booking for the best-motorized shades in Tulsa today. As convinced, More Décor Design appears to be the right choice for you. You have two options for making appointments: online or in person at the store. There are options for scheduling in-person measurements online. The specialists will gather information about the size of windows and the style of motorized shades at this appointment. 


The More Décor Design can help you with the straightforward installation process. The experts at More Décor Design are in complete control of the installation process. Let our qualified team install your motorized shades after selecting and measuring the ideal shades for your workspace or room. 

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