Motorized Window Shades Tulsa | 4 Reasons you Need Motorized Shades


Get motorized window shades Tulsa today! Do you want to make your home lovely but safe at the same time? Or just tired of dealing with the noisy neighbors who don’t let you enjoy your peaceful moments? Well, whatever the situation may be, you can’t go wrong with motorized window shades.

These are available in various sizes, shapes, styles, and a perfect way for stepping towards the home automation system. This article is for those interested in purchasing them but don’t know the qualities of good motorized window shades.

Besides, I will also cover their usage, benefits, and much more, so keep browsing! 

Why You Should Purchase Motorized Window Shades? 

Motorized window shades last 50% longer, and these make your home look attractive. Also, they provide you full privacy at your home as you can turn the window blind off merely by pressing a button. 

  1. Safe and Convenient

Kids and pets love to play with the cords hanging in your home, and often a tug of war starts between them. They like to grab the cords and having fun with them, which can be troublesome for you.

But with the help of window shades, you don’t have to face this situation anymore as they provide you hands-free operation. You can automatically control the window blinds with the help of a remote, which makes them safer and convenient. Get motorized window shades Tulsa today!

  1. Easy to Control

Needless to say, high valuated ceilings and high windows are hard to reach. This makes it difficult to control the blinds during hot summer or severe winters.

In that regard, the motorized window shades will be greatly useful.  They come with a remote that you can use to control the sun coming in during intense summer. Get motorized window shades Tulsa today!

  1. Home Automation

These are an ideal option for those people who want to step towards home automation. The motorized window blinds allow you to schedule the opening and closing of blinds that will take you closer to have a smart home. 

  1. Improved Quality of Life 

Older aged people and those having mobility issues have to depend on others for their small tasks. This sometimes becomes annoying for those who have to take care of them. Get motorized window shades Tulsa today!

But this will not be the case anymore as the motorized window blinds are automatic devices. Therefore, anyone can control the blinds from their chair either by using the remote device or with the help of their smartphone. 

How to Choose High Quality Motorized Window Shades?

If you choose wisely, then installing and using motorized window shades are just a piece of cake. Following are the key traits that you should keep in mind while looking for quality motorized window shades:

Motor Durability & Noise

The motor quality is very important and doesn’t forget to check out its warranty as well. It should have a warranty of at least three years since having a long unlimited warranty makes you worry-free about the durability of a product.

Besides, you also need to keep in view how much noise a motor makes during its operation? With the advancement in technology, the companies introduce quieter operating units, so pay attention to the noise level. 


Different types of blinds and window treatment work together automatically, while some don’t. So, you also need to find out that whether your chosen type of blind and window covering will work together or not? 

If these are not compatible with each other, you can purchase a smart blind kit to make your current blinds smart. 

Remote and App Options

Another important factor is checking out whether your motorized window shades will work with your home automation system or smartphone. If the app is compatible with your smartphone, you will control it from anywhere in the world. 

Some remotes of motorized window shade act like a hub and can also control the other home devices. So, do not forget to look at the warranty of the remote along with the motor’s warranty. Get motorized window shades Tulsa today!

Good Customer Support 

Good customer service makes sure that the manufacturer will stand behind its product if you have any problems. It’s not compulsory but will be an added advantage if your motorized window shades will be backed by good customer support. 

Power Source 

These window shades commonly use the battery as a power source, but some can also be solar-powered. At the same time, others are plugged into a direct AC power source; however, it will depend upon the type and size of the blind. 

  • Battery Powered. The blinds which are powered through a battery have the lowest cost, and they can last for 2 to 3 years. If you live in such an area where windows get a lot of exposure to the sun, then solar-powered batteries will be an ideal option for you. 
  • Hard Wired. This is costly, but it gives you a clean and cord-free operation. In that regard, you will need to hire an electrician for the installation of hard-wired batteries. Get motorized window shades Tulsa today!

Benefits of Motorized Window Shades 

Motorized window shades are a top trend now, and they can be easily installed on most home automation systems. Let’s have a look at the other benefits which you will get from them! 

Energy Saving 

One of the biggest advantages of these window shades is that they cut down the costs of heating and cooling your home. You can close the windows on a hot sunny day and can open them on cooler days. Get motorized window shades Tulsa today!

Versatile Usage 

Besides, these are not only for opening and closing window coverings, but you can also use the other screens or curtains of your home. For instance, you can use them to cover a TV screen when it is not in use or make some privacy by separating the room into two areas. 

Smooth & Quiet Operation 

Since these are made by using advanced technology, so the noise level of the motor is minimum. Their operation is smooth, and you will have no trouble using them, thanks to their programmable timing. 

Motorized Window Shades Tulsa

The motorized window shades give you hands-free operation and the best way to protect the privacy of your family. They are worthy of spending your hard-earned money because of their wide range of benefits. 

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