Motorized Smart Shades | 5 Ways Smart Shades make Life Easier


Motorized Smart shades

Are you a millennial? Have you always considered buying a Smart Home, where you can operate gadgets with a touch of a button or your voice? If you have already purchased a Smart Home, then Congratulations! Now, the next step is buying the motorized Smart shades, which can give a “RICH LOOK” to your home. 

However, many believe that new technology can blow a hole in your wallet, and only the wealthy can buy the “LUXURY.” Well, did this theme creates curiosity and are you prepared to choose motorized Smart Home window shades? 

You are at the right place. High-tech, budget-friendly motorized smart shades are available

You know that Motorized Smart Shades make your website more intelligent, comfy and energy-efficient. Thus, you did the research, and you’re on board.

But what happens now? 

Here’s the straightforward step-by-step approach to realize your goal of motorized blinds or shades:

5 Simple Steps for Smarter Living with Motorized Window Shading

  1. Connect with More Décor 

The first stage on your route to Motorized Smart Shades would be to fill in our Connect form with a dealer. Tell us about what you’re searching for in smart home devices (motorized shades? motorized blinds? A motorized tribute to your courtyard?) And we’re going to get in touch soon. Moreover, when we talk to you and confirm your project requirements, we will contact you online with a competent More Decor representative.

  1. Let More Decor Be Your Guide

More Decor network can advise you through the selection of suitable solutions for your project. There is a lot to consider when considering motorization to make sure your new solution fits your lifestyle completely. Would you like a hardwired or rechargeable motor?

Do you prefer shades of blackout or draperies? Are you looking for voice control and app control? The More Decor dealer can take you through the procedure from beginning to end so you can be sure your new intelligent shading solution fits well.

  1. Precise Measurements

Measurements are more sophisticated than they look, and your More Decor will ensure that no measurement errors occur. Your More Decor dealer will come home to measure your smart solution and then order it. Your job? Imagine how fantastic your new motorized products would appear for your home!

  1. Expert Install and Programming

You need not be a DIY expert to appreciate intelligent shading options. Upon the arrival of your bespoke motorized products, your More Décor dealer will organize your installation dates. More Decor dealers ensure that everything is properly installed and program your new intelligent shading solution.

Your dealer will take you through every step necessary, whether you’ve decided to use a remote, wall-switch or app control, so you may operate your new motorized window coverings as they work for both you and your lifestyles.

  • App Control

Control your motorized products with an easy-to-use app using your smartphone or tablet. Create scenes that involve numerous goods, and then add your motor blinds to your schedule. Would you like to get up at dawn Monday to Friday and sleep on a weekend? Any timetable is now available!

  1. Enjoy Life with Smart Shading

With elegant, clever shade solutions which suit the way you live, you can now relax. Control your motor shades by app, voice control, wall switch or remote. Close your room to one shade and all the shades simultaneously. Create a home as simple as it is intelligent.


Each house has windows. And most homeowners will undoubtedly agree that the privacy and cosmetics of window treatments are necessary. But should you have motorized window treatments installed?

As a homeowner, you invest heavily in your house as well as its interior furnishings. And you probably want to protect them. Motorized shades deliver actual value and practical advantages that justify the investment.

  1. Convenience. 

Elevating and descending your shades manually is straightforward enough. But just how much time will be spent every morning raising them? And then at night to lower them? What about the window of the bathroom? The one that you can only reach by entering the bathroom? Or the windows mostly on the top floor of a living room with two stories?

The blinds and drapes can be moved faster by pressing a button. And every time you wish to close these high blinds, it is user-friendlier than climbing a ladder.

  1. Comfort & Energy Savings. 

In summer, decreasing shades prevent the sun from burning up the room. In winter, higher shades enable the operator to encapsulate natural solar heat. Both these scenarios reduce the HVAC power load. This is particularly important in our energy-conscious world.

Check the latest information on sustainable smart home technology and decrease your electricity bills on More Decor’s recent blog post.

UV protection. The ultra-violet rays of the sun can damage artworks and furnishings. Not to acknowledge wood floors and costly rugs. Protect your home from bleaching and decay by establishing the shades on even a timepiece or astronomical clock. As the Motorized Smart Shades are reduced during brightest part of each day, your investments are protected.

  1. Safety, Security & Privacy. 

When you are out of town, it appears to be an excellent means of protecting your home against intrusion.

Rising and lowering blinds at fixed periods, or manipulating them, lends a living appearance to an empty house. Privacy is crucial when you’re at home. Lowering all shades with a single button click makes privacy easy. In addition, Motorized Smart Shades eliminate all cables and make them a wonderful solution for houses with small children.

  1. Aesthetics. 

There are no obtrusive cords with Motorized Smart Shades. Up the Wow factor on your house by synchronizing the blinds to stop and start at once and exactly line up across the windows.

Shades made of materials with open fabrics can maintain good external views and offer privacy. Shading fabric options are available for all designs and needs.

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