For the best motorized window treatments Coweta has, call More Decor. All homes are designed with windows as part of them. And as a homeowner, you would attest that one needs the best window treatments to ensure the proper cosmetic appeal and adequate security. Therefore, is it appropriate to install motorized shades? Most homeowners make considerable investments in their homes, as well as interior décor. It’s also possible you would want to do anything to protect your investments as a homeowner. Motorized roller shades have a way of making such investments worth it. Highlighted below are five practical benefits of installing motorized shades in your house. 


The usual practice is to raise your shades anytime you deem necessary and lower them when you don’t need them. However, this manual process can wear and bore anyone even though it appears to be easy from the look of things. 

With that said, ask yourself this honest question – how long does it take to lower and raise those shades? Every morning you have to raise them; every night, you also have to drop them. And let’s not forget the one inside the bathroom. How convenient is it for you to lower and raise those all the time, particularly if you usually have to boost your height by stepping on something?  

Honestly, that will all amount to a significant loss of energy. How about controlling your shades with a simple touch? How does that sound? You don’t have to raise or lower it manually. Just click on a button, and you are done. That is also a more convenient option than when you have to climb onto something to control the drapes. For the best motorized window treatments Coweta has, call More Decor.

Comfort and Energy-efficient

When you lower your shades during the summer, it stops the room from being overheated with sunlight. And when you raise them during the winter, the home will be privy to the heat produced from the everyday sunlight. Although this may sound like a meager application of window drapes, it has proven effective in minimizing a home’s energy needs. In addition, when you use your window shades effectively, your HVAC units will have to do lesser work because the window drapes have supplemented the energy requirements. 

In a world that is so reliant on energy, these are some of the non-negotiable benefits of motorized shades. This means you will spend less on your utility bills. And that is not all, as the most beautiful part is that motorized shades are made from sustainable and eco-friendly products. In other words, you will be using those shades for a long time to come.  

UV protection

Scientists and climate advocates are continuously warning us of the devastating effect of exposing ourselves to UV rays. But, it doesn’t just end there; the UV rays are capable of destroying your furniture and artwork if you are not careful. You may also have expensive rugs and flooring to protect. That is why you need to do everything to ensure you protect your home and all that is within it. Home furnishings can be protected from fading and bleaching using an astronomical clock or timer to set your shades. In addition, the fact that the shades would be down during the most active hours of the day will help ensure that your investments are duly protected. So, you see that you have everything to gain when you employ motorized shades on your windows. It is more or less a win-win situation for anyone who uses it. 

Security, Safety & Privacy

It doesn’t matter what you do or where you are located; the chances are that someday you will want to travel out of town. And when that happens, you want to be at peace with yourself as much as possible. One reliable way to discourage intruders from breaking into your house is by giving them the impression someone is inside. That is because they wouldn’t want to come inside when they know somebody is there. So, how can you manage to pull that one off when you are not around? 

Set the motorized shades to go up and come down at specific times. This gives outsiders the impression that you are very much around. Or you can even decide to raise the blinds or lower them anytime you wish from where you are. Thanks to the advent of smart home technologies. For the best motorized window treatments Coweta has, call More Decor.

When you are in the house, you want the place to be as private as possible. So you can get all the privacy you desire by simply clicking that remote button, and all the shades will come down majestically. In addition, if you have kids in your house, motorized shades are the best option to work with. That is because they don’t have any cords or stuff like that. 


Motorized shades ensure that you don’t have to bother about cords lying around. This will add to the stunning effect of your home. You can even synchronize the setting of your shades to ensure they all go up at the same time and come down simultaneously. If you align the shades properly with your window, it will fit more with the décor you have around your windows. 

Fabrics and weave-made shades have what it takes to offer a beautiful view from the outside and providing privacy from the interior. You can take advantage of the many shading options for your specific need and design. The class and sophistication you have been itching for in your home could be right up your alley when you install motorized shades. 


A couple of homeowners still have a shortsighted outlook of motorized shades. From any perspective you want to look at them, they are a much-preferred option to manually operated shades. This post has exposed some of the practical benefits you stand to enjoy when you use motorized roller shades. We sell and install various types of motorized blinds. Therefore, you can find something suitable in our store that will fulfill your needs and requirements. For the best motorized window treatments Coweta has, call More Decor.