Motorized Window Treatments Bixby | 4 Things you haven’t Considered


I’m going to show you Motorized Window Treatments Bixby an off-the-shelf solution and a DIY solution and then I’m going to help you figure out which one is the best for me in my house tour.

I mentioned in my bedroom is mostly free of smart products but that most requested project has been for me to automate the curtains I’ve been working on a DIY solution but after I posted that post the great people over at Jamie’s smart offered to send me one of their Wi-Fi motorized curtain track to review for the hookup is more than just a product reviews Channel.

So I decided to take on two projects at once in the bedroom I installed the zemi smart curtains and then downstairs I built coded and installed a DIY solution in this post I’m going to address the pros and cons of each system and help me decide whether it’s better to buy or Motorized Window Treatments before we start let’s see each of them in action starting with his enemies, split up this comparison.

5 Types of Motorized Shades

Five categories and then I’m going to pick an overall winner. The first comparison category is going to be ease of set up the smart it is extremely well-made.

There’s a motor unit that mounts behind the curtain has a Wi-Fi switch. This is for opening and closing and all the hardware. You need including an extruded aluminum curtain rail that can fit a ton of custom sizes. Thus, without having to cut is pretty simple and only requires a screwdriver and a pair of scissors. Overall it took me about two hours to get everything installed but it would have been much faster than that.

If I wasn’t such an idiot the instructions clearly stated to leave 10 cm of clearance on each side of the rail and my stupid American brain immediately win Huynh 10 cm win 10 cm.

Curtain Assembly

I had to take apart the whole curtain rail shorten it and then completely reassemble after playing in the curtains I paired them with a to you app and then I was immediately able to control them with the app with Amazon Echo and with a home assistant the DIY. Motorized Window Treatments Bixby.

More involved since I have these rail and Gromit size curtains. I needed to show the individual plates in the curtains so they would spread out the correct distance. It’s been since sent these weren’t pulled cord style curtains.

I also needed to install pulleys and a curtain cord to be able to open and close them in a more standard fashion. Better used a stepper motor an extruder rubberized bearing and a 3D printed bracket. To Motorized Window Treatments Bixby the pulley system.

Two Things to Consider

If the two options I was presented to you were buying the zemi smart curtains or designing your own automated curtain. Thus, the solution from scratch it would be the easiest recommendation ever. I went through about twenty different iterations of the system before.

I got to its current state and there are still many improvements to be made. Luckily, you don’t have to choose between his eyes you just need to choose between my solution. Which I’ve already made for you and send me some Arts Sammy smarts still in the ease of installation Department

I’m going to give a resounding win to the zemi smart curtains. They’ve got a super high build quality and the instructions are easy too.


Because his of the curtains are designed to be used with pinch pleat style curtains. But, I already own grommet style curtains to convert them. I purchased some of these curtain hooks and ideally. These hooks would be installed about 6 inches from the top of the curtains. And then they would then you can also fold back the grommets to accomplish a more finished look. But, I didn’t want to give up any overall height in my curtains.

So I left the grommets there and I put the hooks on the very top. I’m planning on putting the wooden balance of the top to hide the grommets and the rail. The valence will also give me a great place to install some Led and hide the wires.

That I’ll need to automate the blinds later on the motor on the solution. Thus, it is mostly hidden by the curtains themselves. The drive belt is located inside the rail so you can’t deduct any points for that. On my DIY solution the motor is also hidden behind the blinds.

Smart Curtains

But the curtain string and the police can be seen when the curtains are open. This is a super minor thing but I’ll deduct a couple of points for it by the largest wreck. Thus, with his any smart curtains is when the curtains are closed.

They don’t have the same satisfying uniformity in Fleet size that they used to. When the curtains were installed using the grommets again.

I know this is unfair because I’m not using the right type of curtains in my DIY solution. The police are extremely the cause because they have to be as I mentioned before one of the main hurdles.

Motorized Window Treatments Bixby

I needed to overcome when designing a DIY solution with the fact that on the grand style curtains. The police will naturally overextend as you pull them causing them to bind up on the curtain rod. And thus making them impossible to open to counteract this.

I got up my needle and thread and I’m manually sold each plate to a maximum size. This was pretty tedious so take some points away from the ease of installation. But, the end result looks great every time in the ascetics category.

So this was our complete post about Motorized Window Treatments Bixby. I hope you have come across it. thanks for reading the full post.

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